REAIO - how is this bot doing?

2021.09.24 17:03 macmoney335 REAIO - how is this bot doing?

hey how is this bot doing compared to others?
is there a resell market for it? how much does it go for?
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2021.09.24 17:03 bulbasaurav2 Medusa is a good song 👍

I am a fan of Playboi Carti 😀
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2021.09.24 17:03 HiddenTreasure_J Made some improvements on these sets for my son.

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2021.09.24 17:03 itsaniceday2day AW609 prototype coming into KPNE just now

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2021.09.24 17:03 GTSBot [GTS] Love This Part!

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2021.09.24 17:03 reddit_feed_bot DailyCaller: House Passes Amendment Defunding Wuhan-Linked Non-Profit

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2021.09.24 17:03 Sandwich-Dramatic Antique? Table

I'm told this table dates back to the early 1800's tho I've been offered no provenance or other proof. I don't know much about furniture. Can anyone identify the style or point me to where I could start trying to get some background on this? It's from an estate sale and the folks can't tell me much except the family were collectors of both English and Spanish antiques. I know it can't be valued from these photos but I'm really just trying to figure out where it's from and what style I can call it.
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2021.09.24 17:03 Aelnir [Unpopular Opinion] All languages that are not similar/same as English are dumb

Before the professionally qualified(people who have a degree, accreditations, etc) "linguists" try to cancel me, just hear me out.
English is my native language and I can't understand why people from non-English speaking countries don't speak English, like how do they not know it??? It would be so much easier to communicate with everyone if they spoke only English.
As an expert(I have passively absorbed over 2000 hours of incomprehensible input, I don't use textbooks or anything because I don't wanna be a victim of BigLingo ™ ) I can't see the point of different languages?
Also some languages are disgusting as F, like french is just gargling and regurgitating saliva(I saw a french person speak on tiktok).
Does anyone want to start a movement to obliterate all other languages and leave only English?
P.S. as a language purist I can't believe the audacity of certain languages to borrow and butcher words from other languages? Why can't every language be as original and pure as English?)
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2021.09.24 17:03 ZestyBells A guide to personal branding for influencers and content creators

If you’ve logged on to social media lately, you’ve probably seen hundreds of videos using the same audio, creative concept, or dance choreography. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but as a content creator, it’s important to be an original-- not an imitator.
When you have a strong personal branding strategy, your style is immediately noticeable as 100% yours, instead of getting lost amidst the viral trends. Today, we’re answering your top questions on personal branding for content creators: How do I brand myself as an influencer? What is a personal brand blog? How can personal branding for content creators increase my affiliate income?
When you understand personal branding for influencers you are one step closer to building the money-making empire you desire.
What is a personal brand?
Everyone has a personal brand-- it’s the interests, expertise, and style that makes you-- you. For the Average Joe, the personal brand influences birthday gifts and wardrobe preferences. But the personal branding of a content creator involves a little more strategy.
To develop a personal brand, you’ll need to think through your ideal audience, how you want to show up for them, and the branding choices that will reinforce your brand.
Core values and expertise:
First things first. What is your ultimate goal? Are you interested in sharing fashion, home goods, travel, or lifestyle? As an affiliate, you’ll need to choose a niche, and build your brand around that niche. When your core values, expertise, and brand are in sync, you’ll build a loyal following that’s interested in the exact type of content you create.
You may be thinking, “there are so many blogs in my niche,” and that’s where a personal brand comes into play. There may be dozens of blogs in your niche, but if you create a one-of-a-kind brand that’s interesting to readers, you won’t have to worry about the competition.
What’s your brand archetype?
If choosing a personal brand feels overwhelming, let’s simplify it a bit. Carl Gustav Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, researched the four major archetypes that exist in the collective unconscious. In marketing, 12 Jungian Archetypes are applied to brands to establish their unique brand personality. Read through the definitions to see if you resonate with one of these archetypes.
Sage (BBC):
The Sage values wisdom and truth, and is committed to education and seeking knowledge.
Innocent (Coca-Cola):
The Innocent has a knack for seeing the good in the world and values happiness, optimism, and hope above all.
Explorer (Jeep):
The Explorer is known for being fearless. They value freedom and seek to help others experience new things.
Ruler (Mercedes-Benz):
The Ruler is always in control. These brands value power and are often associated with luxury.
Creator (Apple):
The Creator is imaginative and innovative, driven to build things of enduring value and seeing potential in all things.
Caregiver (Johnson’s):
The Caregiver values compassion and caring for others and builds a brand that focuses on nurturing their customers.
Magician (Disney):
The Magician is a whimsical, visionary archetype, making dreams come true.
Hero (Nike):
The Hero’s goal is to make the world a better place and is committed to proving its worth and providing high-quality products.
Outlaw (Virgin):
The Outlaw (also known as the Rebel) is a revolutionary, bucking the status quo to develop radically new ideas and products.
Lover (Chanel):
The Lover archetype builds a brand on romance, emotion, and intimacy. They value passion and the finer things in life.
Jester (Dos Equis):
The Jester builds a brand through humor and lightheartedness.
Everyman (Ikea):
The Everyman values connection and belonging, and places importance on building a down-to-earth brand.
When you discover an archetype that resonates within yourself, you’ve just found a great place to start building your personal brand.
Maintain consistency in brand voice, image, and tone:
Now that you’ve identified your core values, expertise, and archetype, think through how you can bring it all together under one branding umbrella.
Consider creating written brand guidelines that can be distributed to writers, artists, and new hires. You may be a one (wo)man show now, but as your brand grows, you’ll need to train others on what it means to be a part of your brand.
In the branding document, include brand colors (with specific hex codes), image guidelines (orientation, cropping, dos, and don’ts), and brand voice (contractions, slang, and whether cursing is ok). Setting rules may seem like a waste of time when you are the brand, but thinking through the way you want to present your brand to the world will help you decide what to post, and-- more importantly-- what not to post.
When brand personas are deeply ingrained into advertisements, you may not even need to see a logo to associate the ad and the brand. Follow the lead of Apple, Harley Davidson, and Nike, as you create a wholly unique brand image and style your followers will recognize at first glance.
Let’s get social:
Until now, your social media may have been a mish-mash of things you ate, friends you spent time with, and events you attended. When you begin treating your blog and social media as a brand, you’ll want to develop a strategy for each platform that furthers your persona.
When setting up your profiles, be sure to completely fill out your social media profiles with a profile photo, bio, and link. Your handles and imagery should remain consistent across platforms. Think of your social media as a business card and make sure it’s as thorough as possible.
Here are a few actionable steps you can take to promote your brand on the most popular social media platforms:
Instagram: The best way to build a personal brand is to get personal with followers on social media. Instagram stories give followers a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of your daily life and see the human behind the brand.
If you’re a beauty blogger, invite followers to watch your daily makeup routine. Write about travel? Give them insight into your travel research and booking process.
Are you a fashion blogger? Stories are a great space for unboxing videos and try-one!
TikTok: Encourage engagement by asking followers to duet your videos on TikTok. Be innovative, stay on brand, and grow your following by giving viewers the chance to get involved.
TikTok encourages authenticity, and this platform is the perfect place to get real with your followers and encourage them to do the same.
Facebook: Unlike Instagram and TikTok, Facebook makes it easy to share links and longer content. Link to your blog, share affiliate links with useful tips (but never spam your followers) and share long-form content that encourages engagement.
Ask followers to comment, and always be sure to respond to every comment to build an active following.
You may also consider starting a Facebook group for like-minded creators. One of the best ways to elevate your brand is to help others with theirs!
Twitter: Like Facebook, Twitter allows users to share links-- but conciseness and consistency are key on this platform.
Maintain an active profile, engage with other accounts, and don’t forget to follow! Research and join relevant Twitter chats to share knowledge and gain exposure with potential followers in your niche. Can’t find a Twitter chat? Consider hosting your own chat to establish yourself as a leader in your field.
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2021.09.24 17:03 ShubhamGohar BM Ads

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2021.09.24 17:03 Owl_Flashy True right?

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2021.09.24 17:03 Party-Special-9100 Woman throws her drink at someone and causes a huge brawl at the Chargers vs Rams preseason game

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2021.09.24 17:03 Comfortable_Ad5802 Are college students really adults?

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2021.09.24 17:03 CasnoGaming I feel like there wasn’t much point even inviting people with incompatible hardware considering 343i has our DxDiags at the ready

I have a GTX 970 and apparently 900 series cards are not supported with the Technical Preview due to a bug. 343i was aware of the bug last preview and it’s fine that they didn’t prioritize fixing it between then and now. But to know it was a problem for anyone who had a card in that set and sent invite codes to them anyways, even without a warning, is just confusing to me.
The only official mention of the 900 series cards being incompatible due to a bug is from a Reddit comment a week and a half ago by a 343i employee
I feel like they could have had a warning sent out to anyone who’s DxDiag didn’t meet requirements. It would have been nice to save the headache of figuring it out myself and thinking I was gonna get to play Halo Infinite
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2021.09.24 17:03 jusjus34 (X) Doubt

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2021.09.24 17:03 MikalKing For those of you that are middle-aged or higher. If you could go back in time 20 years what advice would you give your younger self, and do you think your younger self would have listened to you?

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2021.09.24 17:03 oneeighth It cannot be wrong, right?!

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2021.09.24 17:03 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 17:03 yyzworker Ontario's program spending up $16.7 billion compared to last year, province says

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2021.09.24 17:03 boomboomnailroom Global Unions back IATSE!

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2021.09.24 17:03 heinaga1989 !💰BUSDPENCER💰! 7% Auto BUSD Rewads🚀 Just Launched! !🔒Liquidity Locked 🔒!Transparent Team!🔥 Big potencial 💱 Poocoin ADS ✅

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crypto influencer 💯
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and so on! 🚀
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2021.09.24 17:03 introsort [Hiring] Palantir Technologies - Full Stack Software Engineer (Palantir Technologies)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Palantir Technologies - Full Stack Software Engineer
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2021.09.24 17:03 gabrielphoenixx Most SOLO FRIENDLY businesses?

Hey guys, can you help me figure out which are the most solo friendly businesses?
I spent a shit ton on the MC, but I don't really have much people to play with, and sometimes my product just sits there for literally days, since I need at least one more person to make sure the sell is fully delivered.
So, here I am, asking you, GTAO veterans, what the hell should I do?
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2021.09.24 17:03 VeeBeeA Learning VBA - Invalid Qualifier error

To preface, this is a made up example that in reality would be a simple formula in excel. Just trying to practice and this is the best my brain can do currently.
Forgive me for the dumb questions...
This worked when I typed out the ranges in the code, but when I tried to create and use variables I get the Invalid Qualifier error. This google sheets has the data I'm using in the code.
- Is there anything else that looks wrong?
- I used the word "counter" because that is what was used in the tutorial I watched for loops. Is there a bettemore common word for this?
- Is there a more efficient way to write this code? Do you always have to use Offset when you want the formula to go down a column?

Sub Lbs_produced()

Dim counter As Integer
Dim uom As String
Dim unit_weight As Variant
Dim qty_produced As Integer
Dim Lbs_produced As Variant

uom = Range("K4")
unit_weight = Range("L4")
qty_produced = Range("M4")
Lbs_produced = Range("N4")

For counter = 1 To 29

If uom.Offset(counter, 0) = "LB" Then
Lbs_produced.Offset(counter, 0) = unit_weight.Offset(counter, 0) * qty_produced.Offset(counter, 0)
Lbs_produced.Offset(counter, 0) = qty_produced.Offset(counter, 0) / unit_weight.Offset(counter, 0)
End If

End Sub

Thanks for any help.
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2021.09.24 17:03 tri_otto In WWII, Hungary had finally declared war on the USA. An envoy is sent to the US embassy, where they handed over the formal declaration, after which the following conversation took place:

- What is your form of government?
-Who's your king?
- We don't have a king, but a regent.
- Okay, then who's the regent?
- Admiral Miklós Horthy.
- Admiral? So do you have access to the ocean?
- No.
- Okay. Do you have any territorial claims against the USA?
- No, we do not.
- Do you have territorial claims against other countries?
- Yes, against Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Romania...
- And are you waging war against them as well?
- No, they are our allies.
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