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2021.10.16 19:27 Sheblesspockets Not a fake but just wanna take the time to say, shoutout to all the people who help others avoid boof🤟🏽This sub fr be a help to one another

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2021.10.16 19:27 Dada_SK Is DLC region free?

If I remember correctly I bought Smash Ultimate + Fighters Pass 1 on the South African eShop, now I want to get Fighters Pass 2 on the brazilian region. Can it be done or is there some region lock for DLCs in Smash Ultimate?
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2021.10.16 19:27 C00kie96 May 2006 Month In Review

The month of May has been and gone and left us with nothing particularly memorable at all. Homicide took over Ring Of Honor in what was probably the best angle to come from this past 31 days. WWE and TNA started to build momentum for the summer in the past couple of weeks which is a positive but there really isn't much else to take away from May. I will rank the matches, the moments and the shows and give my opinion on how each show shaped up. April's review was really fun to do, let's see how this one goes.
Top 10 Matches

  1. Bobby Lashley vs Finlay - WWE Smackdown 12/05. ***¼
  2. Christian Cage vs Abyss in a Full Metal Mayhem Match for the NWA Heavyweight Championship - TNA Sacrifice. ***¼
  3. Chris Benoit vs Finlay - WWE Judgment Day. ***¼(H)
  4. Jay Briscoe vs Austin Aries - ROH How We Roll. ***¼(H)
  5. Rey Mysterio vs JBL for the World Heavyweight Championship - WWE Judgment Day. ***½(L)
  6. Christian Cage and Colt Cabana vs Bryan Danielson and Christopher Daniels - ROH How We Roll. ***½
  7. Nigel McGuinness vs Jay Lethal for the Pure Wrestling Championship - ROH Ring Of Homicide. ***½(H)
  8. Homicide vs Necro Butcher - ROH Ring Of Homicide. ***½(H)
  9. Austin Aries and Roderick Strong vs The Briscoe Brothers for the ROH Tag Team Championships - ROH Ring Of Homicide. ***½(H)
  10. America's Most Wanted vs Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles for the NWA Tag Team Championships - TNA Sacrifice. ***¾(L)
It needs to be said that I couldn't watch Bryan Danielson vs Delirious at ROH Ring Of Homicide which I understand was around the ½ mark. Usually there's two of three very good MOTYC each month so for there to not even be one * match this time round really shows the lack of quality this month. Ring Of Honor takes up half of this list though which is pretty much the norm now. This is just my opinion of course.
Top 5 Ring Of Honor Wrestlers
  1. Colt Cabana - Colt had a very mixed bag the previous month but this time he found himself in the main event of one show and then one half of a fantastically hilarious match with Kikutaro. Colt is one of ROH's longest serving wrestlers and he's still as popular as ever.
  2. Austin Aries and Roderick Strong - Usually the ROH tag champs are higher up but all we saw from this month was a couple of single matches and then a lucky but well executed title retention. They are two of the best wrestlers on the planet but I think three other stars had a better month than them.
  3. Nigel McGuinness - The pure champion has held his belt for an awful long time and had another successful title defense against a returning Jay Lethal. He was also part of a triple threat match with Kikutaro and Delirious but it's the pure title match that showed us once again that no-one is better suited to a championship then Nigel and his pure title.
  4. Bryan Danielson - The world champ has been top of this list every time and whilst he still had a successful championship defense against Delirious, he was on the losing side in the big tag team main event at How We Roll.
  5. Homicide - This fella seemingly turned baby face after shaking hands with Colt Cabana last month but he finished his first show by saying f*** this company. The next night he answered the call of Ring Of Honor in the war against CZW and was there for the company that helped make him the rising star that he is. CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Christopher Daniels have all had a DVD shows named after them in the past and nobody can argue that Homicide deserved the honor - no pun intended.
Only two shows this month so it's kinda hard to rank how each star was doing but I feel this is pretty accurate. I could've put any of the CZW guys here or BJ Whitmer even but these are the names that stood out from the two shows for me.
Top 5 Shocking Moments
  1. JBL is gone from Smackdown - JBL has been one of the faces of Smackdown since his record setting WWE title reign in 2004 and has been arguably the show's best heel ever since. Bradshaw lost his world title match against Rey Mysterio, lost his United States title defense against Bobby Lashley and then lost against Mysterio again that same night. JBL told Teddy Long that he would walk out if he lost against Mysterio and was forced to keep his word. Smackdown won't be the same without him. (WWE Smackdown 26/05)
  2. Joey Styles quits Raw - This feels like absolutely ages ago! Joey Styles took over the Raw announce booth and in all honesty, he was a bit shite! Jerry Lawler would take his jokes too far with Styles after the Spirit Squad threatened to put him in a dress if he didn't show more personality. Joey would walk out, he didn't want to hear an apology from the King and instead would go off on a tangent about how he hates sports entertainment and the idiots who by into it, he hates Vince McMahon and his ego and he hates the fact that he was pulled from Wrestlemania, Saturday Night's Main Event and even Backlash in the place of JR, the guy who he was supposed to replace. It was a very convincing worked shoot from Styles but you could tell that he meant every single word, it was great TV! (WWE Raw 01/05)
  3. The Great Khali pins The Undertaker - Undertaker is the phenom and has been since 1990. Not many can say that they have got the better of him and certainly nobody can say that they've dominated him, that is until the 7 foot 5 giant nippled monster arrived on the scene. Khali would not leave his feet and would then end his PPV debut match by placing a simple boot on the chest of Undertaker to win the match. (WWE Judgment Day)
  4. Samoa Joe pins Jeff Jarrett - Jeff Jarrett has been the face of TNA since day one, at least in his head he has, so it was such an awesome and refreshing change to see a guy like Samoa Joe get the W over the former world champ in such a massive match. Joe has been going from strength to strength and it's really exciting to see how far he can go now that the company clearly believes in him. (TNA Sacrifice)
  5. Kurt Angle is ECW - The relaunch of ECW was all very low key and their first show hasn't even been promoted on WWE TV yet. Paul Heyman revealed that he got to choose one superstar from Raw and one superstar from Smackdown to build his roster around, it was no surprise to see him choose RVD from Raw but nobody predicted the best wrestler in the company to make the jump. Angle in ECW is a fascinating concept but how can you really prepare for that when you don't know what to expect from the WWE's version of Extreme Championship Wrestling. (WWE Raw 29/05)
In those five moments alone we saw JBL and Kurt Angle leave the blue brand whilst The Undertaker wasn't exactly impressive. Let's look at the guys who somehow managed to keep Smackdown afloat this month.
Top 5 Smackdown Superstars
  1. The Great Khali - If the top 5 was rated on ability then Khali would be nowhere near the top 100 but I rate it on matches won and the impact that the star had on the show and how entertaining he/she has been. With all that said, Khali isn't exciting but he's won a couple of matches including the destruction of The Undertaker, he definitely made an impact.
  2. Bobby Lashley - Lashley has really started to climb the card now, he reached the final of the King Of The Ring tournament and was unlucky to lose to be fair and then he toppled JBL to win his first championship in the WWE. Bobby is always improving in the ring and could turn into a major player very soon.
  3. Paul London and Brian Kendrick - The new tag team champions absolutely dominated MNM this month and captured their first tag team titles at Judgment Day. They are brilliant to watch with their high flying styles and showcased that really well this month.
  4. Rey Mysterio - Now, he is the world heavyweight champion but he has been booked like a complete loser. He held on to his title against JBL twice over which helped with his ranking but he lost every other match that he had. I've never seen a world champion lose as much as Rey has recently but he is still the world champion and is always fun to watch when working with someone who isn't 350 pounds.
  5. King Booker - Booker T was booked like the only guy bothered about winning the King Of The Ring tournament so it wasn't a surprise to see him wear the crown. With JBL now gone and guys like Great Khali and Mark Henry not pushing the main event scene just yet, Booker could be the lead heel role going into the summer and that isn't a bad thing at all for Smackdown.
Top 5 Funniest Moments
  1. Maria swallows - Maria is ditsy, Carlito has a shirt that asks if you 'spit or swallow'. Maria lovingly told Carlito that she swallows. Not much to work with this month, I can't lie. (WWE Raw 15/05)
  2. Snitsky enjoying Goldust's feet - Goldust hasn't grown out of his dressing up stage and this time he wanted to look like a Las Vegas showgirl. Snitsky noticed him/her from behind and started to sniff their feet because he is WWE's resident foot guy didn't you know! Goldust's reaction made me chuckle as he always has with his expressions and voices. This would've been funnier with Ron Simmons or The Rock watching on. (WWE Raw 22/05)
  3. The James Gang/Team 3D segment - BG and Kip James dressed up like Team 3D to promote their upcoming match. Kip was pretty funny with his 'Testify' line/s whilst BG kept it going with his impressions of Bubba Dudley. The whole thing was cringe and really belonged in 1998 but it did it's job in getting a cheap laugh out of the audience. (TNA Impact 12/05)
  4. The Delirious / Kikutaro stuff - Kikutaro is a brilliant comedy act from Japan that has been around for years with many, many different names. He was involved in a triple threat match against Nigel McGuinness and another unique talent, Delirious. The match was good for what it was but it was the altercations between Kikutaro and Delirious are what people remember including the redo of the walking pace segment that the crowd absolutely ate up. (ROH How We Roll)
  5. Colt Cabana vs Kikutaro - I may be cheating here but nothing made me laugh more than this whole match. From the high fives to the facial expressions to the remarks made by both men, just do yourself a favour and search for this match. (ROH Ring Of Homicide)
Top 5 TNA Stars
  1. Kevin Nash - I don't like the whole Nash vs X Division angle at all, it won't do anyone any good but big Kev has certainly made an Impact on Impact by destroying half of the X division. It's a storyline that is getting people talking.
  2. Sting - Sting picked Samoa Joe to be his partner at Sacrifice, they won the match but Joe would leave Sting to get beaten down by Jarrett and Steiner. Stinger looks set to compete in the King of the Mountain match next month.
  3. America's Most Wanted - AMW are the greatest tag team in TNA history and proved that again at the PPV, they needed interference to beat AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels at Sacrifice but it was still a fantastic match. Their longevity as a tag team should be celebrated though as they have rejuvenated themselves as the biggest heel tag team in wrestling right now.
  4. Christian Cage - Christian comes to life on PPV's, much like the majority of others in TNA but that's hardly any of the talent's fault when they only have so much time to work with. Christian was very impressive against Abyss in full metal mayhem and he faces an even tougher challenge at Slammiversary against four other men.
  5. Samoa Joe - As discussed earlier Samoa Joe secured the biggest win of his career by pinning Jeff Jarrett at Sacrifice in a tag team match. Joe is the X Division Champion right now but that has slipped down in level of importance as he's now flirting full time with the main event scene. I've been a fan of Joe since 2002 and it's so good to see his talent being recognised on a wider scale, the future is very bright!
I would've picked Joe's win as the best moment of the month but I think Jarrett taking the pin qualified it as a shocker. I've picked three other moments that stood out in May.
Top 3 Best Moments
  1. JBL gets his comeuppance from Kane - JBL had tormented Rey Mysterio for weeks and picked Kane to face Mysterio on Smackdown. His plan backfired however as JBL would shout "May 19th" to which Kane reacted to with more than a hug. Credit to JBL for making this moment what it was due to the amount of heat that he gained throughout his run as number one contender. (WWE Smackdown 19/05)
  2. Triple H beats up the Spirit Squad - Fans have loved to hate Triple H since 2002, he's been the main man on Raw for so long and it has always been as the bad guy. It's time to cheer for him now as he and Shawn Michaels have edged closer and closer to a DX reunion. Vince McMahon and the Spirit Squad have made HBK's life a misery and Vince tried to bring Triple H into it, Hunter has grown tired of Vince and his group of cheerleaders and the fans have been dying to see the former degenerates get back together. The whole situation is a big compliment to the booking team for how they are building for the inevitable moment that they both crotch chop the boss, and I for one cannot wait to see it happen. (WWE Raw 01/05)
  3. Homicide helps Ring Of Honor - I went into this on the top 5 ROH stars a little earlier, the moment is number one just down to the raw emotion of the small crowd and the reaction to Homicide beating up CZW after looking like he was going to turn his back on Ring Of Honor. It's one of the defining moments in his ROH career for sure.
Top 5 Raw Superstars
  1. Rob Van Dam - Mr. Money in the Bank has chosen ECW One Night Stand as his destination for his guaranteed title shot against John Cena. He lost his Intercontinental title this month in a great Texas tornado handicap match but spent the rest of the month going eye to eye with the WWE champion.
  2. Shelton Benjamin - Shelton regained his Intercontinental title this month and has performed at a consistent high level on Raw. He's one of the best athletes in the company and is slowly recovering from his career lul recently.
  3. Spirit Squad - Yes, these tits again. They are so dislikable and that's a compliment to them, they are all over Raw and show no signs of going away. Kenny is actually decent in the ring as they all are but I look forward to the day that they are gone as a group.
  4. John Cena - The WWE champ hasn't had an awful lot to do recently, the feud with Triple H is seemingly finished now as he awaits the challenge of Rob Van Dam at ECW One Night Stand on June 11th.
  5. Triple H - Raw has been all about Triple H recently and his slow burning face turn, the fans are desperate to see him put Vince in his place and to also align himself with Shawn Michaels once again. Raw has been an exciting show the past few weeks and almost all of that has been down to the Game.
Top 5 Shows
  1. TNA Sacrifice 2006 - This wasn't a bad show by any stretch but it wasn't a stand out one either. Slammiversary feels a bit bigger than this and the card from Sacrifice felt like a large set up to the former. A great tag team title match stands out as well as the Full Metal Mayhem match which gives the show a quality boost to pop it into my top five. 5.5/10
  2. WWE Raw 15/05/06 - This show started with an entertaining title handicap match and also featured Terry Funk and Mick Foley getting very personal with each other and Triple H whacking Shane McMahon in the head with a sledge hammer. "Inadvertently". 5.5/10
  3. WWE Raw 29/05/06 - The build for ECW One Night Stand gave the show a really interesting alternative to the usual format, we saw Paul Heyman and Mick Foley trade blows on the microphone that led to Kurt Angle being announced as Herman's pick for ECW. We saw Nitro and Melina jump ship and Kane get dropped by, well, old school cool Kane. Triple H vs The McMahon's continues to heat up too. 6/10
  4. WWE Raw 08/05/06 - Another episode of Raw makes it onto this list. We saw a nice fatal 4 way match for the Intercontinental Championship, we saw Mick Foley and Edge join forces to kick off the rivalry with ECW, we saw Beth Phoenix debut and we also had the first signs of Triple H having a change of heart for the good. An entertaining show throughout. 6/10
  5. ROH Ring Of Homicide - A show with plenty of quality matches including a brilliant final 30 minutes of brawling. This was one **** star match off from being up there with the really memorable shows but it's always going to be the night that Homicide became a legend of Ring Of Honor. 6.5/10
That's not the first time that Ring Of Honor have produced the best show of the month but with Raw improving, TNA building Slammiversary nicely and ECW One Night Stand around the corner it's going to be a tough ask of them to do it again next month. With that said, I will rank the companies on how good they have been throughout May and how the future is looking.
  1. WWE Smackdown - Smackdown has been lucky to avoid some really dismal shows recently, they've lost big names like Batista, Randy Orton, JBL and Kurt Angle. The world champ has been booked like a loser the majority of the time and the best storyline they had going was the KOTR tournament. Concerning times right now going into the summer.
  2. TNA - Sacrifice wasn't up there with the fantastic PPV's that TNA produces, the weekly Impact tapings are still only 45 minutes long so it's hard to really get excited. The King of the Mountain match has been booked quite well so far and with Samoa Joe looking like a star the future could be getting brighter for TNA.
  3. Ring Of Honor - Just the two shows for ROH this month, one was a bit of a stinker and the other was the top show of the month. It's hard to rate ROH in terms of momentum as the shows are so staggered but the CZW feud is still exciting, Homicide could be about to receive a huge push and the champions all still look unbeatable.
  4. WWE Raw - Raw has turned it around this month with multiple storylines of interest. It used to be a chore to watch Raw at the start of the year but it's quickly turned into my favourite. DX are back soon, One Night Stand could be awesome and there are two Kanes! What more could you ask for?!
June will see the return of ECW as a weekly show so that's something else for me to rate, I'm quite excited about it. I hope the match quality gets back to normal soon as May was really lacking in that department. Still, the future looks bright for most.
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2021.10.16 19:27 NineteenSkylines Yeah, this is pretty badass.

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2021.10.16 19:27 SureFill0 [US-MA][H] J-01 Rev 1 (Black, 8-Key, Logo) [W] PayPal

Brand new, only opened for pictures.

Looking for $825 shipped CONUS. Comment before PMing please.
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2021.10.16 19:27 heinaga1989 Safemoonomics | Fairlaunch Today 18UTC | Shilling Contest out | Good team | Safu 100%

Safemoonomics is an innovative project in the binance smart chain that will be born definitively on October 16th.
The safemoonomics project is to create your own dapp then with exchanges, farm pools .... so people will be able to produce money by stopping their capital attention but for the first month there will be 0% unstaking fees just for you!
We have a shilling contest underway that will give the top 3 shillers a total of $ 400, we want to create a solid and strong community
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Website : Released very soon...
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We are a Legion an army! we will never stop we will reach amazing goals that no one has ever imagined in the history of BSC!
For more information, come and visit us on our telegram channel: https://t.me/SafeMoononics
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2021.10.16 19:27 i_fuckd_ur_mother In 2074 world war three will start because of new laws in North Korea that are too horrible and we will all go destroy it

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2021.10.16 19:27 stealyourskeleton Like an angel, standing in a shaft of light…

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2021.10.16 19:27 BanTheTwitchChat Richard after his wife measures his penis that he can't find

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2021.10.16 19:27 Auvergnatransvaler Sotho Orthographic overhaul (Feedback wanted)

Base alphabet

Letter IPA (lettername) Note
A ɑ
B be
C ʃe
D tʼe
E e
F efe
G (d)ʒe Fricative and affricate pronunciations are in free variation
H ha voiced to /ɦ/ between vowels
I ɪ
J je
K kʼa
L ele Allophonically /d/ before Y and W
M eme
M ene
O o
P pʼe
Q ᵏǃʼu
R eʀe
S ese
T tʰe
U ʊ
V we
W u
X e(k)x(ʰ)e
Y i
Z tsʼe
Orthography IPA Notes
dc tʃʼ
dl tʰʼ
hl ɬ
nj ɲ
nq ᵑǃ
nx ŋ the phoneme set /n(k)x(ʰ)/ is written nkx to disambiguate
qh ᵏǃʰ
tc tʃʰ
tl tɬʰ
tz tsʰ
Acute (áéíóúẃý) Grave (èò) Circumflex (êô)
Indicates high tone Indicates more open pronunciation Combination of acute and grave
Stress is indicated via vowel doubling.
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2021.10.16 19:27 Eborys You get the bitter, we get the sweet

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2021.10.16 19:27 advvistdotcom Is anyone interested in joining a small business zoom/virtual peer accountability group?

I'm launching a new business concept pilot to connect entrepreneurs globally based on their goals/industry so that we can problem solve, set and achieve goals, soundboard and take ourselves and businesses to the next level. Send me a message with your email and a brief description of your business to get started. The initial pilot is free, but future groups led by professional business coaches will charge a small reasonable fee to join.
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2021.10.16 19:27 wweyonce What did you think of Wendie Malick as Katy’s mom?

Hello AH community,
So i’m midway through season 3 and was just curious to know what you all feel about the casting of Wendie Malick and her character as Kathryn?
I personally love how she is an opposite of Katy yet they see eye to eye at the end of episodes. Though she can sometimes overdo it with the gold digging persona. And what do you think?
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2021.10.16 19:27 beansandcornbread A5 sportback spoiler suggestions. EBay or somewhere else?

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2021.10.16 19:27 Mysterious-Travel-88 אוהד מה אומר על הסטאפ אחי חסר טיפה לדים וזה קטלני לא?

אוהד מה אומר על הסטאפ אחי חסר טיפה לדים וזה קטלני לא? submitted by Mysterious-Travel-88 to MasterPalace [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 19:27 VividRouge This is some bullshit

How come at school people are allowed to wear cat ears and chokers but I get yelled at for wearing a hood when it’s cold as hell in the school? If people are allowed to wear chokers to a middle school then I should be able to wear a hat to class in the middle of fall. Before you say some bullshit about knowing who we are with the masks that’s why we have ID’s on lanyards. Granted most of us don’t even wear our lanyards half the time.
TLDR: Chokers and cat ears are allowed but hats aren’t.
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2021.10.16 19:27 jl3077 Any way to make the sides not greasy after waking up?

I really like how the front of my hair looks after waking up, the only issue is that my sides look so dirty and greasy. Is there any way to make the sides clean, but not do anything to the hair on top. Sorry if this is a dumb question, thanks!
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2021.10.16 19:27 giddensmichael Tha Marzel Funk Pox (demo)

I made this and a set of other demo tracks, I just thought to try this out. Give the other ones on my page a listen as well, I make instrumentals and will sell some of them if anyone was looking. Thanks again, love any feedback, and I hope you enjoy.
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2021.10.16 19:27 if-i-back-it-up Help please!

Hi so I just got a new Mac book pro this previous Christmas and I downloaded sims but every time I try and play the sims it crashes like my computer totally freezes and I have to force shut it down. The game is unplayable doss anyone know how I can fix it?
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