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2021.09.24 16:59 LittleCuteKohai Covid aşısı

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2021.09.24 16:59 bowlcutbitch Phasmophobia Travis Scott DLC

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2021.09.24 16:59 TimusStevens Hitchhiking 101

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2021.09.24 16:59 MEMES-IN-HEAVEN I am indeed the ass pisser

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2021.09.24 16:59 begood_johnny Red Wine - GlitchyDay | Original art and music. Check the channel out and subscribe if you like it. 🪐

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2021.09.24 16:59 hakyek 🏀 Basket Inu ⛹️‍♀️ | Big Market Plans | Basket Shop | Basket Mobile | FAIR LAUNCH Sept 27 at 05.00 pm UTC. | 1000x potential🚀 | Next BIG Project of 2021 !!!

Fair Launch at 05.00 pm UTC. Don't miss out !!
I’ve got one for us today: Basket Inu.
Basket Mobile is coming! Our supporter Donte Greene (Professional Basketball Player) and more.
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Basket Inu Token receives rewards (Price increases and APY increases) for ALL projects we partner with!
Through the Safe Betting Crates system, we can provide many cutting-edge cryptocurrency features such as BNB redistribution, automatic redemption and more to existing BSC tokens.
💰 Agreed with many professional basketball players before the launch, everything is ready to go to the moon. Check our Telegram for proofs.
✔️Basket Inu team who want to sign with many world famous NBA Players, we are ready with all our energy and great community!
🚀 LP is locked. When you look at the roadmap of our project, you will see that it is promising.
❔What is Basket Inu Icon ❔
⭐️Meeting or video chatting with Famous Basketball Players, Ps5, Xbox, Video Games and much more. As a Basket Inu team, we would like to distribute many rewards to all token holders to earn rewards from us. For this, we want to simplify and increase the conditions of participation.
They already have an athlete as a sponsor and the next one is on the way.
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2021.09.24 16:59 throwawayHH123 Do the birthday challenge needs to be activated or something?

I’m dancing on the birthday cake, consuming slices (like youtubers said) yet I don’t see any progress??? What am I doing wrong
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2021.09.24 16:59 koosbun Hi help me

I'm an ISTP 5w6 583 sx/sp. Can anyone help me figure out my socionics type?
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2021.09.24 16:59 TheYouTubeMusicGuy New song Lucky me By :- Ephraim Noor

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2021.09.24 16:59 Amethyst_R What does tied shoes over street mean?

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2021.09.24 16:59 VedantaQuestions Please help me learn more about Hells/Naraka worlds in Advaita/Vedanta

What resources, books, texts, sites should I know about in researching the various hells and heavens in Advaita Vedanta? I am especially interested in hells. For obvious reasons lol.
I am interested in learning about how they differ from the Western ideas of hells, aside from them being non-permanent.
Any resources comparing Dante's Divine Comedy and the various Naraka worlds/ Lord Yama's abode?
Why would Brahman want to "watch" a horror movie by putting jivas into hell?
Thank you in advance!
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2021.09.24 16:59 AdditionalPast9207 To whoever put gum under the desks in Chevron...

Grow the fuck up. There are several trashcans on both sides of the room. You couldn't bear to walk that far?
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2021.09.24 16:59 zynamyte Eula team comp

I have c0 Raiden, c5 Bennett, c4 Xinyan, c2 Lisa, c6 Diona, c3 Fischl, c6 Beidou, c0 Rosaria, no Zhongli unfortunately.
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2021.09.24 16:59 IRelyOnMemes What could possibly go wrong?

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2021.09.24 16:59 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 16:59 NewsElfForEnterprise Biden Touts Pfizer Booster Access After CDC Boss Overrules Panel

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2021.09.24 16:59 JuniorRub2122 College students confront White peers with 'Police Lives Matter' sticker: 'You are racist'

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2021.09.24 16:59 MyCheeseShoes Had to upgrade and upsize my slab flattening workbench

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2021.09.24 16:59 OntstopperPlopper Have I gone through ABA? (content warning: detailed ABA descriptions)

Dear /Neurodiversity,
After reading a bit about ABA, it does sound familiar to a 'therapy' what I have gone through. But it is not a 100% exact match. I wish to know if it is. So I will write as much detail as I can about it, and I hope you can tell me if that is ABA or something else.
Anyway, here it goes.
It was a living-in situation. For the course of a year, I spend 5 out of 7 days a week there. This is including overnight. The building was on the same terrain as my school. Which was also special education. Most kids, including me, were medicated/drugged.
They worked with a 3-phase system. After completing each phase, you could progress to the next. At the end of Phase 3, you were allowed to leave.
They also had a 'silent room', which was basically a room with pillows where kids that were having a meltdown would be forced into. There was some equipment you could punch, and let some aggression out of your system.
Phase 1 focussed on the accumulation of points. Every good behavior would give you points. Every bad behavior would give you negative points. At the end of each day, before bedtime, the points total would be evaluated and updated. The goal was to accumulate a certain amount of points, then you would pass to phase 2. I think it was about 300 points total you had to earn. Once you learned a certain behavior (like closing the door softly, instead of slamming it) that behavior would no longer yield any points, and you had to start looking for something else.
Phase 2 focussed on reaching certain goals. You had to reach a total of 20 goals before you could pass to the next phase. The goals would be formulated by the people working there. (I vaguely remember that you also had a say in what those goals should be). Once you passed a total of 20 goals, you could go to Phase 3
Phase 3 was basically counting the days before you could leave. I didn't question it, but I think this was meant as a monitoring period to see if the training stuck.
Initially, it helped me, as I was able to function in the world a little better. But it left me with a deep belief that what I wish does not matter. And I still find it hard to stand my ground, and way too easy to ignore my own needs.
So... I wish to have a conversation with my parents about this. And it would be very helpful to know how this specific form of 'therapy' is called. And I am curious if this is what other people have gone through.
For context, I was put in this program around the age of 10 I think. This all happened in The Netherlands.
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2021.09.24 16:59 afty Another new image from Oceangate - just behind the first funnel

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2021.09.24 16:59 LordPharqwad It's perfectly healthy

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2021.09.24 16:59 sister-goose Am I going to regret spending my hottest years dressing modestly?

I am 20 with a romantic body type with a 30D and a 25.5 inch waist, but I only wear skirts or dresses below the knee, avoid form-fitting clothing, and I never show my cleavage or shoulders unless it is very very hot outside. My boyfriend enjoys and appreciates my modesty, and the mystique of it, but he says it's totally okay if I want to wear skirts or dresses above the knee, but I just don't.
I am a Christian, but my sect/denomination (basically a baby-steps Gnosticism) has no requirements for female dressing other than some baseline ~evasion of worldly desires~ that I believe modesty aids in. The respect from male peers, never being viewed sexually or flirted with, is somewhat comforting to me, and it helps me feel safe in my college environment.
However, the older women in my family tell me I'll terribly regret "dressing like a Mennonite" (though I think I'm pretty fashionable) when I'm too old to wear a miniskirt or a crop top.
What do you think? 30+ opinions especially welcome!!!
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2021.09.24 16:59 Technikaal Ashika Rangnath

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2021.09.24 16:59 _kiminara Please help

am i shadowbanned? how can I get unshadowband? please help. tysm
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