2021.12.06 02:41 Specialist-Idea-5396 WE EXTINGUISHED THE FLAMES 3-2

What a game, we are 7-0-0 against CGY at home
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2021.12.06 02:41 twinkdorian Felt cute in this one UwU

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2021.12.06 02:41 Spare_Cardiologist22 Sharetown reciept

Hi I was wondering if anybody can DM a picture of their sharetown reciept.
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2021.12.06 02:41 HockeyMod Post Game Thread: Calgary Flames at Vegas Golden Knights - 05 Dec 2021


Teams 1st 2nd 3rd Total
0 0 2 2
1 0 2 3
Team Stats
Team Shots Hits Blocked FO Wins Giveaways Takeaways Power Plays
26 33 13 52.2% 6 8 0/2
28 14 18 47.8% 4 14 0/3
Goal Summary
Period Time Team Strength Description
3rd 17:19 Even Andrew Mangiapane (17) Snap Shot, assists: Johnny Gaudreau (19), Matthew Tkachuk (10)
3rd 10:45 Even Evgenii Dadonov (7) Backhand, assists: Nicolas Roy (9), Mattias Janmark (6)
3rd 09:19 Even Elias Lindholm (11) Tip-In, assists: Rasmus Andersson (12)
3rd 01:49 Even Nicolas Roy (4) Wrist Shot, assists: Shea Theodore (12), Reilly Smith (9)
1st 17:06 Even Max Pacioretty (6) Wrist Shot, assists: Chandler Stephenson (13), Mark Stone (11)
Penalty Summary
Period Time Team Type Min Description
3rd 13:04 Minor 2 Shea Theodore Interference against Dillon Dube
3rd 12:03 Minor 2 Matthew Tkachuk Roughing against Max Pacioretty served by Milan Lucic
3rd 12:03 Minor 2 Matthew Tkachuk Roughing against Nicolas Hague
3rd 12:03 Minor 2 Nicolas Hague Roughing against Matthew Tkachuk
2nd 17:28 Minor 2 Dylan Coghlan Tripping against Brad Richardson
2nd 01:16 Minor 2 Christopher Tanev Minor against Reilly Smith
1st 09:09 Minor 2 Blake Coleman Tripping against Dylan Coghlan
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2021.12.06 02:41 Storm_Paint What is your favorite oil paint color? And why?

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2021.12.06 02:41 sanity Ode to Bitcoin

I met a man who had a dream Of a new kind of money that would never fade He called it Bitcoin, and I must say It sounded quite a lot like gold He said it was digital and global And anyone could use it, any time He was so passionate about it I could see the dream in his eyes
I asked him how it worked, and he explained It was quite simple, but I still didn't understand He said it was like cash, but better And I would never have to worry about it I was skeptical at first, but then I thought Why not give it a try?
So I invested in Bitcoin And I must say, I'm glad I did It's been a rocky ride, but I'm still in And I believe in this new currency It's changing the way we do business And it's here to stay
Thank you, Bitcoin, for giving us hope For a better tomorrow, where money is fair And anyone can be a part of it Thank you for showing us the way Thank you for being here
Written by BPT-3 with the prompt "Write a poem about Bitcoin in the style of Shelley"
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2021.12.06 02:41 foreveryoung17x "XXXTENTACION" Pixel Art NFT! 256 limited. Minting available!

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2021.12.06 02:41 32451789 Looking for m-6 or m-2

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2021.12.06 02:41 32451789 Looking for m-6 or m-2

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2021.12.06 02:41 IllustriousUser01 tessa fowler

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2021.12.06 02:41 JST-A-RANDOM-GUY I don't know why it's showing up. I can't like anything, follow anyone. Was my account hacked ? Please help me.

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2021.12.06 02:41 fallout76fanxb1 [Xbox] H: Q/E/15fr + Q/E/90rw Fixers, B/50c/15r Enclave (all mods), Q/25ffr/25 Enclave (all mods), AA/50C/15fr Enclave (no reflex), V/25ffr/15fr Enclave (no reflex), Aris/25ffr/15v (no reflex) + more W: Bloody Weapon, Armor Sets (PA or Regular), Rare Appearal for some, Offers

All enclaves are flamers and mods are listed!
Also have:
V/25ff90rw Mini
B/E/15v Mini
B/E/90rw BPR
B/E/15v 10mm SMG
TS/50c/25 10mm Pistol
B/50vhc/15v Fixer
Jugg/25ff15r (and 15v) Fixers
Q/50c 2* Fixer
Q/50c/250 Fixer
Gou50c/25 Fixer
V/E/15v Handmade
AA/25ff15v Handmade
Deathclaw Mask
White Powder Jumper
B/SS/S Baseball Bat
AA/SS/90rw Shishkebab
TS/25ff15fr Cryo
TS/25ff25 AGL
TS/50c/25 AGL
TS/Aim/15fr M. Launcher
ESA Ultracite Set w Jetpack Helmet
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2021.12.06 02:41 transgemder Please read my story if you have time. Trying to bring awareness to this issue.

Dear world,
I am here to tell my story. On July 10th, I came into hospital because my caregiver could no longer take care of me anymore. It’s been nearly five months and I’m still sitting in a hospital ward with people who mainly have dementia.
I am so thankful the hospital has taken me in and the nurses and housekeepers are like friends now. However, there is something deeply wrong with our system. I’ve been sitting in here waiting for an apartment for five months and it could be up to TWO YEARS to get into an accessible place that can take care of my physical needs. Imagine living in a hospital for two years?
Our government needs to prioritize making more accessible housing units so waitlists aren’t 5 to 10 years long, sometimes more. I can’t get funded to go into a group home because I need to have a cognitive disability that was diagnosed before 18 in order to get funding through Developmental Services Ontario. I can’t go to a shelter because they don’t provide personal support workers on site for people with physical disabilities. Furthermore, long term care homes have denied me due to my mental health issues.
I don’t think we should not have to be institutionalized in a hospital for many many months because our home environment was not suitable for us. People with disabilities can mostly be amazing people and active members of our society. I hope this is ok to post! Thanks for reading.
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2021.12.06 02:41 Charlister__ Honestly this is what you get for scamming and ditching so often, hope britt has been packing more rice cause that's all you about to be eating.

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2021.12.06 02:41 Voxx418 Book of Thoth Tarot Classes

I have just created a new tier on my Voxx Magick Patreon Page, for private and group Tarot instruction. Join Tier #3, to get started! DM me for more details. ~V~
I teach a certificated course, from Beginning to Advanced and Professional Levels of Tarot.
I am featured in the best-selling books, “The 100 Top Psychics in America”, (1994 & 2014 Editions). I have also been featured as the country’s Premier Tarot Reader by the Huffington Post, and have been featured in the LA/NY Times, and many other publications.
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2021.12.06 02:41 Turbulent-Lie-992 about the content of PF

PF still pulls 4~8k players and it is really amazing
about the fact that a 6 year old game is still alive

But the total rate of the players are keep on decaying
at 2019 and early 2020
people kept talked that pf is dying
but there was 10k players active on almost everyday

Problem of PF is about "how devs are updating pf"
every update is full with high rank guns and high kill attachments
even though there is lot of contents in pf
most of users cant even use them


High rank guns dosn't mean that they are OP and so as low rank guns dosn't mean they are useless
But almost every unique and popular guns are concentrated in high ranks
at least for guns you can unlock them for ranks
but for attachments?
you just have to grind the kills or use credits to unlock them

get kills to get attachments? it is totally fine!
but the problem is that kill requirements are way too high
most of unique attachments, such as conversions requires at least 4 digit number of kills

So even there is lots of contents in pf most of users can't exprience them

For low ranks, they just have to sit back and watch high ranks having kills with unique guns and attachments and wait untill high rank users die. and then pick up their gun in order to try unique guns and attachments

Not just making High rank and kills to unlock attachments
what about making assignments to unlock guns and attachments?
Something like
Kill 50 enemy with zip22 to unlock ACR
Kill 20 enemy with Frag to unlock Luger p08

I am not saying PF needs assignments to unlock guns or attachments
PF needs some other way to unlock guns or attachments other than KILL or RANK unlocks
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2021.12.06 02:41 tigerofblindjustice [LFA] Abrothoth the Inexorable, son of Red-Tusk Tarantaroth (elephantfolk necromancer)

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2021.12.06 02:41 Xi_Pimping Chucky are law

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2021.12.06 02:41 Thatdesibro Making a Kr$na album • Day 2 • Most upvoted comment decides the intro track

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2021.12.06 02:41 matty422842 Tried out some bracket racing in the ST a while back! Won the stick shift class lol

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2021.12.06 02:41 peachsoda20 Dont Know Why Women dont like me

Im a 18 year old african american male currently in college rn . i have a hard timegetting a girlfriend even before i got to college . i was at a predominately black high school before college but now im a pwi and i got rejected a lot at both . im a decent looking man i know im not ugly . in highschool thry said it was cause i wasn’t there “type “ or thst i wasnt hood . now that im at a pwi i know thats not the case here but im still cant find a gf . maybe it’s because i am 6’3 200 i might look intimidating but im one of nicest people you will ever meet .
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2021.12.06 02:41 pinkieluv [SELL] [US] Size 2 Leggings - Align & Wunder Under

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2021.12.06 02:41 pico_mangxanto Eager to Learn

Hello, non-Yemeni American here. I have recently become interested in the history and culture of Yemen since learning its modern history (in brief) for a research paper. I am fascinated by what I've learned and would love to learn more about both modern and pre-modern Yemen. What is your favorite resource for current news from Yemen? What books, documentaries, or websites would you recommend to someone who wants to delve into Yemen's history?
A quick Google search shows a number of books written by Yemeni authors and translated into English.
Unfortunately, I am limited in my sources since I only speak English, but all suggestions are welcome!
Thank you in advance :^)
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2021.12.06 02:41 DaRascalzAreOut Thoughts on the Raise Up opening

I just finished 4th stage and I'm on ep 1 of 5th stage, this opening is really good, I don't like EDM music but this sounds great, doesn't get a lot of recognition though
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2021.12.06 02:41 Orange_Loose Ex talks bad about me in front of my face

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