Favorite part of the whole stream

The psalmist says not to do that because they die and their works will pass away, but we take from the whole of Scripture a warning against trusting people in power to serve us and the common good rather than themselves. This is, as it happens, both a conservative and a leftist insight. Rewatching my debut together!Answering questions~ (Ask me a question on my Community Page!)Behind the scenes info B) ! Use hashtag #AmeversaryThumbnail: @cof... The iconic Keyblade wielder arrives to the battlefield. Sora from KINGDOM HEARTS will be the final Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate DLC fighter! Look forward to t... TV has certainly come a long way in the past 70 years. But just because Game of Thrones and Westworld blow your mind today, that doesn't mean that some of the classics don't withstand the test of time.From the incredibly groovy Brady Bunch to the altogether ooky Addams Family, these old TV shows sill have the ability to bring families together.So if you're stuck in quarantine and running out ... Trying to earn an acquittal for a teen client accused of murdering his wealthy father, a defense attorney uncovers disturbing facts about the victim. Watch trailers & learn more. Whole-Home WiFi is more than an amazing mesh WiFi system. It's the tool that helps you manage your connected experience, control what content your family can access, keep your devices protected against cyber threats, and speed up the Internet by limiting ads. Whole Foods Market Chief Operating Officer Jason Buechel recently participated in the seventh-annual Fast Company Innovation Festival. In a panel focused on the importance of brand authenticity in a post-pandemic world, Buechel discussed how Whole Foods Market’s purpose and core values have guided, and will continue to successfully guide, the company through its growth and evolution. No, filter does not scan the whole stream. It's an intermediate operation, which returns a lazy stream (actually all intermediate operations return a lazy stream). To convince you, you can simply do the following test: Recently, while giving a river smallmouth seminar, I asked the attendees which lures every stream smallie fanatic should own. I set no restrictions on the number of lures that could be listed, the only stipulation being that participants would list lures until all present were satisfied that they had enough choices to be able to fish successfully throughout the year. Stream Your Services. Give the whole congretation the opportunity to tune into your services live, or watch later. GET STARTED. Our webcasts always sounded great, we never had complaints from listeners, and your technical support was prompt and helpful. — John Strong

2021.10.16 21:02 Madisockz Favorite part of the whole stream

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2021.10.16 21:02 bajablast3000 mnmtwinz Instagram

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2021.10.16 21:02 gabkicks LG Velvet tmobile Water Damaged

My phone ended up in a pool for a few minutes, and now it won't power on. I had some digital wallet apps on the phone that weren't backed up that will be lost if I cannot turn on the phone. Would it be possible to transfer the internal memory to another LG Velvet from tmobile and access the phone data that way? SHould i just send the phone to a data recovery company??
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2021.10.16 21:02 sebwardcheng In answer to the question, yes, i think

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2021.10.16 21:02 ZMayhew2013 FPS for ASUS ROG GAMING DESKTOP AMD RYZEN 5?

So I know absolutely nothing about computers. I got the pc because I read it could run iracing and it was cheap. I can only get about 25-30 fps once an AI race starts. I've tried messing around with the settings in iracing and have continuously messed it up even worse. If anyone could help me out or give me some settings I'd really appreciate it.
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2021.10.16 21:02 Fuklulu Some mod who sits here all day is calling me a plague rat and he's a good boy" can someone remind the guy he's a mod of "whitepeopletwitter" and his opinion doesn't actually matter

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2021.10.16 21:02 hexarchon HexArchon | SMP | Custom Worlds | Custom Items | Custom Mobs | Custom Skills | Custom Abilities | Custom Enchants | Boss Fights | Dungeons | Quests | Land Claiming | Furnitures | Player Heads | Events | Dynmap | Wiki

Are you looking for a server with a truly unique spin on the Survival Gamemode? You should check out HexArchon - a newly released Custom Survival server with many features you've never seen!
Key Features: » The most in-depth /shop system » Custom Skills, Abilities, and Items » Custom Mobs, Boss Fights, and Dungeons » Custom Worlds » Quests » Custom Modelled Pets » Custom Enchants » Supply Drops, Coinflips, and Lotteries » Automatic Farms and Upgradable Furnaces » Furnitures and Weapons » Player Shops » Live Server Map » Interesting Fishing Mechanics...
Other Features: » Land Claiming » Ability to rollback any griefs (just in case you forgot to claim!) » Marriage » Discord Link - Talk with players in-game on Discord! » Active, friendly staff » Hosted in the US East Coast
Server IP: play.hexarchon.net Discord: discord.hexarchon.net Wiki: wiki.hexarchon.net Map: map.hexarchon.net
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2021.10.16 21:02 Lukasz_Joniak Cities with bad Measurements

Post cities you find with bad measurements in comments and I will post then try to get willy to fix
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2021.10.16 21:02 HShayan Monero Mining?

Hi, I'm quite new to this and was considering starting it since I want to build up my crypto portfolio amongst other things. I was looking on a website called cryptocompare to see what crypto would be beneficial to mine etc. It says that with a hash rate of 100 Mh/s I can profit around 6000 dollars a day? With a 3090 i'd be able to make 6k a day it says, surely I'm missing something? Just wanted to ask apologies if this isn't the correct place for it.
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2021.10.16 21:02 FragrantGoose420 How much do you think robinhood introducing the coin will affect the price

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2021.10.16 21:02 bruh_newguy god dammit kris where are we

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2021.10.16 21:02 GMM_21 Please help remind me he isn't a good guy, I hate what he did to me but I still love him...I wish I didn't.

I am struggling hard this weekend with severe depression. I spoke to my stbxh on the phone for the first time since July. We had to discuss some legal things and our pet's health issues. It turned into him admitting a few things I already knew. That he has been dating the other woman since late June and that he had been emotionally cheating on me since the new year. The emotional cheating was longer than I thought. DDay was last week of May, I thought we were so happy, just bought our first home last August. I know he did more than he admitted to, like physically cheating in May. But something about hearing your spouse actually tell you they have been dating the other woman since he discarded me has made this seem even more real somehow. He has proved to be a pathological liar now. He is bringing his good friend down to stay with him and introduce the new girlfriend. Her friends all had me blocked on IG until the phone call admitting they were dating. I mean am I the only one left that thinks dating the person you were cheating with openly during your divorce is scummy? Why can I only focus on how great he was before I found out about the cheating? He was awful after D-day, but just because he was sort of kind on the phone call it has me missing him so much again. I am so jealous of the other woman, she aggressively pursued him and stole my life. Yes my husband is much much more to blame but the other woman knew me a little, we had worked together a couple times. I know it's dumb and wrong to think this way but I can't seem to stop it. And finally, the mind movies of them together is killing me. My husband and I had only been with each other physically, so hearing him say he is with her now has set the images off non stop. I need help. Sorry for the lengthy post.
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2021.10.16 21:02 Gossipgirley Elvira har lært sit smooth talking af sin mama

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2021.10.16 21:02 highasme007 Who to flex

View Poll
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2021.10.16 21:02 delpopeio T248

Does anyone have any thoughts towards the T248 ahead of release?
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2021.10.16 21:02 number1poptartlover whats your favorite book

i like harry potter and fact books
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2021.10.16 21:02 heinaga1989 EverETH, a BEP20 token that pays ETH to anyone holding… Up 130% today.

I bought a small amount of this token a couple of months ago to see if any ETH would actually be deposited into my wallet (I was quite skeptical). But sure enough, I’ve made about $13 in Binance-peg Ethereum) which, if I hold, will likely become much more). My initial investment has 5x so far, and price is still low (0.000000013785 at time of this post). I don’t ever think any “shitcoin” is likely to do anything, but this one is intriguing to me because you actually get rewarded in a different coin of high value and stability (ETH).
From https://www.evereth.net/ : EverETH is the first Ethereum reflection token running on Binance Smart Chain. Simply hold tokens and get rewarded in Ethereum on every transaction. With the auto-claim feature, you will receive ETH automatically in your wallet. ​ Tax distribution: 8% Holders, 5% BuyBack, 2% Liquidity
8% Dividends: 8% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Hold EverETH tokens and earn Ethereum. A Minimum of 200,000 tokens is required in order to receive rewards.
Secured: The automatic liquidity system helps create a price floor (stability). Initial Liquidity Provided will be locked with DXLock. The smart contract was being audited by TechRate. Our expereinced marketing team will ensure the continuous growth of the project.
Buy Back Function: Every time the price drops our team will use the buyback wallet to raise and maintain the currency on an upward trend.
Auto Pay: You don’t need to claim your earned Ethereum. It’s automatically sent to your wallet.
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2021.10.16 21:02 FallacyDog Vibrant!

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2021.10.16 21:02 Flubrmonkey Boteboy Reliability

Has anyone purchased any products from the website Boteboy? Is this a reliable and trustworthy place to make purchases?
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2021.10.16 21:02 AmericaneXLeftist Parsiq (PRQ) is about to moon violently. I'm trying to tell you.

We just had a new Q&A with Parsiq CEO Rong Kai Wong. Basically, a Binance listing is coming, and you want to be in before then.
PRQ has amazing fundamentals and an extremely low market cap, refer to my DD: https://www.reddit.com/WallStreetBetsCrypto/comments/q3zcp5/parsiq_prq_dd_its_a_big_deal_and_youre_early/
RKW previously worked for Binance and handled their investing. He says that fundamentals are the most critical aspect of being listed, and that PRQ has just applied.
This might be the last post I make about PRQ, I'm just trying to tell you guys. You can chase after has-been meme shitcoins, already valued in the billions, or you can hold critical tech with solid fundamentals and a low 50m market cap, that will probably 20x at least.
I typed this late last night, didn't post until today, we're already up 20% this morning. Get ready.
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2021.10.16 21:02 Artiet59 [NLD] Olight M2r Pro Warrior. GREEN.

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2021.10.16 21:02 Standard_Dust Oh no im sooooo scared

Oh no im sooooo scared
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2021.10.16 21:02 chairbornebg Гълъбинов с победен гол за Реджина

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2021.10.16 21:02 timmytissue I hate to say it, but it's the only explination.

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2021.10.16 21:02 autotldr Inequality is an urban affair, and it’s due to new tech

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This column discusses new evidence that those labour savings are largest in dense, urban areas - basically big cities and metropolitan areas - and therefore, urban firms have the biggest incentives to invest in those labour-saving technologies.
This is known as the urban-wage premium, which in the US has an elasticity of around 4.5%. As the size of a city doubles, wages increase by 4.5%. That implies that average wages in New York, NY are about 35% higher than in Janesville, WI, simply because New York with a population of 20 million is 125 times larger than Janesville with a population of 163,000.
Figure 1 illustrates that the cities such as New York and San Francisco with the highest rent index spend over 50% more on IT per worker than cities like Janesville and Springfield.
In line with earlier work that documents the variation in wage inequality between and within cities, we find that wage inequality is larger within larger cities, but that was not the case in 1980.
At the same time, the inequality between cities which can be measured by the urban wage premium has not changed over time.
In sum, polarisation and inequality is an urban affair, driven by new technologies that thrive in dense and large cities.
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