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2021.10.25 21:05 wifld [EVENT][ROLEPLAY][NEWS] For the Republic, Part Two. (Section One - Development & History)

writing Part One took me ages, so i'm breaking them up from now on (probably). fyi, still on hiatus, mostly. i had this post mostly done this past saturday, but needed some finishing touches. gonna try and reply to minor stuff (sorry, dio/koa, need to think on it more) tonight. if anything comes up that ya really need me for, lemme know.

THE NEW YORK TIMES January 1st, 2039
BREAKING! | GENERAL | POLITICS | Â̸̢R̴̠͍͛͠T̵̡̥͌ ̶̘̊&̷͇̿̆ ̸̹͉̒E̷̗̐́Ņ̶̼͋T̴̪͈̒E̵͉͈̒R̶̰̍T̵͚̪̋̾A̶͍͆Į̶̖̈́͋Ṋ̷́̓M̸̗̻̐͆E̴̱͑̉N̷̺͑Ṯ̵̾ | SP̴̯̄O̷̲̊Ȓ̷̻TS̴̫͝ | F̵̨́͋̾̏Ơ̶̛̠͓̘̓͆̀ͅŎ̷͔̞̲̹̂͝ͅD̷̗̾̔̽͂ | BUSINESS | TECHNOLOGY
TIMELINE: The Triumvirate Occupation, A Lesson in Congressional Inefficiency, and the Redevelopment of the North American Interior By Tandi Aradesh
For the last two or so years, the Republic's occupation of the former Triumvirate Republic of America's Midwestern and Great Plains regions has been largely half-hearted; things have been more or less the same since the eruption of the Second American Brothers' War on the Eastern Front, with anti-Republic and anti-Triumvirate militias sprouting up over the less-populated regions of the Southern Midwest and sparsely-populated Great Plains. While the aim, on the Republic's end, was to push West towards the interior of an unprepared Triumvirate, according to declassified Continental Army materials, capturing more than destroying, attempting to maintain some semblance of order by leveraging Triumvirate-Republic friendly and public good will, in order to keep people's day-to-day operations more or less the same. the large metropolises of the Midwest fell under the Republic's advance quickly, surrendering immediately, and very little urban fighting─the bogs of modern combat─occurred on the Eastern Front, and thus the cities were safe from destruction, and minimal effects were felt for a majority of the populace.
However, this is not to say it was all perfect. Administrative inefficiency has ruled since then, as Triumvirate federal and local officials were plagued with confusion as to who they would report to. Most defaulted to the efficiency of the State system, which alleviated some problems, but, as a result, each State's policies and approaches were quite different from one another's, and no national response to any problems ever formed. The small Continental Army struggled, as it was spread too thin, but the self-sufficiency of the States allowed officers to focus on militant threats, rather than administrative ones, and martial law was hardly ever enforced, if it all. While the early days of the very, very inefficient occupation saw several large protests against the occupation in smaller cities, such as Rockford (IL), Green Bay (WI), Springfield (MO), and Des Moines (IA), these quickly subsided as they were disparate and without unified purpose; not to mention that fundamentally little had changed under the occupation.
This entire time, 3AR policy was practically nonexistent, as the House and Senate struggled with a short Constitutional crisis in which it wasn't clear which house had jurisdiction over policy in the former Triumvirate; the Senate claimed that, since the objective was nation-building, and as it held jurisdiction over the structure and dynamic of the Republican government, it should decide, while the House claimed that, since it dealt most with infrastructure, development, and technically foreign policy, it should create policy. Eventually, President Washington and his Cabinet stepped in to create a precedent of House-Coalitions, a separate Congress made of up of representatives of all three Houses, in order to tackle the crises, called the Congressional Task Force. However, as a result of the 2036 House election, two opposing parties, the People's Revolutionary Party and the Constitutional Federalists, effectively deadlocked all debate, causing yet more delays in addressing the Occupation. Eventually, this was resolved from an unlikely source: the Supreme Court, who, in a move whose Constitutionalism is debated to this day, mediated debate in a "more productive manner", allowing the first reforms to be passed.
Firstly, former Triumvirate territories were officially split apart from their decrepit federal government, which still hid beneath Cheyenne Mountain, officially dismantling the Triumvirate Republic of America. This was immediately replaced by a Confederation of Heartland States, with a Constitution proposed by the Republican Senate and quickly approved by most of the States' remaining governors. Undet the CHS, States were functionally independent, and the Confederal government was more or less under direct 3AR control, while remaining nominally elected by the CHS populace. The creation of the Confederal government finally allowed for some coordination of efforts over State borders, although it very much reaffirmed separate State independence from a greater political machine, which quickly became the rule.
Secondly, pieces of Republican infrastructure agencies, such as the Republican Courier Service (RCS), were extended to the CHS. In particular, the RCS proved quite instrumental in maintaining civilian supply and communication lines, as their equipment and experience as an effective, militarized delivery service proved quite resilient against militia attacks in places such as Southern Indiana, Kentucky, and much of the Great Plains. The Republican Courier Service began, at some point, moonlighting as effectively caravan escorts through the Plains, which had long been plagued with issues of militants hitting civilian supply trucks, with Continental Army influence waning as it moved out West. This would subside, in time, as the third Continental Army, stationed in Georgia, moved the the Midwest to hold ground, while the First and Second Armies moved further West.
This leads us to today, where newly-re-elected President Washington and a Congressional team dominated by his Party, Justice After All, submitted to all three Houses and the Congressional Task Force his comprehensive and, "hopefully", exhaustive plan to re-stabilize the Confederation, its territory, and to begin full-scale development. While the over two thousand page document is quite the read, the Times has compiled a list of the major points for easier digestion, found below.
  • The Nation
    • The Confederation of Heartland States is to be reformed into the Unified Republics of the American Heartland (a.k.a. the Unified Heartland Republics, UHR). Comments in the document state that the efficiency of the States in self-governing has become evident, and allowing greater local rule at some expense of 3AR or even federal UHR rule is a sacrifice well-worth taking.
    • The UHR will be made up of 18 legally separate, but aligned Republics. While these nations, by all respects, will have their own laws, they will share a few, key laws, in order to maintain commerce, especially. Namely, no tariffs or border tolls, legal extradition, no blocks on free trade and travel, States cannot declare war on one another or other nations, and a National Congress will be formed, with a House and Senate, apportioned as the former Triumvirate government, which specifically deals with matters of its unified military (States, for all intents and purposes, maintain their own militaries), dealings with the Third Republic and other nations, and taxation specifically for National purposes.
    • Free trade and travel between the Third American Republic and the Unified Heartland Republics.
  • Development
    • 3AR government spending is to increase dramatically. With a PRP-JAA coalition in the House and Senate, plans are to consistently, and constantly, raise government spending as the "Leftist Coalition" plans for more and more public control, planning to, effectively, make all manner of infrastructure and development directly accountable to the nations' constituents.
    • The TransCoastal Railway, with its well-developed high-speed rail, designed for commerce, travel, and military purposes, will be extended West, to solidify supply, commerce, and military logistics lines. [MAP] Featuring three main Railways that extend far into the UHR interior, with conditional extensions and additions for Canadian and California approval/desire, the Second TransContinental Railway, wholly owned and operated by governmental entities (unless otherwise desired by Canada or California, for their legs, although, to clarify, their ends would also be owned by their respective governments), plans to complete by 2043, and will cost, likely around $200 billion over the course of its half-decade of completion.
    • Several billion dedicated to the general reconstruction of any damages caused by the war, or by the militias, including several thousand dollars, each, for families and citizens, as an economic stimulus plan.
    • The introduction of widespread fusion reactor power to (practically) all metropolitan areas, developed and operated by Commonwealth Fusion Systems, alongside the Republican Department of Energy (and UHR State governments). CFS has developed an economical fusion reactor template system, able to be "mass-constructed" in regions designated to need them. Alongside the introduction of fusion reactors is a campaign for a redesign, more or less, of the Republics' shared power grids, reforming both nations' power systems to be more integrated, allowing ease of development.
    • Reconstruction and expansion of the UHR's numerous military construction plants, in preparation for large-scale development and expansion of its and the Republic's armed forces, alongside the TransContinental Railway, allowing greater efficiency in the construction and delivery of important military equipment. This included a several billion dollar plan to prepare both nations for the completion of development on the F-24 Minuteman, with DoD aiming on being able to construct 200 of the aircraft per year.
    • The introduction of expanded public welfare systems, including the upholding of Workers' Unions as legitimate organizations, workplace health & safety regulations, Universal Basic Income (equipping all citizens of all Republics' to survive, opening more to intellectual, cultural, and productive pursuits), assistance for impoverished, reorganization of public offices and efforts to better reflect the people's needs, will all be heavily encouraged.
Likewise, the President and the Task Force announced a "re-evaluation of the former Triumvirate Armed Forces, and the Continental Army in relation to the Interior," at a later date. While it is yet unknown how the controversial topic of the Heartlands' militaries will be handled, it is speculated, perhaps rightfully so, that the government will be taking a federalized approach, similar to its handling of the governments of the Republics. Noticeably missing from the docket is the discussion of digging out Cheyenne Mountain, where the former Triumvirate government resides. Practically all members of the Task Force and the Washington administration have declined to comment, excepting a prepared remark from the Secretary of State, who stated "All Cheyenne Mountain access to the outside world has been cut; they cannot harm anyone, anymore." When several members of Congress were asked to comment, vocal support came for the incarceration of those who reside in the Mountain, with some, including Representative Barron Trump (CF), voicing a "leave them to rot" sentimentality.
Many have likened the 3AR's approach to practically all diplomatic endeavors as snail-like─slow to develop its armies, slow to develop its technologies, slow to reply─but this action, in the final term of Kane Washington, appears to be a response, or, hopefully, a change.
The Responsible Citizen: An Analysis on the Citizenry of the Third Republic By Arcade Israel Gannon
The Collapse of the American Empire was characterized by many things─hubris, the largest among them─but political analysts over the intervening decades have discussed a the nearly as-damaging possibility of citizen apathy, or general lack of care, in the Second Republic. Pre-Collapse, lack of care about ongoing political crises, or misinformation about them, was all-too common, as the Second Republic reportedly had some of the lowest (confirmed) voter turnouts of any Western nation or, more generally, of any republic in the world, not to mention its possession of, by far, one of the smallest Lower Houses of any modern Republic, and fervent partisanism, it's a wonder the Second Republic didn't collapse much, much sooner.
The Third Republic, seeking to make itself better than the Second, made a number of modifications to its own Constitution and, despite the author's disagreement with some of the items, they legitimately seemed to take the will of the people of the Short Revolution into account. The Constitution, now firmly and formally modernized beyond the Second Constitution, commanded something that an American nation hadn't wielded for almost a hundred years: the near-full support of its people. Coupled with new Constitutional Law mandating voter participation, dedication to the ideal of Enlightenment Republicanism has never been higher.
More interestingly, due to the Republic's high standard of living and several programs aimed at righting institutional injustices, the Franklinian ideal of an Enlightened Republic appears to be closer than ever. Not to say there isn't ignorance in the Third Republic, far from it─there's a long way to go, but the idea of a Republic full of educated people, capable of understanding the decisions the nation faces on a very real level, as First & Second Republics Founding Father Benjamin Franklin philosophized about. To be frank, and to drop the façade, it's wonderful.
While I've very little idea on how this will affect the Republic's future, in specific terms, I'm of the opinion that the smarter the people, the better. Whether this comes in the form of more enlightened policies, or more pretentious ones, I'm not sure, but it certainly can't be bad that the average Third Republic citizen has multiple times the education of the average Second Republic citizen. We'll just have to see where those big heads take us.
© 2038 New York Times Co. All rights reserved. This material may not be republished, rewritten, or redistributed.
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So I (28f) am enrolled with the DRC at UNR. This semester has been challenging, but overall I’m doing really well and all of my classes. I have As and Bs in everything, and all of my teachers have been so amazing and accommodating.
I have multiple mental health disorders and a recognized learning disability.
I am physically sick right now, which I think is due to my mental health being in the trash can. I left my full-time job with benefits to go back to school full time, and I have not been able to find an income-based doctor to prescribe my meds. And I can't afford them out of pocket.
So I am doing the best I can this semester with what I have. I attend most if not all of the classes. And I only miss class if it is absolutely necessary.
My mental health is not well, like I mentioned, and I am trying to be excused from classes tomorrow and told by the DRC that they can't excuse me from one class in particular because it's a fitness class.
How is this disability-friendly? Am I overreacting?
My dad just passed away a few weeks ago, and I'm not on meds because I can't afford them from my last doctor, and no one else will prescribe them to me.
How is any of this disability or ADHD-friendly? I am now officially sick (despite having my flu and COVID) vaccine, and it's just all becoming too much and too hard to navigate.
Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Has anyone else experienced this?
I'm sure I'll be fine and get over it. I'm just so upset and emotional right now.
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I prefer a pipe or vertical line (|) instead of a hyphen, so I edited it. When I checked the search results again, my article can nowhere be found.
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One note is that I’m gonna try to have my cat as an ESA, so even though she can be in my room most of the time, we might not be a good fit if you’re allergic/not a fan of cats. Reply with general questions and/or message me to talk! :)
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- Gamma fucking squeeze!!!
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