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Lemon OG...

2022.01.21 20:31 T-roy42oh Lemon OG...

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2022.01.21 20:31 Mr_Foxredditedition How many shots do you count?

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2022.01.21 20:31 Same_Confusion_9201 Can someone explain the Isotretinoin treatment process to me from beginning to end?

I mean from initially meeting the doctor to the last month of treatment. What happens in between all of that?
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2022.01.21 20:31 SnowfallQueenArt A little party never killed nobody, right? .....right?

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2022.01.21 20:31 army1707 Texturing/lighting help procedural voxel game

Texturing/lighting help procedural voxel game
I'm not sure about how to format this so I'll get straight to the point, I recently tried to texture my games procedural meshes however there's a weird color bleed / artifacting beyond a certain distance. I have no clue what this is or how to fix it, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.21 20:31 Kazekid GAME THREAD: The Portland Trail Blazers (18-26) @ The Boston Celtics (23-23) - (4:30 PM, January 21, 2022)

Box Score Please don't post links to streams directly on the subreddit. We don't want to get in trouble and go the way of nbastreams. Just PM them.
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2022.01.21 20:31 tzevux Work Work !

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2022.01.21 20:31 HeStoleMyBalloons Traveling Norwich City supporters chant "USA! USA! USA!" after Josh Sargent's brace vs Watford

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2022.01.21 20:31 AdentureAwaits Anime_irl

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2022.01.21 20:31 shessoh1gh would this be weird

This is my first semester at my school and I got here a week ago and so far my roommate and I have gotten along but I have nothing in common with her or her friends so I want to try to meet other people but this is a really tiny commuter school so there aren’t really a lot of activities or opportunities to meet people :( but a couple days ago this girl saw me and asked if I was new since she’s never seen me before and I was like yeah and then we talked a little and she told me her name so I was wondering if it would be weird if I knocked on the dorm with her name label to say hi?
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2022.01.21 20:31 KingKandyOwO They enjoy bragging about how much money they're making but pay associates near minimum wage

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2022.01.21 20:31 ExtHD Florida's anti-CRT bill to shield people from feeling 'discomfort' over historic actions by their race is approved by the Senate education committee

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2022.01.21 20:31 TrebuhHC claiming usernames on social sites via programs / code / bots

So everyone knows usernames on social sites can be very expensive, the shorter the better, the more OG the better. When people buy these names they will need to get it swapped either manually or by a bot. If they dont use a bot it can get claimed by another bot (lots of bots i know). I was wondering can anyone point me in the direction of coding / getting a program to claim usernames. / ive also seen people have servers on discord which noties them about usernames that there bot claimed how would i also go about doing this? Thanks.
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2022.01.21 20:31 ju_ti 🍔 Get 5$ off First SkipTheDishes Order! 🍔 - Skip The Dishes Coupon Code www.skipthedishes.com/r/1rqwnNEUHJ

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2022.01.21 20:31 VOCSilver Crypto de put in..Zilver fantastische week!

Kijk de fake tokens en beursjes eens klappen krijgen deze week... en ons zilver stijgt, heerlijk!!
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2022.01.21 20:31 Rollo8173 Boutta go meet my gf’s parents

Wish me luck boys
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2022.01.21 20:31 GDT_Bot Game Thread: Pittsburgh Penguins (24-10-5) at Columbus Blue Jackets (18-18-1) - 21 Jan 2022 - 07:00PM EST

Pittsburgh Penguins (24-10-5) at Columbus Blue Jackets (18-18-1) Nationwide Arena Comment with all tables
In-Game Updates Time
04:00PM 05:00PM 06:00PM 07:00PM 08:00PM
Watch, Listen and Talk:
Listen PIT - CBJ
Other-Away Preview - Boxscore - Recap
Other-Home Preview - Boxscore - Recap
GameCenter On NHL.com
Thread Notes:

Subscribe: Penguins and Blue Jackets. Join the discussion in the /Hockey Discord
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2022.01.21 20:31 EuphoricRoutine1476 Antibiotics don’t expire??🤣🤣🤣🤣

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2022.01.21 20:31 Halloweenhotty666 So snuggly 18+

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2022.01.21 20:31 jfred24 Price of SOL vs value of projects being built on network?

Hello all, new to crypto but trying to get up to speed. I come from a finance background so some aspects of crypto come easier than others. I wanted some sort of exposure into crypto within my portfolio, so put a small amount into Coinbase and bought Bitcoin, Ethererum, and Solana (with SOL taking up more than 50% of the total position).
My question is regarding the value of the coin vs the projects. My understanding so far is there are projects being built on the blockchain which can have immense value (I’ve researched some of their end goals, pretty cool stuff). Will investing in Solana itself be like investing in an ETF for these projects? Meaning if the projects do well, the value of solana will also go up? Or do I have to use SOL to buy into the projects? My thinking is that if the projects do well, more people will use SOL therefore increasing price of SOL. Is that the right way to look at it?
For what it’s worth, I also opened a solfare wallet and plan on transferring my SOL to it.
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2022.01.21 20:31 WebAssemblyMan .NET MAUI with .NET CLI on Windows 11 and Android Emulator

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2022.01.21 20:31 Objective_Noise9966 Opinion On How Humanitarian Aid Organization Handled Sexual Assault During Internship

In 2015 I was a recent graduate from a Christian university. I applied for an internship for a well known, Christian based, humanitarian aid organization based in the US. I worked hard on my application and got accepted, I was so so happy and excited to see what God had in store for me.
The way the internship worked- recent college graduates applied and if you got accepted you came to intern with the company for 6 months in one of their overseas offices. No one knew where they would be sent to until about 2 months before the internship started (to give time for visas and vaccinations). We then went to the HQ based in the US and had one week of orientation that consisted of team building with other interns, learning about the companies values, and one day of security training (what to do if you get kidnapped, how to handle bribery, ect.) Then after that week we were sent to our prospective countries overseas and would work for different offices across the globe for the next 6 months.
I got to my assigned country in Africa. I absolutely loved my time there and the people were so kind. I loved the office I worked with and I felt like I was really a part of doing God’s work. I was a Communications intern, so part of my internship was to go out into the field (different villages and regions in the country I was in) and collect stories on how our organization was impacting their lives. I would also collect stories on what was still lacking and where more work needed to be done.
Due to the nature of my work, I saw and heard a lot of very traumatic and troubling things for a semi-sheltered 22 year old fresh out of undergrad and about half way through it started weighing on me. I started to drink at night after I got back from the field in my motel room to help me not think about what I had heard or saw that day and so I could get some sleep. One of the big morals of the organization was to obtain from sex, alcohol and tobacco. I knew what I was doing was against organization’s code of conduct but I really didn’t know what else to do and kept my drinking a secret so I wouldn’t get in trouble.
A few weeks later, I was eating dinner alone at a motel bar while out in the field. I was drinking at the bar since no one from the organization was with me to “tell on me”. I talked to a guy during dinner who was also traveling for business, he was nice enough and was flirting with me a little but I brushed it off and finished my meal. Once I paid and started back to my room, he offered to walk me back to make sure I got there “safely”. I half heartedly said no thanks I’m fine but he insisted and followed me. Once I got to my room I said goodnight again and rushed to get in the room, he then barged in and started trying to kiss me and touch me all over. I was pretty intoxicated but still coherent enough to remember saying no and pushing him away. I will spare the rest of the details partially because it’s still hard to talk/write about but he forcibly had sex with me and then left. One thing I clearly remembered was him breaking a condom but not getting a new one before finishing. He then left and I passed out. The next morning I woke up, feeling anxious and sore and still trying to piece together what happened. I tried to push it down and went to work for the day.
Once I got back to our home base (not the field) the following day, I went to the medical clinic in the city and told them that I had had unprotected sex (I couldn’t conceptualize that it was rape yet). The doctor scolded me and told me I needed to be more careful as HIV was very common in their country. The doctor put me on preventative medicine in case the man was HIV positive and then treated me for 3 other STIs. I was so full of shame I could hardly look at myself in the mirror. I didn’t dare tell anyone about it.
About 4 weeks later my internship was over and I flew back to the organization’s HQ in the US. We had one day of debriefing where we all shared our positive experiences during our internships and also there was a counselor there incase we wanted to talk about any ‘hard things’ that we had encountered. By this point I had started accepting that I had been taken advantage of by that man but I was really ashamed to say anything because I had broken the company’s code of ethics for drinking and having sex.
I visited the counselor and told her what had happened, she didn’t say much about the night itself but focused on the fact that I was drinking while out in the field and if I had a problem with substance abuse. I then had to meet with the two managers from the company that oversaw the internship program and also told them what had happened. As I was recounting the details of what happened that night, the male manager kept saying, “But you were drinking,” My objective changed from telling them what happened to me, to apologizing and realizing that I had done something very very wrong by drinking while working for them. Our meeting finished and I got up feeling ashamed, angry at myself and absolutely worthless. The female manager walked out beside me and said something to the effect of, “I’m sorry he’s just being a man, you know how they can be about those things.” I replied with, “I hope he never has any daughters.” And that was the last I heard from them.
I went home. The organization offered me 2 paid therapy sessions with a Christian counselor. I went to them. The therapist said, “Well, maybe you aren’t cut out to work for a Christian organization since you’re struggling with alcohol abuse.” I felt even more shame. I couldn’t even use my gifts that I thought God gave me to help people because of what I had did.
My internal narrative from then until very recently has been, “Because I got drunk, I was raped and because I struggled with alcohol abuse, I’m not good enough to work for a Christian organization.”
Recently I have been seeing a different therapist after keeping everything inside for years and she keeps telling me that I was raped and this wasn’t my fault that this happened, regardless of my drinking. If this is true, why did the organization handle it the way that they did? And what should I do? I have moments recently when I get angry and start thinking there should have been more training, more protection out in the field and at least acknowledgment that I got taken advantage of. Do you think the organization I was working for handled this correctly?
If you made it this far thank you so so much.
TL;DR: I was raped while interning for a major Christian organization but I was drinking so they scolded me for that and ignored the assault. I’m now wondering if this was handled correctly based on their Christian values and what I should do (if anything)
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2022.01.21 20:31 No-Extension7031 College hockey between top ranked teams makes for good fun

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2022.01.21 20:31 bucket--bot as much good w experience some of us. You are

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2022.01.21 20:31 NokAir737 Cum

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