Not feeling mentally good could someone to talk I just wanna and it all

2021.12.06 02:13 Peachybear134 Not feeling mentally good could someone to talk I just wanna and it all

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2021.12.06 02:13 jizner22 I (19M) don't know what to say to my ex (19F)

I met my ex a little over 2 years ago online and eventually had an 8 month relationship. We quickly hit it off and developed feelings for each other but were afraid to tell each other. Her nosy friend (same age as us) started talking to me and asking me a bunch of questions. I asked her for lots of advice on what to say since I had never liked someone before. Me and my ex both admitted we had feelings, only issue was that we were 17 and lived 5 hours (300 miles) away from each other.
I continued talking to both of them, continuing to ask her friend things to try and figure out what to do. After a while, her friend and I developed some bad blood and stopped talking, this obviously had a negative impact on my ex. I continued talking to her for a while and grew stronger feelings and talked about potentially trying to meet up for the first time. 7 months after we began talking, things hit a rough patch, she was upset that I spent a lot of time online with my friends talking and playing games, and she felt like I wasn't giving her enough attention. It developed into our first "fight" and led to her explaining how I cause a lot of problems for her. After a lot of arguing I felt like I was just a big burden on her and told her I thought shed be better off not talking to me, so we stopped talking for 2 months.
Then, I really missed talking to her and attempted to rekindle things. She said she also missed me and we began to talk again. We talked for about a month, and then we stopped, just as it happened last time.
After another month of not talking, it was her birthday and I wished her a happy birthday, which caused us to begin talking again, once again, this lasted for around 2 months, then the same ending.
After about another month and a half of not talking, I missed her yet again and tried to start things again. This time, after talking for about a month, things were going better and we planned for me to drive up to where she lived to meet for the first time. Since we were both students, the only time available to meet was over winter break. Her parents weren't incredibly keen on the idea but I drove up there, during the time I was there, we shared both our first kiss and I asked her to be my girlfriend, to which she said yes. Her parents however told her that it wasn't a good idea and that it wouldn't workout, which caused a small amount of tension between her and her parents.
This marked the start of our long distance relationship, but also the start of even more problems. After 1 month of being together, we both talked and tried to figure out if it was really going to work or not, and after a lot of deliberation, we both said that we wanted to try and make it work. Due to school, we weren't able to see each other in person much. The next time after winter break, was spring break. I again drove to her house and spent a couple weeks there. Things went pretty well and I returned home after.
Troubles began to arise while we were apart, not while together. While apart she felt once again that I wasn't giving her enough attention because of playing with my friends. I tried my best to keep texting her during any breaks in the game I had, this led to 1) Her not being satisfied and feeling like I took too long to respond and that I wasn't actually focused on talking to her and that I didn't care about our conversation. 2) My friends becoming increasingly annoyed at the amount I would go AFK in game. I told her I was doing my best but she told me to not text her while I was playing any more, to which I followed her request. Along with school, her job, and personal stuff, we typically only talked late at night (~11pm-2am on average along with a small amount in the morning and a rare conversation scattered into the middle of the day). For me, I wasn't thrilled about it, but I managed, she on the other hand, did not like this at all (she didn't tell me that she didn't like it so much, until much later on).
2 months later, I visited her again for my birthday, as her parents wouldn't allow her to drive to my house. I spent roughly 2 1/2 weeks there and things once again went well, she had to leave for work a few times a week but I didn't mind at all. It was weird for me to go so long without my computer, or talking to my friends at all, but I made do. After a while, I went back home. We never had a set date when I would leave, just whenever we felt like it had been long enough and that I should probably head back.
After another month, it was her birthday, and this time she was coming to visit me for the first time. She convinced her parents to take her since they wouldn't let her go alone. The only problem was that I was quickly running out of money, I hadn't had a job in over a year and I didn't want to get once since it would make it practically impossible for us to see each other if I did. We stayed here for a week and then I drove her to her house and I stayed there for another 3 weeks (a long time ik). During this time, we had a small pregnancy scare, to which she was extremely stressed and worried, as was I, but for her sake, I remained calm and tried to keep positive. During my final 2 weeks there, she seemed a bit off and I asked her what was wrong but she was refusing to talk about anything. I went through her phone a bit and found that she told her friend that she felt like she was having to "babysit" me. I confronted her about it and we argued a bit, but the next day I had let it go.
Once I came back, things started to spill from both sides. We talked about things which weren't going well and we talked about whether it was going to work out or not. Similar to before, after hearing everything, I felt like I was a massive burden on her, causing so many problems and so much stress, I thought that she'd be better without me in the picture. I told her this, which didn't go over well at all. She became very angry, and when she's angry she says whatever she wants. She told me that everything in the relationship, even before the relationship, was all my fault. This hit me extremely hard since she knew how hard I am on myself and how much I always blame myself for things, so to hear her actually say that she blames me for everything, was difficult. She also told me that she regretted ever getting into a relationship with me and that she should've said no to me, then she said she wished she had never met me in the first place. She followed by saying that I'm a terrible person and she never imagined that I would become such an asshole. She topped it off by saying that I have mental problems and need to get help.
After all of that, I was just completely destroyed and didn't know what to do. She later apologized and said she didn't mean any of it but I find that rather difficult to believe. It's 3 months after that and we've talked off and on, bouncing between trying to fix things in order to remain friends, but then it always turns into a big fight and her saying essentially the same things all over again. I've apologized countless times. She says that I always invalidated her feelings and only cared about myself and never thought about her in everything and that I never actually loved her. Recently she sent me a very long text saying it was the last time I was going to hear from her, but then a few days later she texted me again saying she can't get over me. We talked for a bit and then once again it turned into a fight, she told me how I ruined her and she hates who she is because of me, etc., and then the next day she apologized for everything she said. I've struggled a lot to get over her, but I've been doing a lot better recently, but now things seem to be getting more difficult. I'm starting to feel like I miss her again, or at least parts of our relationship, I'm unable to really tell.
I didn't respond to her latest apology because I wasn't sure what I could possibly say. I don't know if everything is actually my fault or not. I don't know if the relationship was toxic or not. I don't know if I'm better off without her or not. I don't know if I should say anything to her or just leave it be. There's just a lot that doesn't make sense to me. What should I do? Should I just try to forget about her or should I say something to her? and if so, what should I say?
TL;DR: My long distance ex made me feel like shit but I still miss her, should I text her or not?
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2021.12.06 02:13 Sirennity Book from a horses perspective and there's a devil horse?

I read this book ages ago. Maybe about 10 years at least. It was paperback and about the size of a standard adult romance novel (idk how else to describe it). My dog ate the cover early into me having it so I cant recall what the cover art was. It was focused around horses. I don't remember much but I don't think there were people involved at all. I'm pretty sure it was more of an adult book, definitely not a kids book. Fiction for sure. There was a devil? Horse I think he was red and a mare who gave him twins. There was a group of good horses trying to stop the end of the world or something. Basic good vs evil plotline. The horses could speak to eachother. My parents gave it to me but idk if they knew how weird it was they probably just saw horses and were like ok. It's driving me mad, every few months I try Google again but I can never find it so I'm hoping someone else has heard of it.
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2021.12.06 02:13 tiny_doughnut Fans Get a Taste of the Pro Life at Gotham FC Fantasy Camp

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2021.12.06 02:13 danielsauceda34 Before EsfandTV.... Before EsfandTelephone.... There was the Legend of EsfandStoneTablet..... behold is Censored glory....

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2021.12.06 02:13 aasher42 Been losing leaves like crazy in the past few weeks, am I doing something wrong

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2021.12.06 02:13 Ill_Needleworker_651 Trans / nb discord servers?

I’m looking to join a smaller yet active server and haven’t really come across any quality ones for trans people as of yet. I also game and am trying to find people to play things with. Can anyone offer some suggestions? 18+ preferably 😊
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2021.12.06 02:13 Direct_Implement4896 Are these bruises something to worry about?

Idk where I got these bruises. The first time I saw it it was blue then it turned brown.
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2021.12.06 02:13 naveenbansal01 UNISWAP - Know Everything about the Largest Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

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2021.12.06 02:13 Justanotherperson257 I watched porn but managed to close it

I woke up early this morning to do work stuff. I got one thing done and had some time left before I would move on to the next thing. That 5 minutes of relaxation turned into 40 minutes of watching porn. I managed to close it, I made my bed, then took a piss, went to the kitchen to sit there with my laptop and made some tea. I know I am more susceptible to watch porn again since I just watched. I don't want it. I can see in my head what happens when I watch. I fill defeated, I feel bad, I will feel that it is another loss, that I do the thing I dont want to do, be the person I don't want to be, I am stronger than this I can do this. I need to grow up, I can't always go along with my impulses. So much potential in me. Everyday, every second I get the chance to do the things that build up my life or that what breaks it. I want to make something out of my life. I know the person who I want to be, I need to walk the path. I can do this, this is just one silly thing in my life, there is way more to it than watching porn. You are responsible for your life, no one else, no excuses, no excuses at all. Come on man, you know what you are capable off. Be someone people can look up to, set an example.
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2021.12.06 02:13 Whats-Up_Bitches [Physics] I did it but I can't help but think that something I did was wrong. In this scenario there is a ball rolling down, up, and down two hills, friction is negligible. Please someone tell me something!

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2021.12.06 02:13 Draconius0013 Reported as a scam: FUDsters trying to steal our coins!!!

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2021.12.06 02:13 TweetyTovar Latest Instagram Live Video 🔥🔥

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2021.12.06 02:13 TheStutteringCarnie I really like these robotic limbs...

but it sucks they cost an arm and a leg.
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2021.12.06 02:13 kingjamesis Seasons Bleedings : $22.47 (-25%)

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2021.12.06 02:13 Descartes548 Im looking for a heracross

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2021.12.06 02:13 Cryptonewsbd Market Wrap: Bitcoin Extends Losses While Traders Remain Bullish on Ether

Weekly returns were mixed as some altcoins outperformed. Meanwhile, macro headwinds could cause investors to reduce exposure to speculative assets next year.
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2021.12.06 02:13 Kayl33n77 Is music and health hard?

Up. Especially if ur not great with essays
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2021.12.06 02:13 poopymccumshot Unsure moving situation

Hello all,
I have been with my girlfriend for six months and we have talked about moving in together sometime around Fall next year. Everything in our relationship is great, but a lot can change 8 or 9 months from now. However, we are both on the same page about our relationship, and we want to live together.
Here’s the problem: she has a roommate and a friend that also wants to move in with her. They are looking for a three bedroom apartments and have been discussing this for a while. My girlfriend says they’ll have no problem with this, but I am not so sure. She has not told them yet. I’m on good terms with the friend and roommate.
What should we do? Their lease is up in four months. They are going to start seriously looking for apartments in two months. I won’t be “moved” in until eight or nine months from now.
Should we tell them now or wait?
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2021.12.06 02:13 JayyRaww12 Shot Timing in Franchise

I’m playing franchise mode and cannot make any jump shots unless it’s a perfect release. Have not made one single slightly early or late shot.
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2021.12.06 02:13 IAmGeneralEggplant hmmm

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2021.12.06 02:13 macsalexsingel202 49F whats the first thing you noticed?

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2021.12.06 02:13 ieatwaterbottless what do yall think?

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2021.12.06 02:13 deeplybeyondrepair A question over a PC build

I built a PC on a slight budget in November of last year but even now I’m perplexed over a few things. When I boot it up it tends to be super slow for the first 30ish minutes of it being on, what parts would I need to modify for that? Or what parts contribute to that?
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2021.12.06 02:12 VegetableGlobal8619 Rubi Rose Twerk Compilation

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