Hey guys, I suck at this game.

The award winning You Suck at Parking™ is the world’s most EXTREME parking game, and the only racing game where the goal is to stop (probably). Coming to Steam in 2021. object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" id="Canabalt" width="976" height="336" codebase="http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current ... Get a complete (and free!) virtual makeover in the Seventeen Salon! Try on new hairstyles, add some highlights, or see what you'd look like with a makeover! In the video displayed by Fox, one attendee of the game yelled "Joe, you suck" while others surrounded him were heard booing at the president. Vox reporter Aaron Rupar pointed out the fact that Hannity failed to realize that there were more cheers for Biden than boos in the stadium.

2021.10.16 21:07 benjustforyou Hey guys, I suck at this game.

Check out rift breaker. For those of us that can't get past fluids on Factorio this might be for you.
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2021.10.16 21:07 krill_irk "Libre!" - gerbil

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2021.10.16 21:07 EmanueID Parkour

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2021.10.16 21:07 Madlolwut What is your favourite holiday memory from your childhood?

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2021.10.16 21:07 CubaYashi Apex Kill Montage YT_LimStudios

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2021.10.16 21:07 SnooJokes8092 How

how to do 180 on grind and skate backward?
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2021.10.16 21:07 CapeBaldy93 [H] 80% PayPal/Cashapp [W] US AMAZON GC

Pm offers… G&S for non us based PayPal
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2021.10.16 21:07 greengrass419 Am I (f24) just his friend or does he (m25) see me as a romantic interest?

So, there’s this guy ~friend~ I’ve known ever since I was a teen. We grew up in the same community and our families know each other, and growing up we were just acquaintances. He starting reaching out to me in college, we met up once, FaceTimed a few times, and would check in with each other once a month over the past 5 years. We have lived in different countries, hence the lack of meeting up and talking. He wanted to visit me a few times when we were both living in Europe, but Covid hit and our countries both had restrictions of entering and leaving. The past 6 months, our communication dramatically picked up, as I told him about my future plans and how I am moving back to Europe soon (close to where he lives). especially the past two months we have been messaging a lot, every few days or every day. Our relationship is very friendly, and I am assuming he has romantic interest (I do from my end). We have never talked about feelings for each other or any sort like that, as we haven’t met up in so long it just doesn’t seem appropriate until we feel each other out in person? He’ll reach out to me sharing some of his travel stories, job updates, asking how I am, sending me pictures of what he’s up to, etc. he talks with me about how he’s excited to see me and he’s excited to meet up and spend time together as he wants to visit me, as he had already made some ideas of what we can do together. He’s the most respectful man I know, he’s super smart, driven, motivated & adventurous. ANYWAYS, I told him about a recent work incident, and he told me what I did was great and he said in the end of his message “I’m proud to call you my friend!” So as I read this—I read it as a good thing… but for a second I questioned it,… does he just see me as a friend? He instigates most of our communication and with the amount he updates me and asks me about my life and is excited to see me… I have assumed he is romantically interested, just is very respectful and doesn’t wanna go ~there~ until we reunite in person in a few months. PLUS, we never set boundaries or anything like that, and I’ve never expressed my feelings (and don’t want to until we see how things go). I guess technically we are friends lol but it’s not a sign that he only sees me as a friend, right? What do you guys think??
Tl;dr guy called me his friend… good or bad sign romantic interested wise?
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2021.10.16 21:07 Ambitious-Battle8091 Dream code

Hi everyone I’m not sure there is a thread for this if so, please excuse me I haven’t found it. I’m looking for inspiration but too shy to go and meet you in person if you have dream codes you want to share please do and if you want me to come back and comment on your island I can do that here or on your pm if you want ^
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2021.10.16 21:07 dronegun Does anyone know anything about this?

Because the halloween event is kinda bad and bit of a scam i wanted to craft the skins(mainly the revenant one)but they are twice as much as regular skins if the tier so will the prices be reduced after the event?
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2021.10.16 21:07 Needmybaby Trigger shot help!

Hello good people.I need help before I screw up.i just took my trigger shot retrieval is on Monday and I am left with 1 packet of cetrotide.Do I take it tomorrow morning as usual?
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2021.10.16 21:07 McFlurryLazermuffin Not sure if everyone who already owns this weapon notices this, but Disc Launcher 12 placement seems very odd 😬

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2021.10.16 21:07 hemil2602 Does E-essay grader like from testbig.com help? like are they accurate????

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2021.10.16 21:07 Current-Assumption-9 I didnt use effect only okay?

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2021.10.16 21:07 Hot-Abrocoma4145 I make some cool mugs with your name written in English and Arabic like this one !

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2021.10.16 21:07 MissSoxxy Ramshorn snail? It was a hitchhiker

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2021.10.16 21:07 urabus327 Second mini pc build much nicer and more expensive

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2021.10.16 21:07 Demon_Red_ded חיי הגיימינג שלי הידרדרו

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2021.10.16 21:07 Swimming_Mongoose167 i have 18 cosmetics equiped on this picture

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2021.10.16 21:07 Ga_Manche US throws out millions of doses of Covid vaccine as world goes wanting

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2021.10.16 21:07 Reading-Writer Trying to stay awake on my break.

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2021.10.16 21:07 horkus1 Oliver in the opening title sequence…

Has anyone else noticed that the animation of Oliver in the opening sequence looks like it’s being played in reverse?
The way it plays out for us makes the movement look a little jarring (or just not entirely smooth) and it’s as though his glass of wine has been turned over (it’s coming at a weird angle from the right side of his window frame), he then puts it back on the sill and takes a sip. I think if you could run it backwards, it would make more sense and probably appear like a more fluid motion.
I’ve no idea or theories about this but just wondering if anyone else has noticed or agrees.
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2021.10.16 21:07 heinaga1989 🗼Imperial Obelisk $IMP ⛩ | Renounced Contract | Locked Liquidity | Low Market Cap | 5% Holder Redistribution | Innovative NFT Gaming Cryptocurrency

Introducing Imperial Obelisk $IMP
$IMP is a breakthrough NFT gaming cryptocurrency on the ERC20 blockchain that applies a redistribution fee and a developmental fee in each transaction. Each transaction with IMP will reflect back towards it’s holders.
With Imperial Obelisk, our token IMP is essential for those wanting to partake in the NFT powered gaming aspect of the project allowing players to rapidly expand their monument collection. IMP is required for the purchase of 20x20 plots in our 20000x20000 world map. IMP is also required for in game staking and for equipment upgrades.
We want to make Imperial Obelisk into an all-encompassing experience. As such, we plan to release merchandise and real-life trinkets in the future that can be redeemed by players with the corresponding in-game achievements. Alternatively, those who have not completed said achievements can still purchase the merchandise with $IMP at a discount or with Ethereum at full price.
Explosive growth is imminent with a current market cap of only 3.5m and a 24 hour trading volume of $1,188,778, there is no better time to buy a ticket for this wild ride. Anyone who loves making money is invited to join us on this no brainer journey to the stratosphere!
* 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Total token amount
* 5% Redistribution to holders every transaction
* 5% Developer fee
🌏 Website: http://imperialobelisk.net/
🔓Lock: https://team.finance/view-coin/0x42A0D24Cb5c423EAAF926cE3984aAfF0C4ff6FE2?name=Imperial%20Obelisk&symbol=IMP
🤫 Renounce: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x14c8fa524e3399bea7f0d23849adc12042e24a47f6ea3836f0aeca2b98871a51
🦄 Buy: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x42A0D24Cb5c423EAAF926cE3984aAfF0C4ff6FE2&use=V2
✍️Contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x42a0d24cb5c423eaaf926ce3984aaff0c4ff6fe2#code
📈 Chart: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explore0x0595df8d96f7fa5a0f383bb048ae7df8e0e96366
📃 Medium: https://imperialobelisk.medium.com/
🦎 Coin Gecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/imperial-obelisk
💰 Coin Market Cap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/imperial-obelisk/
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2021.10.16 21:07 ArticLaSilence The inauguration of Vice President Thefunnym4n as Vice President of the United States

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2021.10.16 21:07 V4N1SHX Buying Elderwood and Candy set for RHD!

Nyp <3
And not going first, im trying to collect proofs
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