This is what happens when you see the face of someone you love

2021.10.16 19:13 EverthingsAlrightNow This is what happens when you see the face of someone you love

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2021.10.16 19:13 doctorstrange01 Does pmo cause obsessive thoughts?

I have been addicted for 12 years and have been dealing with obsessive thoughts for 5-6 years. Obsessive thoughts arose when I decided to quit porn-masturbation. Does pmo cause obsessive thoughts?
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2021.10.16 19:13 Sensichang26 Help

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2021.10.16 19:13 cyanidemilkshake46 I found out something great

If you're like me and you want to Relic a guitar are I learned a little trick while experimentingin today if you take whatever you're working on and hit it with some steel wool and then hit it with some 1500 grit sand paper and then rub in some powdered graphite it'll make it look old still slightly shiny but old
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2021.10.16 19:13 Ayriath Social interactions in FFXIV with ASD

Hi all! I'm just looking for some like minded people to talk to about something that sorta kinda bugs me about playing FFXIV, but really just a general IRL thing.
I'm currently in the talks with a professional about an ASD diagnosis, and we're pretty positive I've got it. It explains a lot of my life up to this point and how I interact with the world around me, but moreso how I traverse social interactions with other people.
A lot of times it's difficult for me to explain what I'm trying to say to people who don't know me or know what issues I deal with socially. My IRL friends and family are very patient and are used to asking me 'I'm sorry, I don't think I follow with what you're trying to say/imply. Would you mind explaining it a few more times so I can understand you better?' and obviously I can't expect the world around me or people in quick groups online to offer me that consideration, so it boils down to I have to take everything I've learned about social interaction over the years and try really, really hard to process my thoughts in a way that makes me as easy to understand as possible, or else I could cause a slight against someone that I didn't intend on and then the anxiety of trying to explain that I didn't mean to hurt them can sometimes come off as insincere and it's just a real problem.
Yesterday I had a group where our whole party died except for me (Who is a healer) and our two tanks. Someone called for a wipe. I said 'No its ok, I think I can handle this' And started the process of rezzing and healing everyone to full as they came up. I was really proud! I rezzed the whole party between use of Swiftcast/thin ailucid and we continued the fight without a hitch. After everyone was rezzed and back to full, I said in chat 'Whew! We did it!' My cohealer....didn't like this for some reason, and made a passive aggressive comment of 'Stop acting like you're the only one doing anything here. *Rolls eyes*'' and I immediately panicked! I didn't want her to feel like that was what I was insinuating so I quickly tried to respond 'No, I wasn't! You're doing a good job too!' but she didn't respond and ended the fight very abruptly and kinda...mean, I guess? I spent the rest of the night and the next day parsing over how I came across during that fight and how I could still be light hearted in chat with party and helpful while also not seeming like I'm an egomaniac. My goal isn't to make anyone feel bad and I always feel awful when someone feels slighted by me, especially when I didn't intend it.
Does anyone else with ASD or a similar thing have problems with online experiences where you don't get the benefit of being face to face and interacting with total strangers who don't understand you? How do you go about parsing through social conversations? I love to talk, but the more I talk, the more chance I have to mess up, and that makes it scary sometimes.
I definitely know there are other people like me who play this game and I would like to hear from you guys about how you cope with the stress of online interactions where you can try your best but still kinda fall short of proper communication with some people. I know not everyone is going to like you or you may catch someone in a bad mood....How do you be nice and respond and come off as sincere without clamming up?
Thanks, yall. <3
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2021.10.16 19:13 Educational_Act_8842 I came back into the game after a while, and I can't find the 10k souls chest anymore now that i have enough for it. Help pls

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2021.10.16 19:13 frorman Yo yo, anyone else bored af 17M

comment if you like puppies or dm me idm
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2021.10.16 19:13 kycake was convinced to get a filling now i’m in a lot of pain

recently moved and had an appointment with a new dentist this past thursday. she told me i needed some fillings and on the x rays i couldn’t see anything, but she insisted there were small cavities. i figured she knows best since she’s the dentist and let her give me 4 fillings. now one on my left side is fine but 3 on my right side are causing me a lot of pain especially when i chew. at this point i can’t even chew on my right side. before i had zero pain. now i’m worried she either messed up the filling and that i shouldn’t have even agreed to it since the tiny cavitys didn’t bother me at all.
TLDR: what can u do now to lessen the pain? are small cavities important to fill or should i have just not filled them?
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2021.10.16 19:13 violetslyvester After listening to I Seek, I knew this had to be done

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2021.10.16 19:13 TybaltandWine bug in the 1920s encounter

Okso. I had just started my encounter with a hinkypunk and the game restarted. I have 8 and it was the 1 I needed to be able to place the image. I'm so pissed. I lost a silver key I had bought and lost the encounter. Anyone know a way to get thay fixed from Niantic?
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2021.10.16 19:13 Maxwell-Dassow WB GIRATINA NOW 7302 2807 3221

7302 2807 3221
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2021.10.16 19:13 AnitaLee30 AITA for accidentally pushing innocent classmate by trying to tackle school shooter?

AITA for accidentally pushing classmate by trying to tackle school shooter?
So I was in English class when I noticed the quiet kid starting to sweat a lot, whispering to himself and get all fidgety. Now I'm no psychiatrist, but I swear I got a vision of him getting a gun and opening fire right there in the classroom, kind of like that one movie where they all die in the end. So I start paying close attention to him.
15 minutes go by, and what do you know, he reaches for his bag and pulls out a gun. Before he even gets the chance of firing the first bullet, I rush to tackle him. I honestly wasn't thinking straight. Looking back, I guess I just didn't want anyone to be killed or something, I couldn't stand losing anyone of my classmates.
The problem was, I accidentally slightly pushed back an innocent classmate who was in between the shooter and me by trying to tackle the shooter. I instantly felt bad but kept the plan of bringing the shooter to the ground before he could kill anyone.
Even though I succeeded in disarming him, I still felt bad. When everyone was thanking me and chanting my name while the cops arrested the shooter, all I could think of was how I accidentally pushed him. I told my volunteering group and the burned victims at the hospital I visit every single day and they all agree I did nothing wrong. I even spoke with the HIV kids after dressing like Spiderman and giving them toys and they agreed I did nothing wrong.
I spoke to him 3 days later after clearing my mind a little bit and he said, "Are you kidding me? You saved my life! I can't believe you feel bad about it. We all owe you, especially me after you revived my dad with CPR last year. I barely felt the hit".
I'm just confused... AITA?
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2021.10.16 19:13 ZoolShop Mötley Crüe Singer Vince Neil Breaks Ribs After Falling Off Stage

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2021.10.16 19:13 TnT9 [WTS] Seiko Flightmaster Chronograph 7T34-6A20

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2021.10.16 19:13 1jnh23 What are your favorite skins?

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2021.10.16 19:13 EraticConqueror UEL Fekir In-game Stats

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2021.10.16 19:13 l_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_l (+3045) IAM Rainn WILSON - Dwight from the Office and the founder of SoulPancake - AMA!

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2021.10.16 19:13 jostler57 My brother is having extreme psychotic episodes, but refuses medicine and therapy. What can we do?

Hello everyone,
I need your help with understanding our options. Location is Washington State in the USA.
My brother has been diagnosed with both PTSD and Psychosis. He hears truly horrific things, and believes some highly unrealistic things to explain why he hears it while nobody else can, such as we're lying and actually can hear it and/or some group is targeting him.
He has had several bad episodes. He was taken away against his will to the hospital for a few extended stays, recently, and as such lost his job each time.
The drugs they put him on made him a walking vegetable. He couldn't think well, he was urinating & defacating in his bed and pants. He couldn't work, let alone hardly live.
He attempted suicide several times.
Now he refuses to continue medication. So, he hears these horrible things and is extremely bad tempered at pretty much all times. He doesn't eat or sleep well.
Most importantly, he doesn't want to see anybody for treatment or therapy. He just refuses to even discuss it, because what he hears is so real to him that it's insulting to say it could all be in his head.
So, I've come here for help. Please help me and my family understand our options!
My mother heard of the Stellate Ganglion Block injection for PTSD and wondered if it could be useful, but I have no clue if it would help alleviate his Psychosis.
What can we do?
It's a very difficult time for my family, and we don't know how to get him the help he so desperately needs!
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2021.10.16 19:13 onelostdot Βιβλίο για τον Β' Παγκόσμιο Πόλεμο

Συνειδητοποίησα πρόσφατα πως οτι έχω διαβάσει για τον Β' ΠΠ είναι γραμμένο απο Δυτικούς. Γνωρίζετε κάποιο καλό βιβλίο γραμμένο από Ρώσο ή έστω να ασχολείται με την ιστορία από το πρίσμα των Σοβιετικών; Δεν θα ήθελα ομως και κάτι του στυλ τα απομνημονεύματα του Ζουκώφ. Ο Grossman φαινεται καλος αν και κυριως έχει γράψει μυθιστορήματα. Θα προτιμούσα κάτι αμιγώς ιστορικό ή μαρτυρίες. Ευχαριστώ!
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2021.10.16 19:13 PoodingIce Слепой бисексуальный гусь по имени Томас, который провел шесть лет в любовном треугольнике с двумя лебедями и помог вырастить 68 детей (гусят? лебедят?), умирает в преклонном возрасте 40 лет. Что сказать, смерть забирает лучших!

Слепой бисексуальный гусь по имени Томас, который провел шесть лет в любовном треугольнике с двумя лебедями и помог вырастить 68 детей (гусят? лебедят?), умирает в преклонном возрасте 40 лет. Что сказать, смерть забирает лучших! submitted by PoodingIce to NoLawRus [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 19:13 Chattahooch Good Feedback vs Bad Feedback: Another Dev's POV

So I'm a AAA developer at another major studio who has gone through a similar cycle with players.
A few things:

My advice to people in this community who genuinely care about the game is to give feedback like a dev or a designer and leave ad hominem stuff out.
Truly, talking about how a specific metagame system or gameplay element makes you feel will go further with designers than toxicity around the feature.
I understand you're mad, but getting mad about a feature doesn't help the feature become better unless you can channel that into good, actionable feedback for the team.
The devs don't owe you anything on a personal level. This is just my two cents.
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2021.10.16 19:13 ConciousBrowsing Evil Ye be like

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2021.10.16 19:13 goreshde Anyone sell STL files of the heros?

Miniature game player here coming over for the board game like TCG. Anyone know of a place to get STL files of the heros? Would paint Rhinar.
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2021.10.16 19:13 PointMane 17 Move Chain On Rep 70 Warden Before Interrupt

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2021.10.16 19:13 svanapps r/cardano - How do I acquire a job working for Cardano?

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