$MDC | Monster Doge | King of Doge rewards 7% Reflections, Just Launched, Coin Gecko, CMC coming soon 💎x1000 GEM

2021.11.30 02:29 Limp-Government2965 $MDC | Monster Doge | King of Doge rewards 7% Reflections, Just Launched, Coin Gecko, CMC coming soon 💎x1000 GEM

I believe you have seen a lot of bad monsters but this Monster Doge will make you the happiest holder ever seen.
Who chooses to follow Monster Doge will be rewarded in DogeCoins 💰 every 20 minutes. Do not wait any longer and join our ever-growing community and enjoy the Monster rewards. 🔥
Thanks to a magical reflection, the followers share among themselves 7% in DogeCoins for each sale and 8% in Dogecoins on each purchase every 20 minutes which are magically awarded to Monster holders 💰 .
Thus, as a holder, you do not need to do anything it will automatically go to your wallet as DogeCoins.
Our anti-whale measure allows the sale of only 1M $MDC per transaction, which avoids the collapse of the chart and reward the holders.
Just hold a minimum of 10,000 $MDC and you will receive DogeCoin every 20 mins.
Do not wait any longer and join the adventure of MonsterDoge!
On Transactions:
Total Supply: 1 Billion Coins,
🥞 7% DOGE Reflections
💧 1% Auto-Liquidity Pool
🤓 2% Marketing Fees
More Goodies:
🔒 Liquidity Lock: 1 Year ⏰ Every 20 minutes Auto-Payments
✅ Anti-Dump + Anti-Whale Functions
✅ 7% Auto-Doge Reflections (This will make us lots of $$$)
✅ Endless Marketing Budget
✅ Reflections APP 🔥 COMMUNITY TIME 🔥
Contract: 0x504a2fb248e00a89b332a61a7029a9549201fa10
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x504a2fb248e00a89b332a61a7029a9549201fa10
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x98c1Ae43c7ca05da957bbEc60891E1Ca0Ea123B4
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x504a2fb248e00a89b332a61a7029a9549201fa10#readContract
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2021.11.30 02:29 svanapps r/Ripple - 11/29/21 [Join FlareXRP Discord] - discord.com/invite/FlareXRP

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2021.11.30 02:29 kawana1987 Where can I watch season 5?

Prime only has up to season 4 in Canada and all the google links are from over a year ago, I can't find a current listing.
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2021.11.30 02:29 svanapps r/ethereum - What is the absolute cheapest and most efficient way to get my USDC in my metamask wallet converted to USD?

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2021.11.30 02:29 RaiiBento Loving the new extra gifts feature

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2021.11.30 02:29 legomaego Anyone have recommendations for easy science electives for the winter semester?

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2021.11.30 02:29 thatcuntrygirl524 F29 what do you think, hot or not?

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2021.11.30 02:29 JollyOne532 LF Pearl Exclusives to finish my Pokedex.

I'll take the first evolutions, or whatever is easiest. The legendaries if we can touch trade, I'll send my Dialga over for you to hold on to until the trade is done.
LF: Misdreavus, Glameow, Heracross, Shieldon, Goldeen.
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2021.11.30 02:29 ErinnShannon Can dashcams be wired into the car for power? How do rear facing ones charge?

So I just got my very first car and am still learning to drive, so I got some dashcams as they seem to be a more common thing and I don't want anyone to try and use my lack of knowlege/experience driving to pull some shit if I by chance get hit or hit someone/something.
The only thing is though that I'm not big on the idea of the charging cord hanging down from where its mounted (behind my rearview) to the charging spot - I also want to mount a rear facing one and have no clue how they are meant to be charged or plugged in?
So like can I get it wired into the car or something? Into its power? So I dont have to worry about charging them. And if this is in fact a thing, how much would it costs and does a machanic have to do it?
I know its probably a really dumb question but I'm just trying to do my best whilst learning and don't know much about cars.
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2021.11.30 02:29 MaintenanceKey5200 Who are Edward and Bitsy Brennan? Mother, Son Accused of Racially Profiling, Assaulting Black Parking Permit Auditor in Nashville Apartment Complex [VIDEO]

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2021.11.30 02:29 CockroachBagel Meet Michael, They Are Suppose To Be A Strawberry Cow :3

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2021.11.30 02:29 Troll_Dovahdoge Resources to learn about FinFETs

I was wondering if there was some kind of textbook (or any other resource) that dealt with finFET structure, current equations, sub threshold characteristics etc.
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2021.11.30 02:29 ChainsNshatguns Who is your favorite Forsaken?

I’m halfway through book 14, so please no spoilers for the ending. But a lot of the Forsaken seem underwhelming as antagonists. My personal favorite is probably Lanfear or Ishamael.
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2021.11.30 02:29 BomboV Made a Youtube video that might be a good tutorial for someone. Check it out.

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2021.11.30 02:29 bloomque #Cyprus #Greece #ETS2 #ProMods #Scania #Ekeri #Views #Travel #Landscape

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2021.11.30 02:29 afallan33 check me

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2021.11.30 02:29 Itsme_Cobe This produced some hilarious results. It's simply amazing, they need to continue to push Trump propaganda. If they ever stopped, everyone would understand how bad this Biden administration actually is.

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2021.11.30 02:29 Lockes_TheThief It's a stealth action game, but it is also peaceful!?

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2021.11.30 02:29 ZEL0S_da_G0D I created an idea for a light novel, as a joke to long name titles

Title: My friend was about to die as a virgin, so I went back to the old days and became a girl. ; Tomodachi ga shojo de shinu tokorodattanode, mukashi ni modotte on'nanoko ni narimashita
Synopsis: Masuda Tadao's long-time friend, Tanaka Yoshito, was dying from a horrible accident. His
friend was smart and successful, but had no experience dealing with women, so he was never was in a
relationship. "If I was a girl, I would have gone out with you!", that one drunken sentence sealed
Tadao's fate. Tadao finds himself back to their high school days, or should I say 'herself'. Masuda
Tadao is now Masuda Hikari, but everyone else was the same. Having second thoughts, Hikari now
plans to help Yoshito be popular with the girls, but now realizes how awkward his friend really was.
Will Hikari be able to find a Yoshito a date, or will 'she' have to become the final resort.

Good or nah?
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2021.11.30 02:29 glomasters The Peaky Blinders were a criminal gang active in Birmingham in the 19th century.

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2021.11.30 02:29 randyvs Rate my team boyyss

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2021.11.30 02:29 despicablebeast I see a intentional wreck but the league says otherwise. Up for a Debate

Hello everyone! Please bare with me as this post will long.
I have done a couple of seasons in this league (Which shall be unnamed) and I do not agree with their decision of a minor incident with a deduction of 10 championship points.

In case you guys want to read their rules. More or less its the same sporting code as IRacing.

  1. If a car has sufficient overlap at the turn-in point of the corner, then cornering room must be given by both cars to allow the cars to take the corner together.
    1. ‘Sufficient overlap’ or ‘overlap’ is defined as having any part your front wheels alongside the rear wheels of the car ahead. A following car has right to it’s established line any time that it has overlap. Leading or defending cars must yield to this right to road.
    2. In order to be entitled to space at corner exit, the following car must maintain overlap throughout the corner. Having overlap at turn-in does not grant you space entitlement at corner exit by default. If sufficient overlap is not kept throughout the corner then the leading car has the right to choose any line he wishes at the corner exit and the trailing car must then yield.
    3. If 2 cars enter a corner with overlap and that overlap is maintained throughout the entire corner, the car on the inside must maintain an inside line throughout the entire corner and the car on the outside must maintain an outside line throughout the entire corner. If any car narrows or tightens his radius which results in him ‘crossing lines’ from outside to inside or vice versa, that driver will be at fault for any contact that ensues.
    4. 7.2 Bump passing - Incidental 10 pts; 20 pts; 1 Race Ban; Season Ban
    5. 17.2 Bump passing - Intentional 1 Race Ban; Season Ban; Lifetime Ban
As for the video... I am in the BMW. Corner entry, mid, and exit were completely fine. We both gave each other through the turn. If the incident had happened during the corner, I would have just accept the minor incident. Keep in mind that the stewards had gave a minor penalty because the Ferrari didn't leave enough room in the "corner". Also the driver had a 3 monitor set up. The excuse that he didn't see me is invalid.
MOVING FORWARD. The Ferrari has got on my inside and all the way until the end of the corner exit. Now... my car was more than half of his and I had no obligation to lift or steer into the grass. As the Ferrari exits the corner, he didn't keep a tighter line and attempted to force me off. His cockpit view shows he is even steering to the right the whole entire time. He didn't let off or even attempted to jerk his car to the left. Now I brought that up to the stewards but they have the excuse that it was "NETCODE" and when to cars get "STUCK", it is hard to control the car. THIS does have some truth... however, IRacing isn't broken to where it doesn't show a the drivers steering input. The steering input will still be shown... but the cars could still be stuck. In the case HE had no intention to avoid the incident. If you go to my cockpit view... I kept it as straight as I possibly could to cause minimal force of impact. Even if I tried to steer my car to the right, the Ferrari asserting the opposite force of my steering which made it hard for me to move over...
He even submitted a protest against me... which I thought was very ridiculous! More or less, my team says that he did that to cover up his end because he knew what he did was intentional. I also wrote back that I didn't agree and gave the reasons why but they wanted me to put in a appeal. What do ya'll think?

TLDR: Was this intentional or not?
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2021.11.30 02:29 _kiminara /LittleNightmares Subdirect Statistics

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2021.11.30 02:29 Creepy-Ad-3113 Has anyone gotten an email for amc saying they were one of the 86000 Nft ticket holders?

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2021.11.30 02:29 MalletSwinging Bancor launching v3 of its DEX product. The feature that sounds good to me is instant impermanent loss protection.

BNT was a really big comeup for me earlier this year. I made a lot of money in a very short time but I've forgotten about it for the most part since then. I don't even have it on my tradingview lists any more.
I read today about v3 of their AMM launching and it has some really neat sounding features. The two that are interesting to me is their impermanent loss protection and their new Omnipool. You apparently don't have to stake on one particular pair and instead you deposit BNT to their Omnipool and get a fraction of each trade fee that is produced via any trade on their DEX.
I've been out of the defi game for a while (I got hosed once and that left a sour taste in my mouth) but once these guys start offering a Polygon Network option instead of ETH I am going to get back in. No idea when that will be but it looks really interesting and I think these guys are underrated.
Disclosure: I own no BNT nor do I provide any liquidity on their AMM; this just looks interesting to me and I have never understood why Bancor isn't more popular than it is. Bringing LP protection to defi is one of the things I think will make it more mainstream.
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