Thinking about getting licensed for home inspection in NJ

2021.10.25 19:10 tomsucknuts Thinking about getting licensed for home inspection in NJ

I’m currently a full time teacher and 24 years old. I am considering going for my home inspection license to do at night, on the weekends, and during the summer. I know I have to attend some sort of educational course as well as go on site with an inspector to satisfy the state requirements. Is this a realistic goal? I would be going in with no prior knowledge but think this is something that would interest me since teaching is so boring and monotonous. I like the idea of working for myself but I feel like I am missing a lot of key information… can someone tell me the cons of doing this? Or not even the cons just like some things I need to consider before going through with this. The course is $4,000 but I’m not sure the other costs associated with this. My future brother in law owns a real estate company so idk if I’d have to worry about marketing all that much.
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2021.10.25 19:10 Geeked_Aj How these look copped a while back the store got shut down unfortunately when covid started

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2021.10.25 19:10 Joya000 Decentralized Derivatives protocol comparison Chart 🤩🤩 $PERI #PERIFinance #blockchain #cryptocurrency #DeFi

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2021.10.25 19:10 pythonapster MODVEL Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Desk Chair $17 + free s/h at Amazon [Deal Price: $17.00]

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2021.10.25 19:10 MedoZam Layers of fear concept art artwork

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2021.10.25 19:10 bflaminio Does Amtrak/Capitol Corridor take Clipper Card for fares?

I googled a bit on this but didn't get a straight yes/no answer. Does anyone know for sure? Does Amtrak/Capitol Corridor take Clipper Card for fares?
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2021.10.25 19:10 CreativeTemporary456 Over The Garden Wall - 5 Minutes or Less Reviews

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2021.10.25 19:10 behoyh Will “Disco Lando” feature in SQ42?

Given how much the SC community loves Jared Huckaby, is there any plans to bring his character in game (a wise talking character ofc) if not, can this please be a thing?
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2021.10.25 19:10 Ballbm90 Day 3 150 XL and already notice hair thinning

For those of you who experienced hair loss, did it eventually stop the longer you were on wellbutrin? Or did you have to stop the medication completely in order for your hair to grow back? I've read quite a few articles that have said this is one of the main antidepressants that causes hair loss
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2021.10.25 19:10 Ok-GeodesRock49 October 2021 Summary Snapshot

October 2021 Summary Snapshot October 2021 Summary Snapshot
A Multi-Billion Barrel QUALITY PORTFOLIO containing:
**Project PEREGRINE - Updated Net Mean prospective resources of 1.6 BBOE
**Project Icewine - Mean prospective reserves 1.77 BBOE
**Umiat oil field - 2P reserves >94 MMBO
**YUKON LEASES - Prospective resources 90 MMBO TOTAL = 3.554 BBOE
Ongoing forward looking business
  1. Strong financial position - cash of A$36.1M and zero debt (as of 30 September 2021).
  2. The Merlin-2 appraisal well is planned for Q1 2022, targeting a net mean aggregate prospective resource of 652 million barrels in the N20, N19 and N18 sandstone reservoir horizons. Permitting and rig selection for Merlin-2 is currently underway.
  3. 88 Energy has been closely monitoring activity proximate to the northern border of its Project Icewine acreage, where the Kuparuk has been reported from the Talitha-A well drilled earlier this year by Pantheon Resources (see AIM:PANR release dated 19 April 2021). Figure 3: Shelf Margin Deltaic Extension into Project Icewine. (Image Below) The previously drilled 88 Energy Icewine #1 well is on strike with the SMD-B and can be used to correlate the stratigraphy of the hydrocarbon reservoir. IF verified to extend into 88 Energy acreage -- wells can be drilled 24/7/365 off the Dalton Highway with close access to the "TAPS." No Winter Access Restrictions and all on State of Alaska lands.
  4. Yukon Leases (100% WI). The Yukon Leases contain the 86 million barrel1 Cascade Prospect, which was intersected peripherally by Yukon Gold-1 and classified as an historic oil discovery. In 2018, 88 Energy acquired 3D seismic over Cascade and, post analysis, high-graded it from a lead to a drillable prospect. The Yukon Leases are located adjacent to ANWR and in proximity to recently commissioned infrastructure at Point Thompson. Discussions advanced with nearby lease owners during the quarter with respect to a joint development area. Future exploration drilling planning is ongoing and remains subject to farm-out and other discussions.
Shelf Margin Deltaic Extension into Project Icewine.
Bulletin Board Type Summary Image below:
Bulletin Board Type Summary

Major Discoveries and 88 Energy acreage map --- does not show the recent giant discoveries of Pantheon Resources LTD., immediately North of and bordering the Icewine eastern acreage.
All data from 88 Energy Ltd., Investors Updates.
As an added observation concerning the stock SP. An open invitation for a stock analyst to verify any of the following.
  • FACT - $EEENF Stock is shorted every day. Details @
  • The stock is "oversold" - means that 88 Energy's shares are currently were / are under heavy selling pressure but has the potential to bounce back. While the previous sell-off April 2021) has caused its share price to decrease dramatically, the new lower price does not reflect the asset's true value so it's likely a price rally will follow.
    • Does not appear to be "overbought (?)"
  • Some popular OTC sites have mentioned EEENF is in a "short squeeze" (IDK?)
    • Let's say that a short trade has gotten crowded. You have a lot of short sellers, all of whom have borrowed shares and all of whom must eventually pay them back. This is a tinderbox just waiting for a match. If something – anything – causes the stock to rise, it can quickly turn into a buying frenzy as the short sellers trip over one another to buy the shares so they can cut their losses and exit the trade. The higher the stock price goes, the more short sellers are forced to cut their losses by buying back the shares they sold. And their frantic buying drives the price even higher, forcing more short sellers to follow their lead. Panic-buying begets more panic-buying, egged on by speculators who know the situation the short sellers are in and actively try to put the screws to them. This is a short squeeze in action. (source of definition - )
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2021.10.25 19:10 AshleyMeyer77 Damon Albarn on His New Solo Album and What’s Next for Gorillaz

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2021.10.25 19:10 united-verdict-bot Unanimous "Not the A-hole" with 5 votes

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2021.10.25 19:10 ww2database 25 Oct 1945: [Photo] General Rikichi Ando surrendering Taiwan to Nationalist China

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2021.10.25 19:10 _shiv11 Hidden gems?

Sephora High Precision Long Lasting Eyeliner really does have a precise brush and made it super easy for me to learn to do winged eyeliner properly! It dries down matte and doesn't flake. Sephora Microsmooth Baked Powder has a nice soft finish and the deeper shades make an excellent bronzer!
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2021.10.25 19:10 Giusepo Post only orders expire immediately

I'm trying my bot and I send timeInForce: GTX with a limit order and the order expires immediately which saddens me because I'd like to pay fewer fees thanks to maker fees
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2021.10.25 19:10 CaptainFerb How to get drunk...FAST?

Not too afarid to ask but don't know where else to put this. So I've recently tried alcohol(3 times as of now) and it sucks that I don't get drunk. Idk at this if the whole world is just making up the concept of being drunk and everyone is following it in peer pressure. First, i don't like the taste at all. Is it something that grows on you? Because i probably would drink like 2-3 times a year if that's the taste(probably sounding way too naive at this point). Second, I've had neat and mixed drinks and nothing works. I had 8 consecutive vodka shots and i didn't feel anything. I drank a hell lot of whiskey and rum but nothing. I don't know what's wrong but i just want to get realllllllyyyyyyyy drunk atleast once. Help? Advice?
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2021.10.25 19:10 Mswan2000 1660s strange issues

So I’ve had this card several months, was in a windows rig running with no issues until last week (I picked up a new 2070s which took its place), when I moved it to my hiveos rig (all amd aside this one). Dialled in the same overclocks I had on windows, and got almost identical hashrate.
Since then, this card randomly spits out errors causing the miners to crash and hiveos to reboot, the errors are normally one or more of the following :
Failed to apply oc Gpu not responding, or no cards available to mine Power limit not reported
Any ideas what could be causing this, have tried increasing the power limit (now at 85w) was running at 76w in windows. Decreased memory clock (+ 1700) was 875 in windows, so 2x for hive, decreased core clock (-350)
Any input or thoughts would be great
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2021.10.25 19:10 GreyFoxNinjaFan I haven't missed spending 2 hours a day bumping into someone's armpit on a train into one of the most polluted cities in the world.

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2021.10.25 19:10 BOKABOBSTER And r/memes never saw me again

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2021.10.25 19:10 ExtensionTomatillo26 Crown corporations asking for transcripts

Does anyone know if all crown corporations ask for educational transcripts? I have degrees from other countries and it would be a headache to get them so I'd like to be prepared.
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2021.10.25 19:10 Itsboomhomie Penny Stock Unusual Option Activity 10/25

Hey gang!
Stocks continue to march higher. Quite the contrast from the doom and gloom of September. This week could be make or break, as the big boy tech companies start reporting earnings. So far, so good, as Tesla (TSLA) broke both the $1,000 per share and $1 trillion market cap thresholds after rising 12%.
The S&P 500 Index ETF (SPY) climbed 0.5%, setting a new record high intraday (a record it has since broken after hours). The tech-heavy Nasdaq-100 ETF (QQQ) rose 1%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (DIA) added 0.2% for a new high, and the Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) gained 1%.
After Snapchat's (SNAP) earnings fiasco, I was wondering how the market would react to Facebook (FB) earnings, which were released after hours today. After beating on earnings per share and missing on revenue, FB is currently up more than 3% after hours. If the mega-cap tech companies rise after earnings, we could see continued record highs for stocks and indexes. Get it while the gettin' is good.
Pretty much all asset classes are pointing bullish at the moment. SPY, as previously mentioned, is ripping. The commodities index (DBC) edges higher while the Dollar (UUP) appears to be tracking downward from a recent uptrend. A falling dollar is bullish for both commodities and stocks. Bond prices (TLT) are falling as well. During periods of economic expansion, bond prices and stocks move in opposite directions as they compete for capital. The recent pullback of bond prices could mean that investors are optimistic toward continued economic growth in the near term.
Obligatory: these are not stock recommendations, this does not constitute financial advice - if you need that kind of advice contact your broker, I'm just analyzing unusual option data, (so if you don't see your favorite stonk, don't take it personally) please do you own DD, etc. etc. etc.
I pull my data from a premium Market Chameleon account. News I generally get from Finviz, but I also check Google. For economic reports, my go to is ForexFactory. Unusual option activity is defined as options that see at least 1.4x the average option activity by volume.

GNUS 2.14 206.8K (11.8K) 95 - 5 Oct 29 2c (40.7K)
PROG 3.27 127.3K (32.7K) 94 - 6 Nov 3.5c (21.6K)
MARK 3.48 125.2K (1.6K) 54 - 46 Nov 4c (32.9K)
XELA 2.33 81.4K (13.6K) 96 - 4 Nov 2c (27.4K)
NAK 0.45 45.7K (12.6K) 95 - 5 Nov 0.5c (17.8K)
CRTD 4.39 39.3K (2.4K) 69 - 31 Nov 7.5c (10.4K)
VISL 1.99 30.3K (2K) 89 - 11 Nov 2.5c (7.8K)
UAVS 2.90 20.4K (1.6K) 98 - 2 Nov 5c (13.4K)
EBON 2.09 13K (7.4K) 99 - 1 Dec 7.5c (4.4K)
REDU 1.34 12.5K (58) 100 - 0 Nov 2.5c (9K)
COMS 1.63 10.7K (233) 97 - 3 Nov 2.5c (6.6K)
PIXY 1.75 6.4K (1.1K) 99 - 1 Nov 2.5c (3.6K)
FRSX 3.25 6.3K (668) 99 - 1 Nov 5c (3K)
OWLT 3.69 6.1K (1.4K) 37 - 63 June 2.5p (3.1K)
IZEA 2.27 5.2K (519) 98 - 2 Nov 5c (3.1K)
WATT 1.97 5.1K (2.1K) 93 - 7 Nov 2.5c (1.4K)
GTE 0.89 4.9K (2.8K) 99 - 1 Nov 1c (1.6K)
SEEL 2.32 4.8K (1.6K) 99 - 1 Nov 2.5c (3.9K)
KRBP 2.20 4.7K (1.7K) 97 - 3 Nov 5c (2.3K)
EQOS 5.19 4.7K (1.3K) 93 - 7 Nov 5c (3K)
ERYP 3.28 4.5K (314) 96 - 4 Apr22 10c (1.7K)
IO 1.96 4.1K (914) 98 - 2 Feb 2.5c (1.2K)
AQMS 1.98 4K (1.3K) 100 - 0 Nov 2.5c (3.8K)
RGS 3.10 4K (1.9K) 100 - 0 Nov 5c (1.7K)
TCON 3.54 3.1K (111) 100 - 0 Jun 7.5c (1.5K)
EYEN 4.02 2.9K (131) 93 - 7 Nov 5c (1K)
GNUS +51.49% (+5.42%) An old sub favorite, GNUS broke out big after the company announced it will host a conference call on Wednesday to discuss a "positive business development". If this is anything like the other times this has happened with GNUS, the news will be underwhelming AF. The CEO is notorious for setting things up like this - make vague reference to something big, announce something kinda meh. Stock runs up, stock falls. Get ready for your typical "sell the news" event.
PROG +14.19% (-2.66%) A rather fine day for PROG. Volume came in decently, with over 138 million shares traded. IV continues to remain stupid high for PROG, and it appears there could be continued gamma pressure on the stock from heavy options open interest. There are currently over 494,000 options ITM, but we've got a long way to go to next OPEX.
MARK +45.16% (+10.48%) It's not often that a more than 50% gain is a disappointment. MARK was up nearly 250% in premarket trading, almost immediately slumped after multiple halts. I bought into MARK on Friday right before close at $2.09/share, and was able to get out in premarket at $7.50/share, way exceeding my target profit percentage. Why is MARK running? It's tied to the hype surrounding the former U.S. President, along with tickers DWAC and PHUN. Trump hotels getting Sharecare Health Security Verified pointed investors toward MARK, which is a partial owner of Sharecare. These plays are, unsurprisingly, volatile AF, but there's money to be made if you're swift. The volatility in these stocks is what's keeping me away from options on them actually. Everyone is hoping this is the next DWAC.
XELA +51.33% (+2.64%) XELA popped after announcing the company's Digital Mailroom solution will fully enable remote employees working at home and in field offices to access data securely and quickly at one of the largest franchisors.
NAK +9.95% (-1.51%) NAK rose over the $0.5 mark shortly after opening, before slowly sliding back under that key level (key at least when it comes to options). The mining company released a completed preliminary economic assessment for the Pebble project. The project can be as profitable as it wants to appear on paper, as the mine, company, and stock's future is all predicated on getting approved for the Pebble project.
CRTD +6.3% (+0%) After being up over 70.% in premarket, CRTD settled for a small gain. The company today announced an NFT of the previous U.S. president. The company then proceeded to also announce a direct offering at $4.50/share, which I'm sure didn't help investor sentiment.
VISL +33.96% (-6.57%) No news. VISL saw more than 50x its average volume today.
UAVS +8.15% (-0.68%) UAVS actually opened to a small loss before picking up steam about halfway through the trading session. No news.
EBON +1.95% (+0%) No news.
REDU +79.73% (-10.07%) REDU traded flat (like the Earth!) until the last hour of trading. No news, no clue.
COMS +10.13% (-6.32%) After being up more than 45% in premarket, COMS settled for a solid-yet-unspectacular gain. The company announced that it had delivered its 5G Open RAN-Compliant system to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The stock got a lot of attention, seeing 71x its average trading volume.
PIXY +42.28% (-18.29%) PIXY was up bigly in premarket, but unlike the rest, didn't give it all away. The company announced the successful IPO of Industrial Human Capital (IHC), a SPAC sponsored by PIXY.
FRSX -0.61% (-0.31%) Announced the sale of a prototype of its four-camera vision system to a leading Japanese manufacturer of agricultural and heavy equipment testing.
OWLT -1.86% (+0%) No news.
IZEA +2.23% (-0.83%) Continuing today's trend, IZEA was up in premarket, the finished much lower. The company announced it has been awarded a mid six-figure contract expansion for a leading telecommunications company. The contract is for managed influencer marketing services.
WATT +4.23% (+0%) No news.
GTE -0.46% (-0.47%) After opening green, GTE traded in the red the rest of the way. No news, but I imagine it's hard for the energy bull run to continue with so many competing factors in the market right now. GTE saw less than its average daily share volume.
SEEL +0.43% (-1.69%) The company today presented a poster on a study that they are doing at a conference.
KRBP +19.79% (-4.35%) After being up more than 50% in premarket, KRBP still managed to close green, after announcing the results of a phase 1 clinical trial.
EQOS +21.35Z% (+20.14%) This stock was under $5/share when I started compiling this list, and has been taking off in after hours trading. The company announced it has listed the Polkadot token on its crypto exchange.
ERYP -39.96% (-0.3%) ERYP took a beating after reporting disappointed results from its Phase 3 clinical trial. Oof. Don't catch the falling knife, kids. The elevated option activity skews towards calls however, it appears someone opened 1,500 credit call spreads between the $5 and $7.50 strikes for April. Bearish.
IO +1.54% (-1.01%) No news.
AQMS +1.55% (+1.02%) No news.
RGS +8.68% (-1.04%) No news. Could be momentum building ahead of earnings, which don't have a definitive release date yet.
TCON -4.58% (+0%) No news, but it appears that 100% of the option activity stemmed from 1,562 credit spreads between the $5 and $7.50 strikes for June. Bearish.
EYEN -38.91% (+0%) EYEN plummeted after the company announced that one of its treatments has been reclassified as a drug-device product by the FDA in a complete response letter for the company's new drug application. Is this too big of a fall and poised for a rebound?

Ehhh this is what I get for taking Friday off. A super long list haha. Let's have a good week everybody! Wish me luck, have a big interview this week.
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2021.10.25 19:10 asapfetty [Katz] Nerlens Noel is “doing more” in practice, Tom Thibodeau says. Said Noel is 50-50 to play tomorrow against the 76ers. He’s missed the first three games and all four preseason games because of a knee injury.

[Katz] Nerlens Noel is “doing more” in practice, Tom Thibodeau says. Said Noel is 50-50 to play tomorrow against the 76ers. He’s missed the first three games and all four preseason games because of a knee injury. submitted by asapfetty to NYKnicks [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:10 SeparateWalrus8448 I wish to be standing on a parade float.

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2021.10.25 19:10 Magnus_Finch Sorry to repost but if I don't you probably would never see it..

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2021.10.25 19:10 mantismother Hooded or just deep set?

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