Walking tour through a dead mall.

2021.12.06 03:39 TheRealMcDuck Walking tour through a dead mall.

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2021.12.06 03:39 Squashy_Dictator Thoughts?

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2021.12.06 03:39 BrainstormBot 🌎 Peru-Ecuador Border Region: Sismo - Earthquake (5.0 Mb, at 06:30 UTC, from alomax.free.fr)

🌒 Sismo! 5.0 Mb, registered by alomax, 2021-12-06 06:30:53 UTC (crescent moon), Taisha, Ecuador (-2.92, -77.31), ↓57 km likely felt 140 km away (alomax.free.fr)
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2021.12.06 03:39 hollyb5 Any experience with heartburn and remedies?

Hey Everyone,
My 68 yr old mum has had MM for 11 years or so now I think. She's an absolute trooper but had a very rough ride of it recently, whereby she had just completed 5 weeks of daily radiation treatment for a large lump on her skull. Not long after, she woke up in immense pain and they believed she had fractured her hip. She hadn't, but they performed surgery to place some pins in her leg as a preemptive measure. 5 weeks of being in hospital, she came home and less than 1 week later, she was (slowly) walking down the stairs and felt her other leg pop and was in excruciating pain. Turns out she fractured the femur of her other leg, so back to hospital for another surgery, more pins in her other leg and 3 more weeks in hospital.
Finally, we've got her home again. All this, whilst ongoing weekly chemo therapy with Velcade. She has completed 3 months so far but has another 4 months of treatment to go and she just seems to be getting more and more exhausted and fed up. Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked and I think the emotional aspect of these last few months requires a whole other post. T
hese last two days, she has had very painful heartburn which she can only put down to all the additional pain meds etc that she's taking. She is taking liquid Gaviscon for the heartburn but just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this or has any other better medication or home remedy solutions. Thanks!
TLDR - very bad heartburn, taking gaviscon but anyone else experienced this and have other meds / home remedies to suggest?
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2021.12.06 03:39 linearalgthroaway [Linear Algebra] Exam on Thursday, Dec 9, 12 - 3pm [150$ PAYPAL]

linear algebra exam. expected to take 1 hour - 1 hour 30 minutes need a decent grade, at least passing. have more info of exactly whats on the final and an overview of class topics i can negotiate price too
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2021.12.06 03:39 AnonApple6 Maybe there is something wrong with me

im working to improve on the parts of myself im not too fond of but i dont feel like its working fast enough. Today my dad apologized for making me feel like everything i did was wrong and that i have to be a perfect golden child who never has bad experiences. I think that might have something to do with it. He is very critical of me and therefore i am highly critical of myself. its hard to make decisions that my gut even tells me is the one to make only because i assume im making the wrong one. I can acknowledge this as a problem itself. But i just want to get to the point where i finally just don’t care. ive learned caring too much what other people think causes me to love bomb and try to control what they think of me. i hate that and love the idea of genuine interactions. I dont want to force anyone to do or feel anything with me. But i go into a panic and worry about if ive said something or there was something about me that they reject. And when im not sure or cant tell i need alot of reassurance but i dont ask for it. i fear asking will make me seem clingy and negative because it has. i know everyone is not the same and some will provide the reassurance i need. but as i said i cant shake the idea im doing something wrong. i just want to be happy with the decisions i make and let life pass by. not caring would bring the patience i need but my mind wont rest and my body continues this rollercoaster of fight or flight :(
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2021.12.06 03:39 NZ-ActiVisT1950 Pyramid Construction foreman. Having a break. Sometime around 300,000 years ago, give or take a few.

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2021.12.06 03:39 LittleNight1895 f// hii :3 any older men down for a chat lol they’re mature :P we could discord too :)

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2021.12.06 03:39 ageofultronisawful Jokes aside, I’ve had to have conversations about personal hygiene with atheists I know.

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2021.12.06 03:39 lucky666123 fat loner

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2021.12.06 03:39 TheRainbowBubbleYT do you ever just

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2021.12.06 03:39 ExoticEnergy Reddit, what are you in cahoots with?

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2021.12.06 03:39 rotatorkuf 2meirl4meirl everytime i scroll through my subreddits :(

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2021.12.06 03:39 stjakey How much force am I actually pushing if a shopping cart weighs 80lbs?

Because of the wheels wouldn’t it be less than 80lbs that I would actually have to push? I feel like there’s some aspect I’m missing someone please fill me in :)
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2021.12.06 03:39 Paula_Sappho HoS Elysian Realm signets

What signets are best for her? Dont have mobiuses yet but i have sus
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2021.12.06 03:39 Maxalexggg Exploiter momento

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2021.12.06 03:39 blckdeth69 Enlisted! Russian sniper time

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2021.12.06 03:39 ginofromc4mp Ultra Class 1

Looking for teammates maybe a group chat Pacific time here Cali Solo Que all the way to Ultra C1 Looking for good peeps
Back is broken hard carried myself tbh
M42532C add me!!! Or comment IDs
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2021.12.06 03:39 mollythehound Is it annoying when your in the middle of sex and your girl walks away to go do something real quick?

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2021.12.06 03:39 WarningOk513 ALL THEM BITCHES LYING

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2021.12.06 03:39 throwawaymyliife My wife's snake of a friend asking us to go see her wedding is pissing me off to hell

This is my being as objective as I can.
My wife's friend moved to LA with her husband who comes from wealthy family, and they are both doctors making insane amount. My wife and I make decent amount but no where close to what they do.
And please, this isn't about wealth or jealousy or any of that. My gripe with her friend is about principle.
They had been friends since first year university. But that friend, let's call her Laura, is extremely manipulative. She was known in campus to be manipulative both to guys (leading them on) and girls (also... leading them on). She was a classic surface level "oh my god best girl friend!" Kind of girl. When she left from Canada to the States to study medicine, she strung around her core group of girls with a once a month message of "how's my bestie doing" type thing. Then my wife, as naive as she is, would always respond back with her life story, which then Laura would leave her on read. And then weeks later "omg girlfriend how are you why do you not talk to me". I'm like uh does she see the same chat that we do??
She does this with every girl "friend".
She got married last year, court house wedding because of COVID. Now that things are loosening up, she wants to have a fancy ass wedding, just family and close "friends". Naturally, we and other friends from Canada were invited.
My wife and I had to crack open our savings to buy airplane tickets that cost about $1500 Canadian roubles. And of course we have to book our own hotel. And this whole trip is just for Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. All this money spent just for a weekend trip to a wedding for a "friend" who doesn't even really consider my wife her best friend. And yes, my wife would have been maid of honour had she been in the states to deal with all this bridal shower crap.
I asked my wife "is she at least taking care of our hotel nights?" She says no.
I asked that because previously when I saw my friends or relatives do destination weddings, they have always at least taken care of accommodations, if not flights, if not both. And none of these people were "two doctors" couple type deal.
And my siblings and all my friends agree that if Laura really considers my wife as her best friend whom she asked her to be her maid of honour, then at the very least she would take care of accommodations.
Not even a half hearted offer. Not even a word.
I tried so hard to put myself in my wife's position. What if it were my best friend who was the best man at my wedding. What if he went to get married in LA and asked me to come? Of course I would! Whatever the cost! But the only difference is I know as a matter of fact, without a shadow of doubt that he would offer to pay for something. Not that I would expect him to, but that's just who he is. And again, he doesn't make as nearly as Laura or her husband.
What infuriates me is that my wife thinks all this is okay. You guys can correct me here and see things differently but I seriously don't think any of this is okay. For us to spend $1500 on flight for a weekend, hundreds on PCR tests, $1000 on hotel/Airbnb, hundreds on food and transportation, for a friend's wedding who doesn't even act like a good friend to my wife, all because my wife thinks Laura considers her to be her best friend. It really doesn't sit well with me, and it takes an incredible amount of effort on my part not to confront her about this. But it's eating away at my soul. Every fibre of my being is against this trip and there's nothing I can do.
We have a comfortable living. But this kind of extravagant trip is not warranted in my opinion. We got married middle of the pandemic and we still haven't been able to go on our honeymoon trip. We planned for it next March break, but now we can't go anymore because of this wedding, and it kills me to think about it.
At the VERY least if Laura and her husband even faked offering to help with accommodation, fuck, even help us look for a place not even to pay for it, I wouldn't be this upset. And I can't blame my wife for wanting to go but at the same time I do. If she knew the kind of snake that Laura is, but she refuses to see anything but good in people which I adore and appreciate about her, but at the same time it really sucks in times like this.
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2021.12.06 03:39 SilverAlter Help plz. I've been struggling to beat ER Real 60 with Elysia but I keep failing. Is it possible with the gear I currently have, or should I continue building her up?

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2021.12.06 03:39 skagemm The alarm rang, and I sat up in bed, put my feet on the ground and prepared for a new day.

But when something grabbed my ankles from under the bed, I knew it wasn’t going to be a regular day.
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2021.12.06 03:39 IOweUEverythingBoo Mala Rodriguez

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