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Just thought I'd share this here...

2021.12.06 02:34 Xeenophile Just thought I'd share this here...

...TIL there is a city in France called Yutz.
I wonder what the proper local demonym is? Do folks from there go around saying "I am a proud Yutz!"? Are there bumper stickers?
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2021.12.06 02:34 East_Persimmon_4476 I want edit back 😭😭😭😭

Dear Admin:
Hello, i'm not angry and rude to you, not insult or not trolling whatsoever, i'm want to be edit, and i really to edit that many page hasn't been created or delete. I'm still an editor to make page, but still improve my grammar until early 2022. You know, i feel sick of this to be ban infinite and i can't edit because your ban is so much worse. You insult to me, i'm not insult to you. Okay, can be unbanned here?, i feel anxiety over 3 months they mine is not edit whatsoever. I want edit back, i want edit back, I WANT EDIT BACK!!! Pls!!!😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭, pls, pls, give me one chance, 🙏🙏🙏pls. I'm really said whatsoever.
To Ahmad Baihaqi Letter for admin. Pls, unbanned me because i want edit back
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2021.12.06 02:34 AramilKalaban D&December Week 1: Classy Kenku Artificer(Alchemist subclass) Theme: snow

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2021.12.06 02:34 YeeboiLol My first ever fursona i had commissioned names Wes

My first ever fursona i had commissioned names Wes submitted by YeeboiLol to furry [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 02:34 Goldsandvich11 Found these guys in one of my 4 Lego bins. Lots more sorting to go through though!

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2021.12.06 02:34 jjx57 Ambulatory care pharmacy

I’m looking for some advice on how to become an ambulatory care pharmacist without doing a residency. If a physician or clinic is willing to hire a pharmacist right after graduation and passing their boards, would they eventually be eligible to sit for ambulatory care board certification? Also how would this route look for getting other ambulatory care jobs in the future?
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2021.12.06 02:34 Soloemilia Engaged at Arby’s

Sneaking in under the wire of this beautiful free for all shit show to ask any long term snarkers —- like back to 2007-2009 I was on TWOP and freejinger and trolls with wooden spoons and reading fundie blogs. There was some fundie blog I read regularly and she got engaged at ARBY’S and was so happy about this!!!!
I got divorced in a big dramatic fashion around 2009 and started over in a new state with my kids and none of my old stuff including my old computer and did not get back in to fundie snark for a while. But I still remember this magical Arby’s engagement and wonder if anyone out there knows who it was
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2021.12.06 02:34 TheEmir47 karma was real here!

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2021.12.06 02:34 MatthewSDeOcampo Speculation! We will witness the burning of a "Great Library" in Sumeru a la Library of Alexandria

Speculation! We will witness the burning of a TL;DR:
Part of my *speculative* fear with regards to Genshin plot is that they can take inspiration from this bit of history and destroy a "great library" in Sumeru/Teyvat. It is tragic, and an epic way to withhold the traveler from sooner knowing the "truths of this world". It also grimly jives with the fact that dendro and pyro result in quite a horrible burning reaction.
Also in reading the longer context, the main point is, the raison d'être of the Library of Alexandria gives off pretty much the same vibes as a Sumeru Scholar's pursuits.
For the longer context behind my tragic speculation: (References linked at the bottom of the post.)
Consider the history of the Library of Alexandria.
The Library of Alexandria! Founded ca. 280BC (reign of Ptolemy II) in Alexandria, Egypt. One of the greatest libraries in ancient times. It was a great project in that unlike other libraries, this attempted to be a "universal" archive. This library was estimated to have "...held over half a million documents from Assyria, Greece, Persia, Egypt, India and many other nations. Over 100 scholars lived at the Museum full time to perform research, write, lecture or translate and copy documents."
How was this research institution/archive/library filled? One way was to confiscate books from ships that come to harbor, returning copies to the owner, with compensation. Similar methods were used to get originals of more precious texts. Also, the usual method of just buying book copies was used. Various possible interactions by trade/diplomacy with other countries also possible source of books copies. In a rough sense, they pulled off an intense, ancient equivalent of copy-paste.
File:Ancientlibraryalex.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
The Library was so expansive that it is actually a system of two libraries: The "Royal Library" and a branch, "daughter" library at the Temple of Serapis. The whole complex was part of a bigger research institute called the "Μουσεῖον" (where the word "museum" comes from).
Both libraries of the Library of Alexandria infamously got burned to destruction due to various wars. The Royal Library burned down in 48BCE due to the civil wars in Egypt (which involved Julius Caesar, because Cleopatra). "Caesar sided with Cleopatra and was soon besieged by the Ptolemaic forces by land and sea in the great harbour. He realized that his only chance lay in setting fire to the enemy fleet, and it was by that drastic measure that he managed to gain the upper hand." Most explicit is Plutarch, who, after a personal visit to Alexandria, explained that "Caesar was forced to repel the danger by using fire, which spread from the dockyards and destroyed the Great Library."
What about the branch library at the Temple of Serapis? Well, imagine being Roman Emperor Theodosius I. He was an emperor at a time of decline. Civil wars left and right, and several emperors ago (Constantine the Great; 306-337) decided that Christianity is the One True Faith. In keeping with the One True Faith, Theodosius in 391 decreed the destruction of all pagan temples in Alexandria, of which the Temple of Serapis was one such temple. More civil wars and riots ensued and every trace of the remnants of the branch library eventually lost in tumult. But note that the decree in 391 was already a sort of "upper bound" in the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, as the whole institute was already in decline in the centuries of the "Dominate" period of the Roman Empire.
Library of Alexandria - The fate of the Library of Alexandria | Britannica
The Burning of the Library of Alexandria | eHISTORY (osu.edu)
Serapeum of Alexandria - Wikipedia
Thank you for reading! Consider checking my pinned/recent posts in my profile if you want to see more Genshin studies and speculations.
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2021.12.06 02:34 jpaanderson BB/Crank noise, losing my mind

Hi Brains Trust,
I have a 2020 Swift Ultravox rim road bike with Ultegra Di2 group set.
When standing up and pedalling I’m getting a higher pitched metallic sound a couple of times per pedal stroke. I’ve spent the last month trying to address and have done the following:

Chain rings and cassette have a bit of wear but nothing too drastic.
I was wondering whether anyone had any left field suggestions as to what it might be?
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2021.12.06 02:34 KandyElmo I am so glad that this was added into the Companion App. Be sure to tell your FC owners about this!

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2021.12.06 02:34 phanart Iron Maiden returns with Updated “Legacy of the Beast" tour - what can we expect?

Iron Maiden returns with Updated “Legacy of the Beast submitted by phanart to ironmaiden [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 02:34 M_Knight_Shaymalan So... Ubi, do you ANY planning whatsoever?

While I'm hyped for the new hero, I can't ignore the fact you're completely shambling not just vikings, but samurai as well.
In year four we for a knight vanguard and a knight hybrid
Now this year we got a samurai hybrid and presumably a wu-lin. Now I wouldn't mind this, but obviously compared to the year prior, one faction received two heroes while two are only receiving one. That, and the vikings are being completely skipped.
I understand Wu-Lin needed to be caught up, but you had the PERFECT opportunity to do so and failled to do so.
Before year four, we had Seven Knights, Vikings, Samurai, and Five Wu-Lin. So if you had;
Realeased a knight with a Wu-Lin A Samurai with a Wu-Lin and a Wiking with a Wu-lin
Then in this 3 yeat time period of dry content, you could have AT LEAST had every faction at an even amount of heroes. I'm not sure why you brought in a second knight, who was brought in to specially fight the first knight, when you could have given the Wu-Lin love. Especially when the fight between first knight and second knight is boring and going no where.
Also, please stop using basic ass swords. Other weapons in history exist. You have a medieval fighting game where people are executing eachother with giant anchors and magical tridents, surely you can be a little more ambitious then just swords.
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2021.12.06 02:34 gaubeoo Quick visual comparison of Final Fantasy XV on latest gen consoles

Im curious on how FFXV looks on latest gen consoles,PS5 and Xbox Series X so i did a quick comparison of my own. All recorded videos are in 4k 60fps.
Xbox Series X:
Quick impression:
-to my untrained non-videophile eyes, XBOX Series X version seems a bit cleaner.
-However, Xbox Share function is incovenient as 4k 60 fps recorded clips cannot be shared and uploaded directly from the console and have to be done using laptop/computer. Ps Share is much more convient as clips can be edited and shared directly from the console. This is not related to visual but can be important for those who do video sharing.
According to your eyes,which version is visually better?
View Poll
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2021.12.06 02:34 marvolonewt Frequency of notification vibration for group chats in Messages

Is it possible to adjust the frequency of vibration for notifications of messages in group chats? For instance, I would like it where it vibrates for the first couple messages received and then stops vibrating until the chatter stops.
I swear this used to be the default behavior on a previous version of Android, but with Android 12, my phone just buzzes so much for group chats. I don't want to disable notifications for them completely, though. The only alternative I've found is to set it to a silent notification, but not quite what I want.
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2021.12.06 02:34 Almalathi What are building blocks behind (Form Builder) in QuickBooks?

The form builder is a tool in QuickBooks (also present in many other platforms), it enables the user to simply upload a DOCX (word) document which in turn will be used as a printable form any time you issue an invoice/ quotation...etc.
All you need to do is sprinkle some predefined tags in the DOCX document and you would be all set to go:

The (tool) matches the tags with the required information, it even matches the tag's styling.
Would something like that be achievable with PHP in conjunction with some other libraries? Or do you think this is something that was built by QuickBooks's in-house developers from scratch?
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2021.12.06 02:34 my_selektion Sour/OG X’s coming out gnarly already; burnt rubber/pickles & coffee to candy/taffy & menthol.🍬✍️📌🐝🧬🤙

SouOG X’s coming out gnarly already; burnt rubbepickles & coffee to candy/taffy & menthol.🍬✍️📌🐝🧬🤙 submitted by my_selektion to BzSelectSeeds [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 02:34 mrdfw84 SPAC Calendar - December'21

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2021.12.06 02:34 OfficialMitch What can we expect from Nepo now? What are some “all or nothing” openings or strategies that he could implement in order to grasp a couple of wins? Or is he likely to not change things too drastically?

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2021.12.06 02:34 oceanicArboretum Copyright of generated legends

Hi, I hope it's okay that I'm posting this. I originally asked this question in the biweekly question thread, but nobody replied except SeeThomasReddit who also expressed interest in learning more about this topic.
Here's my original question:
"I have a question about DF story copyrights... I'd love to put legends mode from one of my Worlds into narrative form. I don't expect ANY financial reimbursement for it, that's not the point! But I kindof abhor the idea of writing something that I would not have copyright over.
I know that programmers of procedural generation programs have different attitudes toward users using content created by their programs. Aiva (music) and Vulgarlang (languages) release all copyrights with a paid subscription, while some mapmaking sites grant you copyrights upfront without payment or permission. Does anyone know the history of the Adams' attitudes toward users using DF generated content in creative works?"
If I could add anything to my original question, I would also say that I would change ALL names so that I don't use any of the DF languages, which would certainly be under copyright.
Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
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2021.12.06 02:34 ChrisHSucks How to take action steps to become more responsible.

Hey Dr. K, or whoever wants to give some advice. I recently watched the gifted kids episode and much of the episode and the the struggles in it resonated with me.
I’m a current freshman in a college honors program, who’s struggled for the semester with adjusting to the first year of college and dealing with the high expectations therein. I overall have had mostly good grades for the semester, carried mostly by my courses being things I’m already good at. However I’ve struggled a lot with keeping consistent daily routines, showing up to classes/events on time, or generally dealing with my responsibilities in a timely way.
I understand that being smart enough to deal with college isn’t my problem. The test scores I have and the fact that I manage to pick up concepts easily tells me I know I have the computing power I need. However, despite me trying, I just feel like the video said, I’m missing the foundations and habits I need to actually succeed.
I’ve already had this problem backfire on me a few times this semester. I understand why I have difficulties with focusing or being responsible with my studies, how do I go about turning myself around?
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2021.12.06 02:34 looktolearnbab Goodie

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2021.12.06 02:34 trevorgetsbills “Cheddar’s Fan”

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2021.12.06 02:34 Bighurk12 MAGA Nazis marching through Washington DC with signs that say "Reclaim America" and "Victory or Death"

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2021.12.06 02:34 mindisall CV’s need to have separate lobbies

They ruin the game. Ship v ship battles is what I’m here for, not for a historical lesson on why cv’s made everything not protecting cv’s obsolete. /rant.
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