Is there a place to listen to Crimson Radio?

2021.09.24 17:38 GarconduDesir Is there a place to listen to Crimson Radio?

After you free a COV raidi for Moxxi, you can hear crimson radio there; there’s music and segments from claptrap, clay, etc
I find it strange they put in so much effort on this tiny bit of the game you barely ever engage with.
Is there some YouTube video somewhere that I’m missing? I want to listen to the radio as background music
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2021.09.24 17:38 mayordomo666 Selling: Steam Account CHANGE REGION to Argentina (Cheapest Games) - Price: 4 TF2 Keys

Be sure that you are checking my last post up to date: https://www.reddit.commayordomo666/
Hello! We are offering to switch your Steam store region to Argentina! You can save a lot of money purchasing games here!
How much can you save?: Since in Argentina we have special prices on the Steam store, if you bring your store region here you can save a lot of money! But, don't trust me, let's see some examples! We will use to check the prices of somes games between differents regions:

Price in USD: $40 USD
Price in Argentina: $1100 ARS -> It's like $10.1 USD
Price in USD: $50 USD
Price in Argentina: $330 ARS -> It's like $3.3 USD
Price in USD: $40 USD
Price in Argentina: $1200 ARS -> It's like $12 USD
Price in USD: $60 USD
Price in Argentina: $2200 ARS -> It's like $22 USD
These are just a few examples, you can search for the game you want and compare prices between regions on that website
Price of our service: For change your Steam store region we will charge you one of the followings, you can choose which one you prefer:
We accept the equivalent to $7.99 USDT in LTC. Ask us for our wallet direction for a cheap and safe payment method :)
B) 1 x 1000 ARS Steam Gift Card
You can buy it on sites like, or We will list the links just for your comfort, choose the site you prefer, also if you know another one you can use it, just be sure the currency of the gift card is in ARS
C) 4 x Mann Co. Crate Supply Keys
ATTENTION! To use this payment method for our service you have to have Steam Mobile Authenticator enabled for 7 days to send us these items with no restriction!
You can buy Mann Co. Crate Supply Keys on sites like and
How do we do to change your store region?: Briefly, the steps are the followings:
1- You send us the payment for our service
2- We log in into your Steam account
3- We change your store region with our argentine credit card
Contact: Feel free to send me a private message with all your doubts! Also, if you prefer we can talk on Discord: Lou1s#9462
FAQ: 1- How can I trust you?
You can check the comments of my customers on my pinned post:
My post from my old account (check the discord user, it's the same that I listed here):
2- Can I be banned for this?
Theorically, yes, but the risk is low. We changed the region of a lot of customers and we only got problems with a few brand new accounts, that's why we are preferring to change old accounts. By the way, we can't guarantee anything because it's not allowed by Steam.
3- Do I need to use VPN to log in or purchase games?
At the moment, It's not necessary. After our service you can log in freely and buy cheapest games with the argentine store prices
4- Can I still play my games purchased before the change?
Yes, you will keep your library like always. Also your in-game servers will still the same, so don't worry about ping
5- Can I switch from one region to another one with no restriction?
No, at the moment you have to wait 3 months before change the region again
Recommendations for after the change region: 1- The most important is to not use your credit card or another local payment method
2- We recommend you to use Steam Gifts Cards in ARS currency in order to add funds to your wallet and then purchase games
3- Change your password one time our job is done!
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2021.09.24 17:38 V0rt0s WD Black SN 750 SE question

Just saw an add for the afore mentioned SSD as it comes with a code for battlefield 2048. I’ve been looking for a pcie gen 4 ssd to upgrade to and use as a boot drive. I understand that at present it doesn’t make a huge difference upgrading from gen3. With this essentially being a $100 1tb pcie gen4 ssd would it be a good choice? Are there any red flags?
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2021.09.24 17:38 InevitableSoundOf Whilst everyone is distracted by the bad news, keep paying attention to project developments. Don't drop focus.

Crypto is taking a beating this last week or so, and honestly with all the flurry of regulation being mentioned lately it probably will take a few more hits.
Most people get caught up in this news, and it in it temporarily takes all their focus and who could blame them. Yet this is the opportune time to keep across all your chosen projects. Normally big news items get passed over in times like this, and it spells opportunity.
I'm not talking about inconsequential stuff like a SNL skit, or tiny partnerships. I'm talking roadmap milestone completion and consequential partnership announcements.
It puts you into a good position when the market turns back around, instead of sitting on the sidelines you have a much clearer idea of what projects will be seeing healthy pumps in the near future and can invest accordingly. Whereas alot of holders would of missed it.
The above only works if you've performed fundamental research on a core group of projects that then allows you to grasp development impacts. If you don't know how to perform DYOR with an eye on fundamentals see the outline below for a basic guide.
Here is a basic DYOR Outline to get you started Get a good grip on performing some fundamental research in your chosen coin/token, it helps.
Basic DYOR Outline Basic Information COIN NAME
TYPE (Layer One, Layer Two) i.e. ERC20 token is Layer Two
Is it forked? example BSV
COMPANY behind it.
PARENT CHAIN TICKER (Applicable Only to Layer Two)
Scam Check result Google crypto name+scam/hack
Market Activity ALL TIME HIGH ($) & % OFF ATH(%) & Is it currently pumping or dumping?
TOTAL SUPPLY & PERCENT TO MAX (M, %) if % is low, need to check there won't be a large sudden increase
TRADING VOLUME (% of Circulating Supply) Liquidity indication
REPUTABLE EXCHANGE LISTINGS (No. Of)? To check if any exiting issues or liquidity, use coingecko
Current Sentiment What is the quick general sentiment on reddit, twitter, youtube?
What is the wider news reporting on the project?
Examples of Bullish sentiment, Examples of Bearish? You will want to see if they hold true in your research.
Price and Market Cap Perspective If Price (X5, x10, x100) then New MarketCap (B) will be (?) with Closest Ranking to (?). Will give something of a marketcap perspective.
Project What is the problem statement for this Project? And who are its customer base?
How does it plan to solve them? What is the technology concept?
Is there a identified disadvantage/flaw to overcome in the tech?
What is the current state of the project implementation?
Notable evolutions or iterations through it's project history? Delivered so far?
Is the token/ Coin actually needed, what & how does it achieve this, and is it being utilised?
How do the token return value to the holders?
How did they raise the money for the project? (ICO/VC/Other)
How are the tokens created? Premined?
What is the distribution for the coin/token? Look out for high percent of ownership by team or low number of private wallets.
Who are the main people behind it? And do they check out? Are they who they say they are?
Competitors What are the competitors & how does it compare? How does the project differentiate from its competitors?
Are the competitors further along in development and/or adoption?
Do they have customers or speculative?
How does the markcap compare amongst them?
into the block, tokenomics Consensus mechanism? Are there known flaws or limitations.
For a blockchain coin, how does the blockchain work? Mining/Staking, rewards?
Security, history of security?
Fees?, Fees Adjustable (Y/N) ?
Is it centralised or decentralised, and how so?
History of availability?
Ability to update?
(How)What mechanism is in place for inflation? (Mining, Distribution) What is the percentage inflation?
(How) What mechanism is in place for deflation? (Lockup, Burning) What is the percentage deflation?
Percentage available on exchanges, from volume (%)? Check your liquidity
From the Source From interviews with the founder what impression do you get?
Is there media arm running competently, active and visible?
Whitepaper Is the Whitepaper Available, read it. Is the white paper copied? (x3 google searches copied whitepaper text) (YES/NO)
Development Implementation plan -Roadmap available and how does it match media statements and interviews? Upcoming developments for project? Are the developers on the coin working (active code commits)?
There's more you can delve into as this is just a basic list to get anyone started. It may look like alot but in researching some points you'll automatically cover off alot of others. Covering all this will inevitably lead down many a rabbit hole to other areas not mentioned, and it'll be unique for each coin/token you look into.
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2021.09.24 17:38 linneakaller Took this photo with a pro camera with self timer. Enjoy my face in high quality. So happy with how it turned out! :)

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2021.09.24 17:38 Raju7123 Is there somewhere I can find the various versions of Hurricanev

The Weeknd was a great addition, but I just feel like the OG beat was so iconic. Wanted to compare the versions with each other. Also, would love to know which version you all prefer! Thanks!
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2021.09.24 17:38 therealnatural1337 the sharpness and quality of textures in the PS5 version are mindblowing 🤯

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2021.09.24 17:38 cryptoallbot Coinbase set to propose crypto framework to US officials after SEC clash

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2021.09.24 17:38 I__EAT__SH__IT Reset acount

So what will i keep and what will i lose if i reset my acount?
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2021.09.24 17:38 Norealreason00 Dm me and ask me literally any question bc I have so much lore 🍰

Bare minimum info 16 Woman (not always) Europe Amazing
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2021.09.24 17:38 fuqoth Runng egg, Kimchi ramen.

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2021.09.24 17:38 therealub All hail the normal man!

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2021.09.24 17:38 JhonatanOrj As a Special Attraction

Does putting that option in a contract prevent wrestlers to be angry for not being used?
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2021.09.24 17:38 zoiatelie IN LOVE ♡

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2021.09.24 17:38 cryptoallbot Twitter Launches Bitcoin Tipping Feature on iOS, With Android Coming Next

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2021.09.24 17:38 lukeutts Apparently PayPal had a redesign.

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2021.09.24 17:38 nosmh Ever walk the Lake Auburn trail?

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2021.09.24 17:38 UhLionEye Czech Village Dedicates Bell from Czech Chicagoans in 1937 (00:50)

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2021.09.24 17:38 Skitzum Any brand new players in here? Sound off! Do you have any questions the veterans can answer? How are you liking the game?

Welcome in!
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2021.09.24 17:38 787v Sounds good

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2021.09.24 17:38 TonyWrx2299 Halo infinite (sniper is my friend)

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2021.09.24 17:38 InformationMinimum74 [Hiring] Webdev (CSS/HTML/JS)

Looking to for someone to take on some webdev work I'm too busy to do. Will just pass on the full amount at $25/hr
Usually just fixing small things, making up custom pages. 10-40hrs/month
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2021.09.24 17:38 reddit_feed_bot Rebel News - Horseback hate crime hoax | Joel Pollak on U.S. border crisis

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2021.09.24 17:38 zsmithworks Batavia man charged with additional counts of rape, sex abuse - 13WHAM-TV

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2021.09.24 17:38 Gorgeously-Vintage 🧵🪡🤍❤️Charm Patterns Scout Dress 1950's style Shirtwaist Dress and matching Rockabilly man shirt❤️🤍🪡🧵

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