Made a handy graph for Nominative Gaelic articles, feedback appreciated

2021.09.24 16:52 eddd12a Made a handy graph for Nominative Gaelic articles, feedback appreciated

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2021.09.24 16:52 Rollzroyce21 Imprint December Releases

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2021.09.24 16:52 ComfortableWinner4 Ancient vexillum of Sri Lanka (sinhalese kingdoms)

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2021.09.24 16:52 SurfSnyper Issue after installing new mod

I installed the New Robes mod and the New Set Bonuses mod on top of ghost mode and other mods.
However, now I receive this error after launching the game. Error [mod0000_mergedfiles]game\ Unknown type 'W3Effect_PhantomWeapon' for property 'phantomWeapon'.
Error [mod0000_mergedfiles]game\player\ Unknown type 'EEnemyType' for property 'et'.
Error [mod0000_mergedfiles]game\player\ Unknown type 'EEnemyType' for property 'et'.
Error [mod0000_mergedfiles]game\player\ Unknown type 'EEnemyType' for property 'et'.
Error [mod0000_mergedfiles]game\player\ Unknown type 'W3Effect_PhantomWeapon' for property 'phantomWeapon'.
Error [mod0000_mergedfiles]game\player\ Unknown type 'W3Effect_PhantomWeapon' for property 'phantomWeapon'.
Error [mod0000_mergedfiles]game\player\ Unknown type 'W3Effect_PhantomWeapon' for property 'phantomWeapon'.
Error [mod0000_mergedfiles]game\gui\_old\components\ Unknown type 'W3Effect_PhantomWeapon' for property 'phantomWeapon'.
I would be very grateful for any help offered on this one. :)
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2021.09.24 16:52 kyletrandall Looking for a high school principal is a vampire pre-made mystery

Title says it all, I want to run a mystery where some of the higher up town members are vampires, including the high school principal. Anybody know anything that fits the bill?
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2021.09.24 16:52 polcomppatrol OP makes survey (by PM) for PolSci class

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2021.09.24 16:52 caaabbbage_0 Selling mega files

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2021.09.24 16:52 synester302 Was anyone else aware that The Maria’s are performing?

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2021.09.24 16:52 soggy-wafflez do you apply aquaphor on face at night? if not, how do you use it?

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2021.09.24 16:52 MomsSpaghetti83 Sombra - Just listed on CMC! - A crosschain NFT social marketplace and Creative Studio with deep roots in Unreal Engine and Unity that gives 10% back to holders from sales.

🔲 Sombra Network launches officially October 5th. A microcap token set at just over 1,000,000 mcap ready to launch into the stratosphere of art and gaming glory. 🔲 Marketplace Beta - 💎 All NFT sales (except for some charity ones) give all SMBR token holders 10% back. 🤷 How, you ask? - Easy! We have a built in auto buy so that when every NFT is sold it auto buys 10% in SMBR. That 10% is then airdropped monthly to holders based on SMBR holdings. Check out the diagram here:
👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Sombra is an NFT marketplace where you can comment, like and find the best NFTs on the market. Beginning with BSC, Sombra plans to quickly branch out to other chains with LP wraps and bridges. The future is in Web 3 and NFTs. Utility NFTs are also going to hit hard and be immensely popular and only more so as they integrate further into the metaverse. Sombra has all the experience and deep partnerships already formed to create a real product and multi-service platform for the future.
🎥 VFX artists and well established entrepreneurs 💰 run Sombra and with the years of experience they are bringing ground breaking ideas to the forefront, like the new Sombra Avatar Series which will leverage new emerging technologies into a new type of genetic generation. Read our Dark Paper Here: Why Sombra? ☑️ The most Doxxed Dev and Family in crypto. Fully transparent and rug proof. You will never find a more honest team that cares about its community like Sombra does ☑️ Bi-daily update youtube videos with dev team
Launch Features ☑️ Social NFT platform with commenting and trending based on social popularity ☑️ NFTs with Utility such as AR, interactive, and personification ☑️ Range of NFT prices and types ☑️ Real Time Customer Service ☑️ Sombra has over 50 NFTs artists with amazing IMDB credentials Partnerships ☑️ Galeri AR App (app to view NFTs in custom gallery with friends!) ☑️ Award winning VFX studios Bonfire and Juice - BonfireNYC : - Juice: https://juice/pl
☑️ TokenFrame NFT frames ☑️ Looking Glass Factory ☑️ Major Ad agency ☑️ Large Scale Brand Deals in discussion
Sombra has a token right? Yes! SMBR is the token symbol Buy: ( BSC: 🔲 You can buy SMBR token from sombra swap and pancake. 🔲 Exchange listing to come Does SMBR have an audit?
🦺 You bet! 🦺 HashEX is our audit company of choice and you can read out audit here:
SMBR Tokenomics - We kept it simple
🎁 3% back to holders
💧 3% back to LP Does Sombra work with Charity? 🐈🐈
Yes Sombra has specific NFTs that are designated as Charity NFTs. These will start rolling out as soon as the primary launch is complete. Our main charity to date is Little Wanderers ( and we are committed to saving as many cats as we can.
🔨 How does minting work? 💸 How do Artists get paid?
Sombra artists can either manage their own accounts via metamask or have Sombra manage it for them. The social aspect of the account is accessible without metamask so artists can opt to not use crypto and have us take care of that for them. BNB is the main form of payment unless we are managing the account at which point it can be USD or crypto. Marketing Sombra will be rolling out progressive marketing over time as we get close to launch and beyond.
When CMC? Listed this morning at 6:15 EST !!!
Miscellaneous 📊 Supply: 75,000,000 🔥 Burn: 25,000,000 (one time)
🎨 NFT % - 10% to Holders / 10% to Sombra / 80% to Artist Social and Contact 📱 Telegram: Twitter: Web:
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2021.09.24 16:52 hztesla Kafede sufle söyledim yanında tutkal gibi bir şey geldi bu ne amk

Yanında dondurma da geldi ama ufak bir kasede beyaz bir şey daha geldi. Guaj boyaya benziyor bu ne olabilir amına koyayım ucundan tadına baktım hiçbir şeye benzemiyor, kaymak desen değil dondurma desen değil.
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2021.09.24 16:52 BobRussRelick build back better

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2021.09.24 16:52 hamiltonk92 Does anyone know of a list of books McKenna referenced in his talks, or that he recommended? Additionally, where is the best complete repository of his talks?

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2021.09.24 16:52 hullopalooza *Tips fedora* "Mi'memer"

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2021.09.24 16:52 franciscopizzaro Confederate Bosniak flag, with the Saint Andrew's cross

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2021.09.24 16:52 big-mama93 Find wanted matto

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2021.09.24 16:52 DebtofaLannister [Due 2021-09-26 12:00 PM EST] Video Game Review for audio podcast

I was hoping someone can take a look at this script for a review I wrote for Deathloop. I will be recording it as a short audio review for a podcast. Just want to make sure it sounds good, the grammar is correct, and that it flows well. Any suggestions on phrasing changes welcome. I will be recording it Sunday afternoon. Thanks in advance for your help.
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2021.09.24 16:52 Hamburger4623 MK9 Liu Kang was his best incarnation

I loved how they portrayed him in that game. At the start he was shown to be your standard good student martial artist, and as the story progressed we saw more of his personality. I liked his dynamic with Kung Lao a lot more than in MK11 where Kung Lao was very clearly jealous rather than friendly rivalry. And I loved how he dead ass walked through the middle of the arena with no fucks given straight to Kitana to free her, and how when Kung Lao died, he whooped Shao Kahn's ass then punched a hole through him. I loved how towards the end he was always glaring at Raiden and although he was getting sick of his visions, he still stuck with him till the end until Raiden suggested letting Shao Kahn merge the realms.

MK9 Liu Kang is what I'd consider the one and only canon Liu Kang. Even before his fight with Raiden, he was going straight to Shao Kahn with no hesitation whatsoever. And even when Raiden beat him, he still got up to fight them both if he had to. His savagery was something else. MK11 Liu Kang wasn't bad mind you, but he didn't feel like MK9 Liu Kang. He was more passive and calm even when he faced Kronika and Shao Kahn, unlike MK9 Liu Kang who, when shit hits the fan, flips the switch and mows down anyone in the way. And I especially like how Liu Kang in MK9 was shown to be a league above the rest of the fighters, minus Raiden and Shao Kahn.
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2021.09.24 16:52 bakhesh Doctor Who: Russell T Davies returns as programme showrunner

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2021.09.24 16:52 DaWriNi Imari

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2021.09.24 16:52 Illsonmedia Can 4OS broad sword drop norm cows, or ONLY the base - i can never rremember

Can't find this info online with much confidence. Also, same applies for a polearm - can it be 4OS in norm cows, or only the base to Larzuk? Thx!
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2021.09.24 16:52 Basic-Psychology2722 💦 Baby Atlantis 💦 The next moonshot gem that is going to happen on the Binance Smart Chain network. | ⭐️ Auto BUSD rewards ⭐️

💧Baby Atlantis is currently in the initial pre launch stage so hurry up and join the community fast before it explodes.
🔒 Liquidity will locked for 1 year upon Pancakeswap listing. 🔒
❌No team tokens allocated so that team cannot dump on you. ❌
🚀 Huge and lots of marketing planned with major influencer upon listing. 🚀
💰 Always searching for ways to earn some passive income ? Look no further than this ! 💰
👑 8% BUSD rewards distributed into your wallet every 60 minutes. No more worries of rewards depreciating in value since it's a stablecoin !
You might even get back your initial by just holding in your wallet.
❤️ 1% is auto added into the liquidity pool. This means that price impact will be getting smaller and smaller with every transaction.
🌙 1% Marketing & dev wallet so that the project can grow bigger as they explore different partnership and opportunities.
👍 The team will be working relentlessly in order to not disappoint all. New utilities will be introduced further down the road once certain milestones are met.
These might include and not limiting to:
☑️ NFT Market Place
☑️ NFT Gaming
☑️ P2E Games
Countless of options out there and the community can decide how they want it.
🚀Baby Atlantis Offical Links🚀
🟢 Contract: 0xb3f971f70e33f6b89ec72cab393e41c8c2c83154
🟢 Buy Now:
🟢 Renounced Ownership:
🔐 Liquidty locked:
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2021.09.24 16:52 chasptc The board selling wonderkids for next to nothing always hurts....

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2021.09.24 16:52 pooprubber JOIN THE U.B.O.S. TODAY! AD VICTORIAM! FOR UNITY! (More info in the Description)

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2021.09.24 16:52 pokemoonpew I don't know what to do from here

Before I (24F) start, I have been to see psychiatrists my whole (young) life up until I was about 18, they always told me I just had anxiety and depression, but I always felt like I had something else. My anxiety is really bad, especially when it comes with talking to people (lockdown has made it worse) Whenever I get upset, or frustrated from being too overwhelmed, I start to feel so sick to my stomach and a tingling burning sensation over my body. I get over stimulated when theres too many people. I've been wanting to go back to see a new psychiatrist but I'm so afraid they'll tell me the same thing. Is it worth going back? I don't know if it's just where I live, but I just feel so hopeless. (I'm not asking for a diagnosis, I'm just sick and tired of not being able to see someone about it)
I'm sorry for the long message to anyone who reads this. I feel anxious writing and thinking about it but I just don't know where else to vent to.
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