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I miss my late cat, she was the only cat for me

2021.12.06 02:51 Disquettezen I miss my late cat, she was the only cat for me

I didn't really want this other cat who's now in my house, which now I basically despise due how frightened I am of him since he fucking sliced my head open and sent me straight to the hospital. Now I can't hear cats meow loudly without getting a borderline panic attack and bloody flashbacks.
I just want my late cat, she was so sweet, she was a street cat and even then, she was the most gentle and kind cat I had ever met. Her fur was soft and her eyes were full of life, she would respect you if you respected her, and ignore you if you didn't.
I miss you Pino, you truly were the best cat, and the only cat meant for me. I hope to see you again one day, rest in peace my sweet girl.
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2021.12.06 02:51 ayakaitto I will trade whatever you want for Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered

I've got Frostpunk, Football Manager, Journey to the Savage Planet, and everything else available.
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2021.12.06 02:51 djentkittens How do I get discord to say what game I’m playing?

I don’t see the game activity tab anywhere
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2021.12.06 02:51 quirkyqu33fer toon kingdom being negated interaction question

i play my toon kingdom and my friend uses solemn judgement to negate the activation. does my toon kingdom go to the graveyard or does it stay on the field and just doesn't become "toon world"??? aslo do i still banish 3 cards for the activation even though it was negated?
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2021.12.06 02:51 lickhishole 😌

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2021.12.06 02:51 cthuluhoop42 Taking my dog for a walk

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2021.12.06 02:51 erinmarkowitz Any ideas for unique small Harry Potter Tattoos?

… all the ones I’ve seen are just so boring I mean they’re cute but I would like something more interesting. for reference I am a slytherin my patronus is a doe.
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2021.12.06 02:51 Professional_Box5628 missing pumpkin moon textures

ok so see im trying to make a sfm but i need the pumpkin moon effect but sfm doesnt have it so i just used the paticles from tf2 and it worked it even showed me pumpkin moon but when i use it it turns to one of does missing model glitched blocks how do i make it not do that?
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2021.12.06 02:51 desireesun IIL the wavy bass in this song, WEWIL?

I've been trying to figure out what this specific type of bass is called so I can search for more songs that have it, but a good example that I can show you right now is the bass in this song:
Wavy Bass

Do you have any song recs (no specific genre) that have this style of bass too?
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2021.12.06 02:51 Old_Meringue5129 How have Germans’ relationships with the state changed over time?

Particularly I'm talking about 20th century German history: How have different political systems (Imperial, Weimar, Nazi Germany, Federal Republic, German Democratic Republic) shaped German society? Given that there seems to a vast array of themes we can reference in a span of 100 years like unification, economic crises, fascism, genocide, authoritarianism, surveillance etc...
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2021.12.06 02:51 Eagnasty Our leader we don't hear from enough... Jon Allen. He's got that attitude. Some guys get the money and give up, some guys get the money and step up. Jon Allen has stepped up HUGE after a big contract in a way that I haven't really seen before. He got his money and he's playing like an All-Pro.

Our leader we don't hear from enough... Jon Allen. He's got that attitude. Some guys get the money and give up, some guys get the money and step up. Jon Allen has stepped up HUGE after a big contract in a way that I haven't really seen before. He got his money and he's playing like an All-Pro. submitted by Eagnasty to washingtonNFL [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 02:51 Shulk972 One way or another, December 8th will answer some important questions.

I won't go into the current state of multiplayer. You have your opinions, and I have no interest in changing them. Something that is frequently brought up in all of this though is "it's a beta." People debate whether or not you can really call this a beta, but the official line is that it is indeed a beta. On December 8th, that changes. We'll see exactly what 343i is considering the official release, no more "is it a beta?" debate. Whatever your thoughts on the matter, I think this clarity will be important. That is all.
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2021.12.06 02:51 PennyPay Two Easy Mobile App Offers

Mobile App Offers Queen Rock Tour - Android - CPI - US 700.00 points Mobile App Offers Pococha Live Android US 2000.00 points
Pococha you just download, quickly sign up and watch a stream for 3 minutes. Queen Rock Tour just download, enter birthdate and play for a few minutes. Two very easy offers.
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2021.12.06 02:51 ComplexEmphasis Gliese 623, by Kevin Cowart

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2021.12.06 02:51 queen_bean5 Anyone else a people-watcher?

Mum says that since I was little, I would watch other kids movements and choices over and over again before attempting them. Apparently I didn’t walk for months after my toddler friends, preferring instead to watch them fall on their faces and learn from their mistakes. When I was slightly older, my friends were WILD, and would jump off the balcony, do swinging tricks on the monkey bars, climb enormous trees and break their weak bones all the damn time. Apparently I’d always prefer to watch them and gauge how much they hurt themselves before I attempted anything.
PS. My dog got hit by a car a few months ago and miraculously didn’t break a bone either. She takes after me
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2021.12.06 02:51 GRISELDAGFXR PS4 GTA I Offer Pro Help On All Heist Finales - I fill on All Finales only 15%

I can help with Casino Finales now or if you need help with your next one or Ms. Baker missions. I charge 15% if u lead. I charge 20% if I lead. I have a mic. I have done all 3 approaches countless times. I hack 5 to 10 seconds per print.
I also help with the new Auto shop Heist finales. I also do O.G. heist with Heavy Combat gear only. No that is not the Juggernaut suit. Cayo and Doomsday finales also 15% add me on PS4: ALLWORLD19
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2021.12.06 02:51 Superindian48 Dexgem Multi Chain Decentralized Protocols

Dexgem Multi Chain Decentralized Protocols Dexgem originally deployed on the Binance smart chain, our services will operate on multiple chains, allowing projects, communities, and token developers to utilize the suitable tools for them. We believe the future of the entire cryptocurrency industry is multi-chain.
#dexgem #bsc #crypto #bnb
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2021.12.06 02:51 Christian4223 Orangutan communication with other orangutans and other monkeys. Group project EEB-3201 UCONN

The research question that my group was wanting to figure out is the social behavior between orangutans with themselves and other primates. We were interested in the question after looking at the behaviors and sociability of the apes on multiple zoo live cams and became curious if there social behavior around themselves and other primates. Our data is still inconclusive but we are on track to say that orangutans are mostly in social with themselves but tend to like the company of other primates better. That was what our hypothesis predicted and it seems to be correct so far. More research is needed as we have only 24 hours of data on two live cams from the Kansas and the San Diego zoos.
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2021.12.06 02:51 dzolympics When do you think the mask mandates and King County indoor dining/bar/entertainment vaccine mandates will end?

Is King County going to keep requiring vaccine cards for their venues, bars, and restaurants forever? When will the statewide mandate end? We are only one of 5 states with a statewide mandate. Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Illinois. The other 45 states don't have a statewide mask mandate. And we are now the only state that has ANY kind of outdoor mask mandate (Oregon got rid of theirs). It feels like when you go almost everywhere else in the US, its back to normal. Then when you are back in the Seattle area it feels like a dystopian world- Eastern Washington and rural areas of the state are pretty much ignoring the mask mandates. When will this end? Whenever Inslee is out of office? We don't even have anything to work for. There are no plans whatsoever.
Seriously, go anywhere outside of the state or even Seattle- everybody else has moved on. Its time that we do too. When will this virtue signaling theater end?
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2021.12.06 02:51 PAPABURG3R Is anyone else experiencing this?

Is anyone else having it where you win a game, but the post match screen says the opposite team won?
I have a few screenshots of good games I want to post, but don’t want the backlash of “if you did so good, why did you still lose?” Even though we absolutely did win.
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2021.12.06 02:51 Mean_Bet8952 [For Hire] NFT artist (Illustration & Pixel) from $250

Professional NFT artist with 5+ years of experience as an illustrator. Have done many NFT projects.
- 10,000+ collection
- 250+ traits
- metadata and rarity included
- custom delivery days up to 10
- 10 revisions
- 24/7 support
- 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.
- from $250+
- last project
- portfolio
Kindly check my portfolio and let me know if you are interested.
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2021.12.06 02:51 Better-Maintenance-9 What is the best defense in the game?

I am a th12 so personally I would say its between the EA and the Townhall itself
View Poll
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2021.12.06 02:51 colondsmile 2Pac - Untouchable (2005) (Melting Eyes Remix)

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2021.12.06 02:51 WalmartDarthVader Will accounting firms such as the big4 ever go public?

Some financial services institutions are public but not accounting firms. I understand why they are not public but is there a possibility in the future? And for senior employees to receive stock?
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2021.12.06 02:51 Sh1n1gam1_Kun One Sided Convos

You know what grinds my gears,when people do nothing to add to a conversation, i thought i was shit at making small talk but damn im leading 99% of all conversations w ppl
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