Golgari Pests are still fun!

2021.09.24 17:25 Millipeters Golgari Pests are still fun!

I haven't found anything worthy of making the cut yet from MID. But I am still having a blast with what has been my favorite deck to play since I started in April. Warlock class and prosperous innkeeper are the key adds from Forgotten realms. Bastion is the key loss from the rotation. Nothing sticking out as a good add from the new Innistrad set. I know this isn't top tier, but it does well enough to keep it fun.
Wincon is without attacking. Strictly through sacking and triggering life gain/life loss. Only removal card is deadly brew, but it's more to return a graveyard creature to hand. Strategy is gain life faster than it can be removed. I find even mortality spear too slow as it's expensive for an opponent deck that goes wide rather than having 1-2 bombs. Most games get the trigger factory going. One board wipe is usually just fine to survive. A second or third will often mean doom.
Anyone else running a Golgari pest deck? Anything you have done or would do differently?

2 Warlock Class (AFR) 125

Creatures and Creature Spells
3 Eyetwitch (STX) 70
3 Hunt for Specimens (STX) 73
3 Dina, Soul Steeper (STX) 178
4 Sedgemoor Witch (STX) 86
4 Witherbloom Apprentice (STX) 247
3 Marauding Blight-Priest (ZNR) 112
3 Prosperous Innkeeper (AFR) 200

Sac Spells
2 Deadly Dispute (AFR) 94
4 Deadly Brew (STX) 176
2 Village Rites (STA) 35
4 Plumb the Forbidden (STX) 81

11 Swamp (UND) 92
5 Forest (UND) 96
4 Darkbore Pathway (KHM) 254
2 Witherbloom Campus (STX) 275
1 Necroblossom Snarl (STX) 269

1 Environmental Sciences (STX) 1
2 Necrotic Fumes (STX) 78
1 Containment Breach (STX) 125
3 Pest Summoning (STX) 211
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2021.09.24 17:25 Darth_Betta A portrait I did of a girl in snow, oil on canvas 8x10

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2021.09.24 17:25 Henry33322 Best I can give you

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2021.09.24 17:25 SonkyJ Artemis beats Drax the Destroyer? Vote for Your SuperHero! Let AI decide on AI.Decider

Drax the Destroyer or Artemis, tie or KO? Stats - Artemis vs Drax the Destroyer
Round 1: Leg kick by Artemis. Drax the Destroyer is trying hard to turn Artemis around or break free, but can’t do so before the end of the round. Uppercut lands. Artemis storms after Drax the Destroyer from the opening bell.
Round 2: So Drax the Destroyer goes back on top, landing more strikes as Artemis is horribly spent. Artemis lands a right hand over the top but is having a tough time finding Drax the Destroyer range on a mobile Artemis. Artemis clinches up with Drax the Destroyer, who seems stronger in the position and is able to score with a hip toss. Straight left by Drax the Destroyer.
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2021.09.24 17:25 KentSTOPSTEALINGNAME Maps I'd Like Portal to have

Strike at Karkand - BF2-BF3. But with a larger bridge (maybe as levolution)
Operation Metro/Underground - BF3-BFV. You know why
Alborz Mountains - BF3. Really beautiful map
Everglades - BF Hardline. For slower moving matches maybe
Siege of Shanghai - BF4. But a larger area. Imagine how cool grappling from building to building like spiderman would be
What maps do ya'll want in Portal?
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2021.09.24 17:25 losalad Endgame Puzzle: Black to play

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2021.09.24 17:25 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Nikki Murciano

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2021.09.24 17:25 forhammer My favorite sandwich shop finally opened back up for the first time since March 2020. Roast Beef and Smoked Ham. Served on garlic-herb oil seasoned french bread roll w/ tomatoes, red onions, olives, pepperoncinis, provolone,and swiss.

My favorite sandwich shop finally opened back up for the first time since March 2020. Roast Beef and Smoked Ham. Served on garlic-herb oil seasoned french bread roll w/ tomatoes, red onions, olives, pepperoncinis, provolone,and swiss. submitted by forhammer to FoodPorn [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 17:25 carpedonnelly [SPOILERS C2E108] Observation on a certain ascension, and ramifications of response.

So I am finishing C1 for the first time after starting with C2 and watching through to its completion, and something strikes me as Vox Machina is going after Vecna. In the buildup to going after Vecna, VM goes to the prime deities beyond the divine gate to gather their boons to aid them against Vecna who has ascended to godhood, something that hasn't happened since the Raven Queen. Pelor, Sererae, and Ioun all give their aid to their new champions in the form of pearls that are (hopefully, not finished yet) used to forge the trammels to seal Vecna away. However, upon returning to Vasselheim, Vax communes with the Raven Queen and she is quite hesitant to start, even paranoid adjacent before Vax convinces her to lend her a pearl as well. She makes a comment akin to "how do I know that they (the prime deities) aren't plotting against me as well? They do not like me." or something akin to that. She is implying that all of the prime dieties are happy to help because they don't want another god encroaching on their space like the Raven Queen did, but also they don't like the idea of Vecna being on the wrong side of the gate where he would be a pantheon unto himself. It's as much about self-preservation as it is altruism for the mortals on the other side of their gate.
So, we come to Travelercon in C2 where Artagen and Jester lead their flock through a series of performative bluster disguised as ascension but really just the Traveler trying to give himself some space and not wanting to be a god. He calls himself the avatar of the Moonweaver and is seeking to start a new sect, however this is met with what can only be described as shock and awe from the Moonweaver. She is able to render Artagan, Archfey of the Feywild, almost inert, and makes an example of him in front of everyone, almost casting him into the fires of Rumblecusp before Veth is able to save him with a feather fall spell.
So my observation is this, and perhaps a discussion point: Seeing as how Vecna was able to work in secret and ascend to godhood under the noses of the gods beyond the divine gate and their general apathy of Exandria and its happenings so long as their followers still exist, the reaction to Artagan is a serious shift in tone as well as potential policy. We now have a group of deities who not only oppose ascension and any relative reference to it, but they will actively intercede to ensure that it does not happen again.
Which brings us to VM, the MN, and other powerful NPCs we have met thus far (Alura, Yussa, The Bright Queen, Essek, Halas, etc). As they increase in power, especially Vox Machina, could we potentially see some tension with the prime deities in the future? we have now seen them work directly, twice, to make sure no mortal gets too powerful, and their paranoia to make such an example of Artagan, a noted trickster and general harmless rabble rouser, should be alarming to the denizens of Exandria. This goes equally for folks like J'Mon Sa'ord as well, whose power is now unmatched by his fellow dragons with the fall of the conclave and his rule over an entire kingdom.
Just a musing, but I found it intriguing, and potentially a C3 arc
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2021.09.24 17:25 Lady-lana Single women vs couples

As a single women, what you do when couples have the need to show off their relationship in front of you? Imagine ur family members flexing with their relationship when you are with them… I’m happy for them but these behaviours of touching… etc. It’s make me feel uncomfortable and it’s like telling me leave us alone… It’s alway me with them there’s no big gathering to ignore the situation … I tried many time to just ignore the behaviour, invite them to me place maybe they act in a different way but there’s no change and recently I start making excuses to not see them.
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2021.09.24 17:25 ellaart09 Cutee chibi Gawr Gura 3d print! <3

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2021.09.24 17:25 PizzaCatLover Romain Grosjean, 2021 Gateway Bommarito 500 [1920x1080] [OC]

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2021.09.24 17:25 Nadams20 M18 - Need help with possible shaving irritation (info in comments)

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2021.09.24 17:25 RoyalNerd09 brunost

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2021.09.24 17:25 sata990 What is this? İ found this in sea.

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2021.09.24 17:25 usag11ee This is not fair !!??

Hi, I saw a guy taking control of tiles (lvl 18) around my fortress that i can't control yet and I found out that his main fortress is very very far (about 15 min travel). Isn't this unfair that strong players can yoink all the good tiles from lower levels ???
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2021.09.24 17:25 WeePeeToo Possibly the biggest oversight in history?

How clueless does a government have to be, to overlook the fact that a lot of HGV drivers are foreigners? It's the backbone of transport, and they forgot about it, it shows how incompetent these people in charge are. And they can blame covid all they want, but it's lies.
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2021.09.24 17:25 AddictedDepression My haters are getting to me

I(M21) have virtually no friends. I don’t have a gf anymore, she broke up with me. My haters consist of my old highschool friends. They all hate(not a exaggeration, they literally talk all the time about how they want to fight me and how they hate me) me, even though I did nothing to them. The reason they dislike me is because I tried to have a serious conversation with them about maybe not smoking as much weed and focusing on passing highschool(some of them were failing and I was worried cause I cared about them).
All I ever did was try to be a good friend and I lost everyone from it. The other day I was with someone who got a call from one of them. The phone was on speaker and I could just here him talking shit about me.
I hate myself and wish I had more friends.
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2021.09.24 17:25 TexugoGamer18 I'm losting the fear of my mom's power. IS this normal?

I mean: since i Lost my fathers, almost ten years ago she started to act like her own me. But recently, i'm started tô note fear this Power that she gás on me. I Just... Don't give a f#ck about that. She raised me treating me like scum. And now i feel like i not a parte of that "family" anymore. I almost have disgust tô only look at her. IS this normal?
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2021.09.24 17:24 dantastic12345 BoligLån - hvor starter jeg?

Hej Denmark,
Jeg er dansker som har boet i udlandet lidt for længe, og overvejer at flytte tilbage om et års tid. Jeg kigger på køb af lejlighed i København, og er i gang med at undersøge de forskellige boliglån der findes.
Det virker meget uoverskueligt, og jeg vil derfor høre om der er nogle her som kan give tips og råd til hvor man skal starte når man overvejer at tage lån til køb af bolig.
Jeg ved at min partner og jeg (hun er fra Tyskland og vi er ikke gift endnu) kigger på hovedstadsområdet, til omkring 3,5-4mil dkk. Om et års tid kan vi muligvis financiere op til halvdelen selv. Hvad er de ting vi skal være opmærksom på når vi vælger lån? Er der nogle gode hjemmesider hvor vi kan gøre os klogere på det hele?
På forhånd mange tak!
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2021.09.24 17:24 mrachelle326 Imposters! This is not the true "Boo Cwew"!

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2021.09.24 17:24 FadingHonor Is Zombies chronicles worth it in late 2021(Xbox)

I just got back into zombies recently with Cold War should I buy zombies chronicles?
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2021.09.24 17:24 weacadm_ Tactical gear

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2021.09.24 17:24 jawarren1 [Olney] This is important context: The first time that a Baltimore season ticket holder renews for next season, that person will have committed more dollars to the 2022 Orioles than the club will have in payroll obligations.

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2021.09.24 17:24 KingCorbyn Fanart of my favourite character from 06 - Princess Elise

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