Finally got every character into Elite Smash, including Sora!

2021.10.25 21:13 Seoul_Mates Finally got every character into Elite Smash, including Sora!

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2021.10.25 21:13 PapaJammer Kinda thought I'd never find one of these... my first shako drop ever

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2021.10.25 21:13 Red-Hoodie-Boy So recently due to several issues regarding my PS4 I have received a Temporary competitive crucible ban, how long does it last?

Long story short ls broke, had to reinitialize, but before that my game crashed midd-match too many times. Survival was my favorite mode, now I can’t play :(
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2021.10.25 21:13 nladyman Retrofit a newer OEM Nissan stereo to a 2007 Versa SL?

Title for reference
Since both are double din, hypothetically would I be able to retrofit say a 2015 Nissan stereo to my 2007 Versa? My family used to own a 2015 Altima and I liked that stereo style and theyre priced around the same as other stereos on ebay/amazon
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2021.10.25 21:13 Jcruz03 I really miss the times of Infinite Warfare…

It was such a perfect game. It was easily the best current gen cod. In fact, I even think it’s the only good current gen cod. I really miss playing it and really miss when it was in its prime. I always defended this game to the kids who didn’t understand it or give it a chance…
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2021.10.25 21:13 notsexmaster Why do people enjoy sending nudes?

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2021.10.25 21:13 Crypto_Hime Can you name this Gem/Shit coin? It looks just like Shiba Inu, but it's a raccoon with a red (?) Bandana around the eyes, and it was less than a penny.

I saw it, but someone went through unnecessary lengths to cover the name of the coin...despite pushing their portfolio amount in everyone's face.
When people asked about it...they would skip over those specific comments.
I didn't think to save the picture.
Why are "gem" finders like this?
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2021.10.25 21:13 intotheforestpodcast Finally! Everytime I'd call to check if this was in stock it would be sold out, so I would just buy more gme in the meantime. DRS ✅

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2021.10.25 21:13 MarinaraSalesman Need Poipole and Naganadel

Hi! To start off I want to say I’m sorry if there’s any etiquette to this sub that I don’t know because I just found out about it. Secondly I wanted to see if anyone was willing to let me borrow a Poipole and Naganadel just to fill out my dex so I can hunt for its shiny. I will trade it right back after I register it. Thank you I’m advance!
I’ve tried posting this a few times but it continues to get removed because the automod thinks I’m trying to trade a shiny or event Pokémon :(
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2021.10.25 21:13 erb69 where can I buy a golf set (callaway, taylor made, etc...) for a real good deal. I want to surprise my husband. I am tight on funds

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2021.10.25 21:13 its_Mathias_ Amazon Recommendations?

Hey everyone, I know the easy choice is the Alex Drawer Karlby combo, but I actually don’t have an IKEA nearby. Im looking for a desk/countertop option that would still support a monitor mount. To remain flush with the indent in my wall, I’m wanting something with a depth of 25.5 inches with a length up to around 74 inches. Any countertop options from Amazon or other stores you all recommend?
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2021.10.25 21:13 ETC3000 Don't be a video game scientist, kids

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2021.10.25 21:13 ToughAcanthisitta451 [Art.Mogg] Ghostly Sneak Attack

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2021.10.25 21:13 BobLoBlahLaw NPD tech 21 VT BASS DI

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2021.10.25 21:13 InfiniteFuckery [homemade] BBQ’d Honey Mustard Chicken Breasts

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2021.10.25 21:13 mineyourbiz Jump In - We Go To The Moon ($Sheesha) | Mining Market Signal 🔴LIVE

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2021.10.25 21:13 El-Discrepador Mujicana

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2021.10.25 21:13 Lagmaster4life i’m going to cosplay as myself

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2021.10.25 21:13 pr0th1 [LF]: Zarude/Celebi Code | [FT]: Dynamax Adventure Shinies

I am looking for a Zarude & Celebi Code Set. I am willing to trade my self-obtained Dynamax Adventure shinies. Feel free to discuss rates, as I am open to negotiate. I am willing to do the following:

I have the following to offer (OT: Peter | ID: 594992); All in Pokeball:
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2021.10.25 21:13 rpR_D can someone resize this for iphone 12 pro pls?

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2021.10.25 21:13 BigBaitPosse Fall River Smallmouth Fishing (FISHING WITH FRISBY) | BigBaitPosse

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2021.10.25 21:13 booger_911 People in outrage about AGS, yet forget...

Do people have 0 patience nowadays or wtf is going on? Does anyone remember their first MMO they played when it was new or just launched? or even 6 months in? a year in?
Remember WoW's launch? remember WoWs bugs/exploits at launch? Do we forget this type of information when they complain about AGS?
What about guild wars/GW2 when it launched? ESO? DAoC? EQ? Ultima Online? Anyone? all these games had TERRIBLE launches and game breaking bugs at launch and months to years in...
WoW to this day STILL has game breaking bugs and exploits that are covered up by meta play to where it's almost normal to just do it.
Calm ur gussets people it's seriously not that bad... it's bad... but by comparison, this is normal for MMOs.. I'm not giving excuses, just stating those people that sit there and QQ then turn around and go play WoW like it's the golden rule of MMOs lol...
NW is a month old, and is better than any of those other titles I listed regarding launch bugs/exploits/cheaters. Chill out and just be patient or simply report and post in forums without being salty about AGS as if they are doing a shittier job than those AAA titles.
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2021.10.25 21:13 jacklychi How would you differentiate your pricing between individuals and corporations if the end product is the same?

I have a software that looks the same from the front end to everyone. Limiting features would defeat the whole purpose of the product.
However, I wanted to make pricing affordable while making corporations with high income pay more.
Should I just straight up ask if its an individual or a corp and charge a higher price for the latter?
I see this is done sometimes but seems weird to justify higher pricing for the same product.
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2021.10.25 21:13 IllKangaroo2481 Charging motorcycle battery over winter cheaply?

Hey! I found this:
Basically it seems like I can take a 500mA 12V power adapter and connect it to my battery today and expect the battery to be in good condition in April once the season starts agin? If not, is there any other way to get away _very_ cheaply?
Do I really need a CTEK smart charger with about 6/8 stages?
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2021.10.25 21:13 kat-the-bassist It sucks to be me

I'm a trans girl who desperately needs people to find her attractive if she wants to feel valid. I only feel valid if another girl is genuinely attracted to me and tells me. Of course if that had ever happened, I would have a gf who would hold me at night when I get lonely. Instead all I have is that fucking shark from IKEA. No girl wants me, and I don't want guys, they're weird and creepy and don't attract me in the slightest. Not to mention I'm mentally ill and don't have the necessary free time to get a diagnosis, and I'll probably be misdiagnosed anyway, because I don't wanna be honest enough to get put in a psych ward. Add to this a self-destructive personality that pushes me towards substance abuse at every opportunity and you get a beautiful cocktail of suffering and mental pain. I'm fucking pissed off at everything all the time but I can't express it or I get accused of being "a danger to women" because I'm transgender and just dared to have my own opinions or feelings. I legit feel so ignored and out of place no matter who I try and talk to. Basically everyone I know has a relationship or is at least boning on the regular. Meanwhile I'm a lonely virgin bitch who says thirsty shit hoping that at least one girl will have low enough standards to wanna fuck me. And I cry every time I think about trying to properly date because of all the girls who've pretended to like, pretended to find me attractive, and then just pushed me away the moment that I reciprocated and opened up about my feelings. I don't even say upsetting or controversial things unless I am straight up invited to do so. No-one likes me and it isn't my fault. I didn't choose to be born in the wrong body. I didn't choose to have emotionally absent parents who I never saw together. I didn't choose to have abusive teachers and classmates at school. I didn't choose to develop a solvent addiction when I was 12, I didn't even know what solvents were. I didn't choose to develop a nicotine addiction from secondhand smoke, and then go through a withdrawal I didn't understand when my mum finally started taking care of herself. I chose none of this, so why is it my responsibility to deal with it? I am a victim of so many circumstances, but everyone wants to make me either a villain or an afterthought. I'm fucking done with this. I didn't choose any of what got me into this shit, but I can choose what gets me out. And I'm not choosing hard work or therapy or any of that bullshit. I'm choosing rope, or electricity, or heights, or chemicals, or basically anything that doesn't have a cure. I can't improve my life, so why should I let it keep going if it will never get better? I've made my mind up about what to do, now I just have to figure out how to do it. Fuck it all and fucking no regrets.
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