President of Ireland with his Bernese.

2021.09.24 17:22 FormerFruit President of Ireland with his Bernese.

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2021.09.24 17:22 Rhystic Ladies of Reddit, what is your favorite smelling cologne?

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2021.09.24 17:22 CrazyRedBalls Crazy Red Balls – Louis Swing | Electro Swing Dance by Ess Hachi

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2021.09.24 17:22 Substantial-Kale-349 New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself!
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2021.09.24 17:22 Squidwardsss The money has been taken from my account but my order hasn’t been placed and says to update payment method, what do I do?

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2021.09.24 17:22 SelfAwareMachine Data Collection

Has there been a generalized data collection done for this?
Questions I'd be interested in are:
EEG data
Imaging of Brainstem (Dorsal Raphe, Intependopeduncular nuclei)
Imaging of Hypothalamus/Mammillary Bodies
Daily O2 Sat
Vision (particularly astigmatism)
Age at onset
Chronicity information
Frequency information
Parathyroid (PTH) levels
Blood Calcium levels
EMG response of cranial levels
Maybe more if they are available?
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2021.09.24 17:22 Cesc1972 Shockwave seen in broad daylight from La Palma volcano

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2021.09.24 17:22 Jakethegoodlurker Any Mississippians in this sub?

I feel like everyone here is from Canada or California or somethin...
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2021.09.24 17:22 Grouchy-Throat-6130 [QC] Goyard Wallet from Aadi

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2021.09.24 17:22 nubbinsboi Fortnite marvel skins changed forever?

Are we getting more movie marvel characters since eddie brock, thanos and carnage are there movie version and not there comic book version so will there be a peter quill skin that looks like the movie version
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2021.09.24 17:22 Think_Car_570 Matthew 4:17

Matthew 4:17

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near
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2021.09.24 17:22 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 17:22 Sttatix 2018 Carti features 🔥

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2021.09.24 17:22 Marih666 Album Name Predicitons

View Poll
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2021.09.24 17:22 ComprehensivePipe937 Anyone wanna offer for a neon FR parrot?

I honestly don't know what I'm looking for right now but please don't offer any low ball offers or underpayment's as I do want a fair offe overpayment for it.
if I upvote your comment and don't respond that means no sorry!
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2021.09.24 17:22 Jrhart2020 Exposed...Exposed! What an Episode!

Just got done watching this past episode and it could have been entitled “Exposed."
Explicitly exposing the disparity between Ryan and Brett when it comes to their connection. Ryan has to understand that he needed to say it explicitly because for Brett’s sake its not fun sensing it but not hearing it. It can make you feel crazy. Do appreciate Ryan saying to call him out with his bullshit and I do think some of the bullshit is not owning how he is feeling and just keeping it internal. And I am glad that Brett is worried and fearful but not spiraling though because that wouldn’t help. And I love how Ryan showed up looking like Shooter McGavin at the driving range - LOL.
Zac and Michaela exposing the fact that they both are technically emotionally reactive and immature. I think its easier to see the partner who is viscerally emotional and over the top (Michaela) as the only person in the marriage who is emotionally reactive. But in the pursuer-withdrawer dynamics, withdrawers can be reactive as well and spiral just as bad. Its like they go in the shell, spiral (so you don’t see it), and if they are not back to baseline, they start allowing their thoughts to shape their behaviors and comments like “I’m not sure this is gonna work.” And cameras need to stop exposing that booger in Michaela’s nose though…come on now.
Jose and Rachel. Now this damn fool is the performer of the year. Blessed Chris would be presenting the award and say "And the winner for biggest fraud this season goes to…Apparently, Jose! He was all kissing and lovey dovey and I love you more dude talks to his wife like she is a concubine. Seriously, it def can hurt if you partner calls you by another person’s name but dude you need to realize that she is NOT your girlfriend. And you reacting that way shows all of us who you truly are at the end of the day. You put on this whole Mr. Nice Guy who wants to take care of her - well fool, take care of the marriage. But we know with Mr. Nice Guys when their ego is bruised, they are far more vicious than the default jerks and assholes. And then the next morning, this fool says “so….how was your day today with a damn grin” - go sit yo ass down dude. Glad Rachel read that note (def should have read it much earlier or spoke up sooner) because it exposed EVERYTHING we all have been saying all season so far - this fool wants control and wants it his way like its Burger King. Check his communication style with the guys - he led with the “so my wife says she wants to leave and get a divorce” to garner empathy and minimize the role he played with “apparently I locked her out.”All the guys called “bullshit"
Gil and Myrla. The disparity between their view of physical intimacy is becoming more and more. 8/10 for Myrla (Gil “REALLY?) whereas he is like 5/10. And its funny with Dr. Viv’s reaction to not even a kiss yet. Here is another theme of pursuer-withdrawer and Gil alluded to it. If I keep pursuing and she withdraws, I will engage in self-perseveration mode and my emotions/thoughts follow and then when she is ready, he is emotionally unavailable minimally but checked out worst case scenario. They are clearly not a romantic couple because he is adamant about getting a divorce without a kiss and Myrla is like “yeah thats fine.” To everyone’s point - this is a work relationship. And Gil brotha, you need to buy some Tend Skin with those bumps on the neck…it can get out of hand and it changed my life when I bought it.
Johnny and Bao. Johnny got exposed (and keeps getting exposed) that he wants only what he wants. And when Bao expresses her wants, he cries and yells red flags. The fool loves vanilla sex and then non-verbally gets scared when she mentions things can get spiced up over time. Johnny is also exposed because when his interactions with Bao are governed by getting his rocks off somehow his ass is focused and ready to go and passionate - any other damn topic, his listening, cooperation, and commitment plunges.
Would love to hear people's thoughts because this was a ton of craziness.
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2021.09.24 17:22 joebeefmontreal Left or Right

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2021.09.24 17:22 mrlindov I dont take is serious i just love being messy, when high all i can do is this stuff with my loved oil pastels.

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2021.09.24 17:22 1boss_bitch about to graduate with an ADN and MPH - seeking job advice in Virginia

I'll be graduating in a few short months with an ADN, and bring an MPH and 20 years professional experience in another field. Conventional wisdom is that new nurses need to get their feet wet in med surg or somewhere as a hospital floor nurse. Does this still hold for people with other relevant degrees like an MPH? FWIW, I will have about 6 months of experience as a CNA by the time I graduate, but no clinical experience in public health. (That was more in health policy.) I LOVE working with people, but really dislike drama in the workplace (either from patients or colleagues) and those 12-hour shifts wear me out. (Also, I realize that culture differs from one unit to the next so have an eye out.) Ideally, I see myself as a school nurse, in a public health department or in a doctor's office (peds or family medicine). What is the job market in Virginia like and I do I just have to bite the bullet and do med surg? TIA!
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2021.09.24 17:22 RuleNo5241 Anyone like thick alt girls? 😉🖤

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2021.09.24 17:22 mikeyonker so many app crashes this AM, can't even play the tourney...

what is up? also, when it does work, the UI delay glitches are crazy.
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2021.09.24 17:22 surfrocker98 I'd like to hear feedback on this song I made a while ago! It's my first ever released song

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2021.09.24 17:22 samsarasumwear Former user (overseas) just purchased Tianept Sulfate, could use advice, thank you

If this has been asked a million times, appologies - I couldn't find it. I am seeking to treat depression related to PTSD. I was put on Stablon for several years when I lived abroad, and never had any issues, save that I recall it rather abruptly stopped working in a very short time. I took the standard 12.5mg twice daily. I recently moved to America and requested it, and the doctor acted like I was requesting crack, but I now understand why (and don't feel that's appropriate, but I get it). I learned that the sulfate form seems preferable for those seeking long term/daily use at therapeutic doses. I began taking 30-35mg twice daily of the sulphate. Initially, I tried 3x a day, and that felt like too much at night. Twice daily was very helpful without being overkill. I wondered if anyone in this community has insight on how to safely take this frug - I think this combo is best, but I am new to it. this morning I feel I woke up with "a comedown" - meaning, I felt "like the usual me", but beyond that, it's been helpful. Last, is there a preferable form one can buy for this type of use? I avoided the sodium due to reading it was potentially more addictive. Thanks so much everyone - wishing you well.
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2021.09.24 17:22 Florida_Aphelocoma Where to buy a focus sensor replacement for a t7?

Hi, I've got scratches on my sensor from poor cleaning techniques, and I can't seem to find anyone that sells replacements. I've watched a video on switching it out, and it should only take a few minutes, so why can't I find any sites that sell the part? Thanks.
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2021.09.24 17:22 xenasan Sharing my arttt! Monster house Junji Ito inspired style:> If you will repost it just give credits (artist:xenasan__) ty! Hope y'all like it

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