$SI Awaiting Buy signal on SI https://t.co/YAm1ldSrxG

2021.09.24 16:14 ShortAlgo $SI Awaiting Buy signal on SI https://t.co/YAm1ldSrxG

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2021.09.24 16:14 LULKOLAS HOW !

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2021.09.24 16:14 SILENT_HILL_MAYOR Why didn't Palpatine send one of the Skywalker clones to Endor during Return Of The Jedi?

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2021.09.24 16:14 Hot_Tie_1171 Wouldn't it be ironic

What if Evergrande was heavily invested in crypto (off the balance sheet) then China swoops in and bans crypto, hence shooting themselves in the foot, and whatever plan they had for a controlled collapse of Evergrande, now spirals out of control.
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2021.09.24 16:14 0-_DareDevil_-0 Just Do It!

Just Do It!
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2021.09.24 16:14 Electrical_Piece111 I don’t like how my wife’s breasts look.

They stayed large and a little saggy after having our last child. Small breast are by far my favorable preference. Will she be able to live down the fact that I would like for her to have smaller breasts and get a reduction/lift ? Ive been really thinking of asking her.
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2021.09.24 16:14 Shadowivobg Some times I hate my timezone

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2021.09.24 16:14 AlexMelancholiac Hello guys

I really need some help there is an instagram page that is posting videos and photos of mentally ill people some of them I'm as well a victim of this page and bullies them in the comments also this instagram profile has many followers that also bully the people posted on there
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2021.09.24 16:14 EasilyChilled WTS (Asia) AR 55 c1 ball, xiao and mona + engulfing lightning and skyward pride, sucrose c6 plus various *4 characters at various constellations , dm for negotiation

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2021.09.24 16:14 cllr_dr_ !!UNPOPULAR OPINION HERE!!

I’ve been going to my piercer for 6 years now. He recommends that you don’t clean/touch/twist it AT ALL. Even keeping the crust there. This is the body’s way of developing a ‘scab’ for the puncture wound. The crust is protecting the piercing from infection. All I do is rinse with warm water when I’m in the shower. I’ve had absolutely zero issues with this, and in fact my piercings heal quicker using this method. Because it’s less agitation. Moving it around takes the healing time back a couple of days.
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2021.09.24 16:14 Remarkable-Mud-4015 9/11: How Victims of Terror were Used to Start a War

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2021.09.24 16:14 Battlebots_Explained Lego Battlebots Bounty Hunters: Bombshell!

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2021.09.24 16:14 Amanda_utley04 Patronize your baby girl babe 😌 at affordable rates ..Dm only business

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2021.09.24 16:14 Flozambique [OC] Little Eevees!

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2021.09.24 16:14 MrProtium 27M - Looking for a female best friend ^^

I'm a positive person and ^^ I like spending my time alone and I have few friends. I kinda miss having someone close to share/talk anything with and so, I would like to find someone who is around my age or older :)
I hope we could get to know each other and form a beautiful bond ^^
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2021.09.24 16:14 Dry_Woodpecker_6969 Cybarian - Epic Indie game on Switch. Worth the $5

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2021.09.24 16:14 PositivityCentral Why Do We Get Odd Looks In Public When We're With Our Kids?

I don't have children, but my best friend does. Recently him and his wife were out of town and asked me to watch their two girls for a few days. Before I started watching after them, I'd looked up quite a few great places to bring them to, and got advice from their parents on things they love to do. Honestly, I was excited to have a blast with his kids, they're always so fun to be around and love to explore.
Took them to a local park that had three moms sitting next to each other, and got some odd glares. Then we went to get ice cream (shhhhh! their parents aren't supposed to know!) and again, I got odd looks and even a lady who stared at us the entire time we were there.
Why is it odd to see men parenting and being involved with children, especially in 2021? It feels like you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't. Deadbeat dad who doesn't pay child support? Not a good guy. Or, guy at the park enjoying time with kids? Also seen in an odd light. I just don't get it. Not that it stopped me from showing their kids a great time, because I'm not letting a few odd looks get in the way of a great day.
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2021.09.24 16:14 Logical_Ambassador54 First love/Best friend

ok so i really need advice on this. Basically theres this boy who has been my best friend for 4 years and i was his first love and he loved me for 4 years straight even though i constantly rejected him which i regret, i did love him yes and pretty much anyone could notice that we liked each other i just didnt love myself and just didnt wanna ruin what we had. We have an amazing chemistry i would say, i dont know how to describe it but its different from anyone else, we always did. I became sure of my feeling this january and wanted to confess to him but because of covid i couldnt talk to him in person, so i happily waited but about to months after he got a girlfriend who is also pretty and who is really insecure about me and kinda made him stop contacting me which he tried to do but couldnt so he still texted me but less beacuse he was still trying to get over me.
Some specific stuff happened that made that girl doubt he still didnt forget about me like once he saw my picture and she started crying right away cuz she “saw a light in his eyes”, and as we have the same group of friends kinda, i can notice she avoids me at all costs. To be honest i completly understand how she feels and kinda feel sad and it may be wrong to say this but im sure that what we have is stronger..i can still feel the vibe when we look at each other, its something different, and im sure a part of him still loves me but he doesnt want to love me so he moved on. To be honest i tried to move on as well but cant stop thinking about him..i may find a cuter boy but its still him, he felt the same so he cut contact for some months (tried to, as i could notice him looking for me and to know stuff about me and still texted me sometimes).
Part of me wants to move on and let fate decide how it ends but the other part just wishes theyd breakup (of course im not gonna try anything dont worry) but i know they wont last that long.. still, i sometimes think she can make him happier i dont know she is always going out like everyday and barely studies,is extroverted and has sex with him (a thing i have trust issues with, we are 16 btw) and i notice he doesnt want me back despite maybe still having feelings (i think). But its just like everyone says its like he wont ever really forget and tbh i think neither i will…
What should i do? Should i wait and keep suffering? Should i keep being close to him? Should i find someone else like he did? Im scared we wont ever get together, he is my biggest regret and it haunts me to this day.
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2021.09.24 16:14 Timstea On Boot up shows ps5 logo then goes black.

So I had a launch edition ps5… and about two or three months in.. every once in a while my ps5 would boot up to the ps logo then just go black or I would get no signal. So I did all the standard stuff, changed the cables checked the power, changed HDCP.. I even went as far as changing my Tv before I finally exchanged my ps5.
So now I have a 55 inch LG C1 new ps5 and I'm still having the same issue. Now it's only booting up the ps logo and then it goes black.. it's not constant but I say happens every 10 to 15 cycles(start ups).
Anyone experience this... Can anyone help? I shouldn't have to drop the resolution cuz I bought a TV that can more than handle the requirements.
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2021.09.24 16:14 DarthSnowball EEG-Test könnte Alzheimer-Diagnose erleichtern

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2021.09.24 16:14 Thefallout555 H: arist/e/fms W: caps

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2021.09.24 16:14 mescopinessontjolies Meg

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2021.09.24 16:14 Luke_Lork Looking for a 2 Person Ship

Hi guys, I am looking for a Ship that perfectly suits two Persons, for my buddy and me. I found the freelancer as a intersting option. What do you think, are there better ships for two persons?
We are just at the beginning of the game and are not really into fighting... so Cargo missions, etc. would be our go to.
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2021.09.24 16:14 Basic-Psychology2722 💦 Baby Atlantis 💦 The next moonshot gem that is going to happen on the Binance Smart Chain network. | ⭐️ Auto BUSD rewards ⭐️

💧Baby Atlantis is currently in the initial pre launch stage so hurry up and join the community fast before it explodes.
🔒 Liquidity will locked for 1 year upon Pancakeswap listing. 🔒
❌No team tokens allocated so that team cannot dump on you. ❌
🚀 Huge and lots of marketing planned with major influencer upon listing. 🚀
💰 Always searching for ways to earn some passive income ? Look no further than this ! 💰
👑 8% BUSD rewards distributed into your wallet every 60 minutes. No more worries of rewards depreciating in value since it's a stablecoin !
You might even get back your initial by just holding in your wallet.
❤️ 1% is auto added into the liquidity pool. This means that price impact will be getting smaller and smaller with every transaction.
🌙 1% Marketing & dev wallet so that the project can grow bigger as they explore different partnership and opportunities.
👍 The team will be working relentlessly in order to not disappoint all. New utilities will be introduced further down the road once certain milestones are met.
These might include and not limiting to:
☑️ NFT Market Place
☑️ NFT Gaming
☑️ P2E Games
Countless of options out there and the community can decide how they want it.
🚀Baby Atlantis Offical Links🚀
🟢 Contract: 0xb3f971f70e33f6b89ec72cab393e41c8c2c83154
🟢 Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xb3f971f70e33f6b89ec72cab393e41c8c2c83154
🟢 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xb3f971f70e33f6b89ec72cab393e41c8c2c83154#readContract
🔐 Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x93a726a2bb5f10b409e25b8a6e11c34a302d3d82
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