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Long Term Goal For Coyote™

2022.01.21 20:04 TheCoyoteCoin Long Term Goal For Coyote™

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2022.01.21 20:04 Straight_Example_890 14 and trying my best

When I was 8 or 9 I got an ad for a porn website randomly and hid it from my parents but watched it not knowing why I felt good. I stopped for two years but then picked it back up and started watching it more and more.
Lock down is when I started watching it daily then got into weird categories that honestly disgust me. I workout every day do work for hours and still fall into the trap. I don't know how much I want to continue in anything anymore. Everyone puts pressure from every aspect.
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2022.01.21 20:04 ThatRandomPerson__ Just had the weirdest convo of all time...

Sorry abt the flair, wasn't sure what to put it as
Ok so for context I was talking to some classmates and we were asking one guy if he was wearing perfume cuz it kinda smelled like it I guess. Anyway, this one person randomly jumps (she kinda does that sometimes) in and goes "only girls can wear perfume!! Guys wear cologne." and someone goes "well yeah they can?" and she goes "well that's not how it works but ok..." (as if it was a super dumb thing to say?? This girl I swear-) And someone else goes "well a man can be a woman!" (they didn't actually mean to say that in a transphobic way I'm pretty sure, it just came out weird judging by the fact that they are lgbt+ supportive and how awkward they were after) and this girl goes "yeah well maybe gay guys." in a really weirdly concending manner and just struts away. I mean they have said some really weird and uncomfy stuff before but this was just... Like the whole point of being a gay guy is that you like guys as a guy? Am I making a big deal out of this? It's just that I keep thinking back to it and it feels weird, especially since me and this other dude are bi.
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2022.01.21 20:04 GroundbreakingGas679 How to hotkey Morplhing ultimate?

Hi, kinda new to dota, 100 hours or so and i wanted to try morph but i can't hotkey the habilities of the heroes i choose with my ultimate, can someone pls tell me how and also how to put them on quickcast, thanks.
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2022.01.21 20:04 Drackhos isn't there a mod that allows us to put an end to the reign of the daedra in Skyrim ? (quick edit)

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2022.01.21 20:04 landmark666 2021-2022 Wheel sizing.

Hi friends, in Early February I will be taking delivery of a 2022 sport and trading in my SH forester.
I am planning to keep a second set of wheels for the forester and use them as a winter or a/t set for the Crosstrek. My question is about wheel sizing and what wont work.
The second set of wheels are Sparco Terra 16x7. Wrapped currently with some continental all season. 205/65/16 and an offset of *+50. After checking tire rack, it looks like they may not fit. I don’t understand the offset info all that much. Anyone more knowledgeable able to chime in? Thanks and happy trails!
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2022.01.21 20:04 mikerooker Wreckx N Effect - Rump Shaker

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2022.01.21 20:04 TheShogunofSorrow8 J. Scott Campbell: How a Spider-Man Comic Exposed an Art-Fixing Debate

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2022.01.21 20:04 xQasadiOx Irish Troubles - Non Fiction Recommendations

Hi! Me and my partner have watched a few films around the topic of the Irish Troubles and just wondered what non fiction suggestions people had to learn more about that period of time? :) Thanks!
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2022.01.21 20:04 Hernyyyyy Someone posted a 202 mobility hunter. I raise you my 206 mobility. Bungie fears me. Guardians question my stupidity.

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2022.01.21 20:04 Zykium The Plot Description of 'How I Met Your Father'

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2022.01.21 20:04 Brandnew2027 Imagine boxcar racer at riot fest?

20 year anniversary. Just sayingggg
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2022.01.21 20:04 Lolasglasses Whiskey vows

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2022.01.21 20:04 maybehelp244 Class Wait-list?

I've been on a wait-list for a class since the first minute classes were available to enroll in. I just found out that the person second in line got offered it and I am still waiting on line. Who do I reach out to see what's going on? This seems absolutely unfair and I really was looking forward to the class.
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2022.01.21 20:04 SunnyIsntFunny CALLING ALL UNDERTALE/DELTARUNE FANS!!!!! I need more ideas for perler bead creations, any suggestions for what I do next?

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2022.01.21 20:04 rmumford Canada-based Kinross behind explosion in Ghana town kills 17, destroys hundreds of buildings

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2022.01.21 20:04 evilmich best Celestus enchantment?

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2022.01.21 20:04 narutoash I Just Beat “Jak 3” Again After Many Years, Here Are My Thoughts.

Yesterday I posted my thoughts on beating "Jak 2" again for the first time in many years. Today, I want to post my thoughts on replaying and beating "Jak 3". And what I found after beating “Jak 3” for the first time in a very long time, was something more epic than I remember.
I hope you all enjoy my thoughts on this game and read through it all. But just a little warning, this is a little long, about 5 pages on google docs. With all that said, here are my thoughts
“Jak 3” is the end of the trilogy, and it is big in many ways. I remember that you get to play in a few locations that were not in the second game, along with some locations of the second game. And from replaying this game after many years, I really can see just how expansive the world is compared to the second game. The world is so much larger, now adding in the desert, Spargus, which are really nice add ons and really show a different side of the world and its culture. And they do let us play in Haven City again, but this time it’s destroyed, and full of metal heads and Krimson Guard robots attacking everything, but now it’s also free from the baron. Between the two main cities, we really get to see how different things are. the desert area is more peaceful, the city area is more chaotic. I like how the game also shows you the difference between the two in big ways with the people themselves. Like in “Jak 2”, the Citizens of Haven City were all depressed, unable to do anything but obey the Baron. In “Jak 3”, they are still helpless and let the Council handle the attacks.
But in Spargus City, the Citizens are all walking upright, and each one has their own weapon, there are no police or guards there since they all are survivors and can handle themselves even if you attack them. It shows how, while barbaric, they are also more free than those in Haven City. This is a fantastic contrast and again it really shows another side of the world.
Another thing that makes the game feel bigger than the second game, is the music. Here it’s more complex, grander and epic, with very few songs sounding like songs from the first and second game. And to be honest, I do prefer the songs that sound more like the first two games than the grander songs used, such as the song played in Spargus City. But even though the rest of the soundtrack isn't very simple, it doesn't mean it’s bad, just not my favorite of the three. It really does fit the grand scope of the game though, especially it’s story.
Now, this story is definitely grand. Definitely epic and definitely satisfying. For me this story is the best in the trilogy, even though it’s not as complex as “Jak 2” was. And the reason why this story is the better one for me, isn't because the final act is amazing in every way, but because of how the wraps things up, how it explains so much and reveals so much and really builds upon the things the first game set a foundation for in terms of Jak, Eco, and the Precursors, heck even in terms of Daxter as well. But it also touches on things the second game also set up too.
I love how here they really touch on Jak’s compatibility with Eco, and how he is now feeling uncontrolled by the rage and darkness of the Dark Eco in him when he starts to gain his Light Eco abilities, and that Eco vents are back. I love how they even bring back Light Eco from the first game and show us the new abilities it has. I love that we get to see the tribe of people Sig often talked about in the second game. I love seeing that we get to meet Jak’s dad and how they have many father-son moments, but sadly not knowing of each other’s connection. Thankfully Jak does find out, but only at the end. I also love that we find out who was the real ruler of Haven City, something that was only touched on in the second game. I also love that the strange stasun we see in the frist two games are a huge important part of the plot, and how there is an opposite to the precursors. I also love how this game touches on Jak’s prophecy a lot, and how it also makes it that this whole time, even though the prophecy was focused on Jak, that we find out Daxter was a huge part of the precursors' plans. I also love that they really go and touch on the Precursors way more than the first two games did, and we even get to meet some of them in person, not as a hologram. I also love that the game touches a lot on each character’s relationship with each other and really shows how close they all became. I also have to say that this story itself is just amazing and really well paced, and I personally think it was a great conclusion to the trilogy. But I can't really say much as well with out giving too much spoilers.
There is so much here in terms of story that it’s impressive that they really where able to put everything in this game without making it feel like too many things is going on and that it doesn't seem to connect. Because everything does connect really well. And that’s what’s every important. This is one big thing that this game fixes in terms of story telling that the second game had some issues with. Here for the most part, everything flows into each other smoothly. Though I do have to say, one complaint is that the intro cutscene was very fast paced, and there are some cutscenes that are fast paced like in the first game, but most are well paced like the second game.
One thing that I also really like is that this game is, like I said earlier, more straight foward. You’re not going around back and forth from place to place as much as the second game, and each time you take a mission, it’s always taking you someplace new. And these new places are really creative and cool. And also it’s cool to see that the layout for Haven City has changed, and they even added new elements to the city that was not there in the second game. So it shows that some big amount of time passes between the two games. But the game doesn't really make it very clear just how much time passes, nor does it make it clear how long Jak was away at the desert. Also, when I was little, for me it seemed the time we spend playing the game before we go back to Haven City, was a lot longer than it actually is. For me, back then it seemed like the beginning part of the game, when Jak is in Spargus City, took about half the game before he goes back to Haven City, and that the portions of Haven City where like the last few hours, maybe the last like 4 hours of the game. But really no, you’re only stuck in Spargus City for the beginning of the game and the rest is mostly in Haven City. You can still go between the two anytime you want, and that’s cool. I just thought there would be more things in Spargus than I thought there would be.
But I do have to say, the way they balanced the calm beginning, of you being in Spargus City, to then dump you back in Haven City, where from the moment you get back there, the rest of the game is super fast paced and full of action. So this is another contrast they did really well. And when I say y face paced, I mean face paced. You feel like you do need to rush through things as you see Haven City being attacked the entire time. Which I also like because of that, there are few civilians walking around the city, and few vehicles around.
I do also want to talk about the new characters. They are all fantastic. I especially love Damas and Seem. They did the new characters really well. Now in terms of old characters, They still do them justice, though it seems Keira had a new voice actress and she was fine, but I don't understand why she only spoke like five times and they were all super short. She’s barely in this game and that’s sad. They do build up a more romantic interest between Jak and Ashelin. But I’m glad they decided to have her go with Torn and Jak with Keira. As for Jak, I do love that now he is calmer, not as angry. And he has gone back to not speaking as much, and letting Daxter do most of the talking. This further proves that Jak is just for the most part quiet but does talk when he wants to, which I have said even back in the first game. Speaking of that, I just feel like overall, he is more quirky in this game than he was in the last and more light hearted, it seems like a great mix of the Jak from the first and second game.
Now outside of story and plot, the game also makes things big in the sense of gameplay. They fixed a lot of things from the second game, and built up on some of them as well. I love the new gun mods, I love the new hoverboard features, especially that now it can attack. I love the evolution of the vehicles with the sand cars, that you can go in first person in the cars, that on the hovering vehicles you can basically be a passenger, that now you get more health. I love that they brought back Daxter saying something funny when you die, even though it's not very common. I also love that you get new Dark Jak powers, and probably the biggest and best change and add on to the game, is that of Light Jak, and how they fixed the issues with using Dark Jak from the second game. Now, any amount of Light or Dark Eco can let you transform. The gauge doesn't need to be full. And if you're not attacking or using any abilities, you can stay in that form and it wont drain the gauge.
This made me use these forms so much more than in the second game…Like a lot more than in the second game. Though, I do wish there was a way to become Light Jak, similar to how you become Dark Jak, by just pressing a button, rather than having to first use a Light Jak ability. Also, I do love that Dark and Light Jak are actually a bigger factor in the story, and we see him use these two forms in the story way more than he did in the second game, so I’m so happy for that.
Now, even though they fixed and added so much, I do have to say, I feel like the hover vehicles in Haven City feel…Weird now. They feel heavier than in the second game and so much slower. Like for me it's only slightly faster than using the hoverboard. I’m not sure why they did that. But to be honest, that, and not being able to turn into Light Jak without first using a Light Jak ability is my only real complaint with the game in terms of gameplay.
I also noticed that this game continues the amazing addition of adding small details that the first two games had. All the small details they had, this one has and more. Now you also see Jak use his scarf and goggles in the desert when it’s stormy. You also see Daxter change his pose to match the state of Light Jak, like he does when you go Dark Jak mode. Which I love now seeing the little hints of dark green and blond near the roots of Jak’s hair when he goes Dark Jak. I love seeing the new gun mods being shown on the actual gun itself. And that there are rats and lizards running in Spargus city and you can even kill them too. I also love that they brought back a water monster to kill you if you swim too far away. And that some of the holes on the tarps over the entry of the houses in Spargus City has some holes in them. I even love that you find a ton more Precursor Orbs floating around in the desert and Spargus City, which makes sense, due to them still being very connected with precursor items and relics than Haven City. And that Jak’s Goatee also looks different due to the amount of time that has passed, and that his scarf is loose now so he makes it easier to cover his face when in the desert, and how when it's not covering his face, it blows in the wind. There are just so many great little details like that in this game.
And I love that this game hints at some things about Mar that’s still confusing to this day, and that it hints at future adventures for them all. Overall the game really set out to conclude the trilogy in a big way and like I said, I definitely think they did. Though, I do have one question, when Jak calls the Outlanders for help in Haven City, why is it only Damas that appears? Even when I was little I found it strange it was just him when he even says to Jak “You called for an army?” I get that he ment help but, still I'd expect at least 3 Outlanders to go rescue one of their own in distress. But ya other than that, and the confusing Mar thing, everything else is really well done. I don't even mind the villain because he was established well in the second game. For me, this game really set out to tie up any loose ends and clarify things, and I personally think it succeeded perfectly. It really shows that this was way more planned than the second game was in terms of being a sequel to the one before it. But again, the tone and humor from the first game is still here, along with the tone and humor of the second game. But while also having its own tone and humor too. In the end, I think this game really did well in concluding the story, and that it’s definitely the concluding chapter. And I personally think it does well as a stand alone game as well. Next up is “Jak X” and it’s gonna be an interesting one for sure.
For me this is the best game in the series, and I’m glad that playing it now so many years later it’s even more epic than I remember it being (and a lot easier too)
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the food
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2022.01.21 20:04 MarvelsGrantMan136 Next ‘A Quiet Place’ Movie Jumps from March 2023 to September 2023

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2022.01.21 20:04 pathadog Weird Ui Change

All of a sudden
All of a sudden my ui has changed to these gross looking green ticks, does anyone know how to revert to the old ui? or disable these ones.
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2022.01.21 20:04 Willing-Clock-8884 How to get fit like Amanda Cerny

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