Drawing Matsuri (haven’t drawn in ages though)

2021.11.30 03:22 Tetrology_Gaming Drawing Matsuri (haven’t drawn in ages though)

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2021.11.30 03:22 4BDUL4Z1Z JS have all the Answers

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2021.11.30 03:22 OffxcialVeloz https://t.me/joinchat/G3XliK0ntDgzNDBh

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2021.11.30 03:22 niuz-bot Letonia cere o prezenţă militară americană permanentă în ţară, pentru a se proteja de Rusia / Ministrul leton al apărării vrea rachete americane Patriot - [Analize]

Letonia are nevoie de o prezenţă militară permanentă a Statelor Unite pentru a descuraja Rusia şi doreşte să-şi consolideze apărarea cu rachete americane Patriot, a… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/letonia-cere-o-prezenta-militara-americana-permanenta-in-tara-pentru-a-se-proteja-de-rusia-ministrul-leton-al-apararii-vrea-rachete-americane-patriot.html
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2021.11.30 03:22 Otherwise-Parfait-33 No plans for future

I’m a 16 year old girl and I have no plans or goals for the future. Sure, I have a life ahead of me and it’s not the end of the world but I lack something my classmates have and that is dreams. I can’t imagine myself working in an office or having a stable career. I’m more capable of imagining myself working at a gas station or grocery store. I do not care for my future anymore and that part of me that was ambitious and willing to try has died some time ago so I no longer feel anything. It may sound dramatic or funny coming from a 16 year old but that’s just how it is. I come home from school everyday tired and upset wishing that all of this could just end for a while. When I told my mom that I’m upset she laughed it off saying that it’s normal and that I’m just whiny so looking for help from my parents isn’t the way to go. In conclusion I don’t care what happens to me. Nothing makes me happy anymore.
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2021.11.30 03:22 saymon21 Day-night - Car Traffic Timelapse

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2021.11.30 03:22 BioniC1871 NFC payment apps

I have a Mi Note 10, and I would like to use NFC for payments at stores. Google Pay is not supported in my country (South Africa).
Is there an official Xiaomi pay app? I was unable to find anything. Was also not able to find/use Visa Pay as it seems it uses Google Pay. I even tried PayPal but it was not available as a payment option in the NFC tap & pay menu.
What are alternatives?
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2021.11.30 03:22 zzzman82 [NG+4][BL175][OoK][ZeeMan82]

PW zzzz
Ringing at fog gate
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2021.11.30 03:22 lilcardyl She so pretty man

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2021.11.30 03:22 DipDivers DipDivers mint is now live! Info in comments

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2021.11.30 03:22 Spammmo My Autarch Skyrunner

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2021.11.30 03:22 Extremely_Toxic Need help Maneater

Completed game twice and deleted save file to correct stuff. Need help on first game Maneater. Also possibly co-op is person is interested.
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2021.11.30 03:22 Hyak_utake Legendary comment by u/Evil_Steven

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2021.11.30 03:22 Awexie Genshin girls edited with different hairstyles

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2021.11.30 03:22 NoctisProditor I mean

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2021.11.30 03:22 noonoonomore Could two people with adhd have a successfull relationship?

With all the procrastination and the anxiety it brings and now the whole thing is doubled, could the relationship be successfull?
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2021.11.30 03:22 marshallthecatholic 😳😳KANYE WITH THE RAYCONS?!!😳😳

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2021.11.30 03:22 Mmmspooky Can we talk about the bad treatment of culture in Webkinz pets and items?

Real big content/trigger warning for > cultural appropriation , stereotypes , racism <
Also, I have dyslexia so if I make a typo/write something out weird lmk and I'll be glad to clarify!

In response to a recent large discussion of these things in the games Animal Jam and Feral - which I wasn't expecting to happen as many people shut down the conversation of this in games targeted for younger audiences or diminish it because it's "just a game" - I wanted to discuss this on a larger platform than one-on-one conversation. It's really important that people be aware of this since Webkinz being a friendly little animal game doesn't excuse these big flaws, and may make it even worse given that children who grow up seeing these things are being exposed to negative portrayals of various cultures and/or their own. There are a LOT of items like this so I'm not covering all of them at once, even within specific themes. I also want this to be a discussion and not just me voicing my thoughts, even if I am relaying what other people have said about these items specifically/representation and depiction of cultures in general.
To be clear: I am not vagueposting/calling people out and not saying you should not play Webkinz or anything like that. Webkinz is a huge special interest of mine and I spend way too much time on it, but I am still very opposed to these things in the game. You can enjoy a game, piece of media, etc that has problems in it as long as you are critical of it and be educated as to why those problems are problems in the first place.
It is also okay to represent various cultures in games, and is unavoidable given that there's no such thing as a "neutral culture" (aka trying to make something with no cultural influence altogether), but it has to be done properly. Off the top of my head, consulting people of their respective cultures to give feedback on/design such items and pets are ways to go about that.
Games have a habit of giving items based off of real world cultures names that don't directly reference the culture it's a part of. Rather, it's a random non-English word coming from the language associated with it, or an English world that vaguely describes it (often in a stereotypical or at the very least, Odd way). These themes are examples :
http://webkinzpictureguide.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Fiesta_Theme (Mexican based)
http://webkinzpictureguide.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Northern_Trails_Theme (Native American based)
http://webkinzpictureguide.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Ichiban_Theme (TW: the window item's name is based off of a uh, certain war related flag; Japanese based)
There's also Poncho who's a giant Mexican stereotype. He's a poncho and sombrero wearing chihuahua who speaks in a stereotypical Mexican accent and is in a game where he breaks candy (basically pinatas) blocks by bouncing a bean off of his sombrero.
Again, I genuinely want to have a discussion on this and for people to be more aware of this kind of stuff in Webkinz, in other games, and wherever you see it in general. This isn't meant to be like "you all stink, bye."
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2021.11.30 03:22 Bcronic The Witcher 3 The Hidden Witch

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2021.11.30 03:22 BelgianSexWaffle What would I need to use my 500cm to capture a 1:1 of a developed negative?

I know it's a bit weird of a question. Say I have a strip of processed 120 film, with 6x6 images. If I wanted capture a near 1:1 of those images on another roll of film, what could I use to do this? It's kind of like DSLR scanning negatives, but not. I assume I would need an extension tube, or bellows? Which lenses?
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2021.11.30 03:22 First_Imagination328 Grab Exciting Rajasthan Tour Packages | Rajputana Tours Pvt. Ltd

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2021.11.30 03:22 Thegamerlikesbananas Yeni araba battle royale oyunum 7 ocakda android ve windowsda

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2021.11.30 03:22 big_sneaky Intermittent static/ticking noise in recording

I'm editing an episode and there's this intermittent noise I've never seen/heard before that's basically ruining the entire recording. It looks like this in the waveform and sounds like static mixed with a sort of ticking. It's loudest on one track (the bottom track in the picture), a little quieter but present on another (top track), and barely noticeable in the third (middle). Happens for like 5-10 sec once every couple minutes, but not on any regular pattern—sometimes there are two sections of the noise only a few seconds apart.
I recorded the episode on a Zoom h6 in interface mode running into Audition. I've used the Zoom & all three mics/cables regularly and without problems as recently as last week. I wasn't in my usual recording space (was at a friend's house) but have recorded there before without this issue. The only things that might have been different this time were:

  1. I didn't have an SD card in the Zoom at all, but it was in interface mode, so I didn't think that would matter.
  2. My MacBook adapter was plugged into an extension cord that I might not have used before (can't remember). No XLR cables were crossing the extension cord though.
Is this RF interference? A bad XLR cable? Some kind of issue with the H6? Any ideas welcome.
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2021.11.30 03:22 meme_enthusiast3464 You can send a message to every single smartphone on earth at the same time. What do you say? OWE

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2021.11.30 03:22 MrHammy1 Will there be any way at all to play Cluckeria on PC?

I know flipline changed to purely mobile games when flash died (and now they charge for them) and I know you can access the old PC ones, but as for the new games is there any way they can be downloaded and/or played on PC?
I still believe they should put all the games on a platform like steam, this would allow us to play on PC (for nostalgia and convenience reasons), allow more contact with the community and still charge for the games if they insist on doing so. I think they lost a large part of the community turning to mobile only instead of working to find a method that suits everyone.
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