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2022.01.21 19:58 scatter82 New tapes for my collection

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2022.01.21 19:58 RayVenZen2 [FOR HIRE] [OC] Landscape & Character Artist!- Open for Commissions!

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2022.01.21 19:58 ldkcalisthenics Fitness collaboration for growth

Does anyone have a fitness channel where you are up for a collaboration to help each other grow. Drop me a dm if interested and we can go from there
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2022.01.21 19:58 Old_Truth6995 El video que no te puedes perder de #mostopapi #short

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2022.01.21 19:58 MuneneKanyi [Hire Me] HIGH-QUALITY ESSAY WRITING SERVICES; EMAIL: or DISCORD: Ewriter#4328

Hello, are you looking to hire an academic/essay writer! I am an experienced academic writer actively involved in research and essay writing for 7 years. Over the years, I have sharpened my skills to deliver high quality papers, which meet client expectations. I can handle several areas of study including, but not limited to psychology, ethics, nursing, healthcare, business, law, information technology, literature, economics, management, and human resource.
If you are looking for high-quality academic and essay writing services. Kindly contact me via email: or DISCORD: Ewriter#4328 to cut a deal at only $15 usd per page.
Kindly click on the following links to view sample papers;
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2022.01.21 19:58 Trillion5 NEW (POSSIBLE) AFFIRMATIONS OF THE TEMPLATE (Update Jan 21 2022)

The 32.5 multiplier to Boyajian's 48.4-day spacing to complete Sacco's orbit shows an affirmation of the 29-day length of the standard sector (see below). In the early days of exploring the Skara-Angkor Signifier, I asked what 32.5 over 52 standard sectors was (32.5 over 52 - 0.625)...
52 standard sectors (of 29 days) = 1508 days
1508 over 32.5 = 46.4 days
46.4 x 0.625 = 29
Though the math in this loop is self-evident, when I first proposed the template I was unaware of the 32.5 multiplier. Now we know the multiplier does not turn the orbit (32.5 x 48.4 = 1573), it is short by one day (or more precisely, 1.4 days). This points to the two extended 33-day sectors either side of the fulcrum derived from the bilateral symmetry. In completing the orbit, there is 1 days less in the last sector (sector 54)...
33 - 1 = 32 days (sector 54)
33 + 32 = 65 days (sector 1)
65 over 32.5 = 2
2 over 0.625 = 3.2
This 3.2 is how the two extended sectors point to the 492 signal (see first link). So...
54 (total sectors) over 0.625 = 86.4
52 (standard sectors) over 0.625 = 83.2
86.4 - 83.2 = 3.2
492 Link
Below is the Template Sector Boundary Dates Academic Download. For a more accurate calculation, instead of using the Aug 24 2017 dateline, the fulcrum in 2013 (May 3) is more compelling as it is nearer to the twin curves..
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2022.01.21 19:58 Enthusiasm-Street

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2022.01.21 19:58 ComplaintWorth1172 Vegans with meat 🍑💪

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2022.01.21 19:58 doomedsharkninja I called Fidelity today to DRS more shares...

As has been my experience, it took less than 5 minutes total.

That is all, it made my day. Will post to feed the bot when they hit my account.
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2022.01.21 19:58 ConsiderationFit6773 MADDEN 22 XB1 EXPRESS CFM - POTENTIALLY WIN OVER $250 EVERY WEEKEND ($25 BUY IN - 2/32)

MUST HAVE DISCORD - XB1 EXPRESS CFM (Bills and Chiefs Only Taken Thus Far)
-No trading with or playing against the CPU, (there rarely will be any vacancies during the season so this should not be much of an issue).
-No glitches will be tolerated, (we will see everything that you do so be aware).
-You may not join or play in the league until $25 payment is received for buy in.
-Be professional.
-When it comes to gameplay it is competitive, so anything is fair game.
-Before the start of the next season, depending on your position in the league, everybody will receive their prizes from the competition
-You are allowed to concede in the 3rd or 4th quarter if you think you will be unable to win, (dashing is inexcusable).
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2022.01.21 19:58 SEifElDen11 cat be like : meow mate

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2022.01.21 19:58 penelbell Where are the socialists?

Looks like both Lancaster and Harrisburg DSA accounts have been silent on all platforms for over a year. Where can folks who are fed up with Dems lack of action connect?
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2022.01.21 19:58 Vanessa32552 The amount of people who believe we live in a computer simulation makes me lose hope for humanity.

These people actually believe that lines of code can spontaneously morph into a living breathing self conscious organism. Whenever they play a videogame they think that whenever they see a nice beach in their game, there must be a beach inside of the computer. When I was three years old I used to believe that people on TV were actually trapped inside of the TV set itself.
Then I grew out of it.
I'm tired of seeing articles on it. People are so out of touch with reality there's now a whole religion based around everyone else not being real, and that to me is a dangerous mindset. If you don't believe me, look up how many people have murdered other people because they believed they were in the Matrix and they thought that murdering someone would allow them to break out of it. This isn't a harmless belief. It's on the level of believing that the Earth is flat, except Flat Earthers are usually a goofy bunch. I've never heard of a Flat Earther murdering anyone due to his/her belief.
I've been programming for fifteen years. Computer game characters aren't alive. They are literally just pixels on a screen told to light up in a certain way by computer code. That's it. Thinking a videogame character could be conscious and alive is like thinking a book could be conscious or alive. If you seriously think they are, I'm sorry but you need a check up from the neck up.
Yes computer programs are more advanced, in the same way that books could become thicker. You'd get much more information and enjoyment out of a thicker book, but no matter how thick a book is, it will never morph into a living person, because it is still a book.
Western society is collectively going mad and denying reality, while China just made an artificial Sun.
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2022.01.21 19:58 CRUST_PAIN Whats your favorite Revenge of the Sith level from the Complete Saga?

View Poll
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2022.01.21 19:58 ethicalprof 37 [M4F] #Philadelphia -- Zoom Distraction for a Nerdy, Diverse Professor ;-)

Like many College Professors out there I'm back on Zoom molding minds from the safety of my desk. What were under my desk being a naughty, little tease?! [Gasp!] IRL College Professor seeks connection with a lover (or wannabe) of passionate cocksucking.
Come keep me company while I teach Winter 2022. Or how about while I'm in a Zoom meeting listening to my colleagues and the sounds of your cocksucking? 😈
Sure, I could talk to you for hours about my area of science or listen to the sounds of your acquaintance with my cock. While I have been in the bdsm lifestyle for over a decade I am also interested in something simple. Chemistry and chill vibes are a plus!
I've posted before and had success. Good times with laughter and well hot, wet messes. Plus a stellar grade on your unofficial, School of Cock transcript ;)
If you made it this far:

Here's me in brief: submitted by ethicalprof to philadelphiar4r [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 19:58 Kittycatkemtrails How dare Casio make these sounds accessible and easy to use!

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2022.01.21 19:58 mesho_101 Apwil (Credit: @tiffm103)

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2022.01.21 19:58 MLH70 Sexier than Sonic The Hedgehog, early SEGA CDX…

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2022.01.21 19:58 Extension-Cancel9519 Down so much now 😂😂

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2022.01.21 19:58 Apprehensive_Cow6831 That moment when you've got spens club in your same club league bracket and you're leading even tho it's temporary. 😎

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2022.01.21 19:58 0pulent0ctopus Is there a recommended protein for jindos?

We’ve been feeding Korra taste of the wild Salmon ever since we got her, based on the rescue’s recommendation. She’s pretty skinny even with 2.25 cups a day, so we think maybe salmon isn’t a high enough protein. What kind of protein are you all feeding your jindos? We also top her meals with cottage cheese and sometimes boiled chicken water.
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2022.01.21 19:58 IHateKidDiddlers High Rise Wellness is hiring! Email your resume at

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2022.01.21 19:58 nmyheadpod Paul Germaine: Co-creator of Rugrats and Recess!

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2022.01.21 19:58 Pure_Break2054 World Of CyberFrogz minting soon! Get one now! + Giveaway

World Of CyberFrogz minting soon! Get one now! + Giveaway Hello there! As you might now a NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique and collectible piece of digital art that can’t be replaced with something else. Many people made millions of it. World Of CyberFrogz is a newcomer in the NFT space that will release on 1. February. Each CyberFrog is one of the 10,000 unique generated NFT’s. Some appear normal. Some look weird. Some just look awesome. Here’s a sneak peek :)
Now you might ask, why us, if there are so many other better NFT projects? Well, we have huge roadmap that we will work on everyday like our own game and token. See our Website.
We will also make some announcements and giveaways on our discord Server, so if you’re interested please join us!
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2022.01.21 19:58 Manglisaurus The many creatures of gravita. (Info in comments)

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