David Guetta two screen music video

2022.01.21 20:29 FelixKunz David Guetta two screen music video

I recently had an old memory come to my mind of the music video "Dangerous" from David Guetta. They hat this two screen thing where you could start a video on your phone and youtube at the same time and it was quite a cool experience.
Here you can see how this worked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1Zz3Mc1JVg
Is there a way to still do this? Maybe someone built a website to rewatch this old format. Would be super cool, i'd really like to revisit that memory.
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2022.01.21 20:29 Curator_Davies Today @7PM EST we are releasing our weekly community curated playlist. Want your song in the mix, give us a comment!

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2022.01.21 20:29 DumbUsername_Dos Found this at a Five guys

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2022.01.21 20:29 SkyFlyBye Free £20 with Chip saving app

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Chip is currently giving away £20 for signing up to them using my referral code. It used to be £10 before but they upped it to £20 until 11:59pm Monday 24 January 2022 so if you're interested, sign up quickly.
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5 - Keep the £1.01+ deposit in your account for at least 30 days to get the £10 bonus
Terms and conditions
Non-ref - no code
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2022.01.21 20:29 AstroRaviol I want the world to end within my lifetime

wouldn't it be cool to see the end of everything and knowing you were the last to ever be, that you survived till the very end
but it also depends how it ends
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2022.01.21 20:29 skeeterpeg83 I’m terrified of my financial future

I’m in my late 30’s with a low income job (that I love) & just over $50,000 in savings. My (4) kids range from 8-17 in age and I do have life insurance for them to inherit but I’m TERRIFIED of my financial future. My home is subsidized but I’m still scared. I am hoping to meet with a financial advisor soon so I can talk to them.
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2022.01.21 20:29 CactusJackTS21 The Weeknd - DAWN FM (REVIEW)

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2022.01.21 20:29 SkidwapSkidoop Zombff

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2022.01.21 20:29 xpdeveloper Retail investors will decide the fate and the landscape of US politics this 2022

Retail investors aka APES will decide the fate and the landscape of US politics this 2022 DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS current and those who will be running for office should be watching closely how this saga unfolds.
Who could have known that a movie theatre chain company could unite MILLIONS of Americans.
We do hope Shitadel's Kenneth C. Griffin, Susquehanna International Group LLP, Simplex Trading LLC, 683 Capital Management LLC, Bank of America Corp DE and all the hedge funds shorting AMC should think twice. Money is a double-edge sword, being the "smarts" you guys claim you are, you should know better... Rug Pull
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2022.01.21 20:29 Thundercunt_nr3 Asus tuf dash f15

I have been looking for a new gaming laptop and currently the Asus tuf dash f15 with the rtx 3070 is very cheap. Cheaper than for example a Lenovo legion 5 with an rtx 3060 or an HP omen 15 with an rtx 3060. I am looking for a laptop with a long battery life. How much of a bottleneck is the 4 core cpu going to be in normal gaming? Any tips?
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2022.01.21 20:29 tylereyes Interesting twitter thread about Nano being a rescue plan on Bitcoin

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2022.01.21 20:29 elitesoldier123 Bruh

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2022.01.21 20:29 random_numb 3711.25482692

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2022.01.21 20:29 EUMJIBB Après sa défaite, le camp Trump se préparait à saisir des machines électorales

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2022.01.21 20:29 DrCryptolite Dead Man Cash Checks ??

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2022.01.21 20:29 Luigitoooo Do you dream in cgi/animation?

When I binge watch a box set, flashes of scenes and scenarios sometimes run through my dreams, but not when I binge watch animation. Why?
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2022.01.21 20:29 WhiteDuckLlama What are your current aspirations?

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2022.01.21 20:29 GroundbreakingLynx14 Should Tilray (TLRY) Merge with Aurora Cannabis (ACB) "YES" or "NO"

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2022.01.21 20:29 hello1494 Lol angry old man!

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2022.01.21 20:29 Complex01 Has anyone lived at Ferry Street Flats?

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2022.01.21 20:29 AquaOrange1 Is Jim Harbaugh coming back to the NFL? The Raiders and Harbaugh have mutual interest, sources say.

Is Jim Harbaugh coming back to the NFL? The Raiders and Harbaugh have mutual interest, sources say.
Personally I do think this info was leaked on purpose for obvious reasons. Its been well documented that Harbaugh wasn't happy with the pay-cut he had to take several months back and now is gonna try to get some of that money back by asking for a raise. But if J.H is truly willing to come back to the NFL, he's not gonna go anywhere unless its a "perfect" situation where there is a franchise QB in place, as well as having all the power and final say over the roster. Similar to the way Jon Gruden was hired. The Raiders do make a lot of sense bcuz of where the team is located, the fact that GM Mike Mayock was fired and more importantly, Jim Harbaugh would be the easiest and fastest way for the Raiders to go past the Gruden drama and start fresh!
With that being said, it would be surprising if Steven Ross didn't go after Harbaugh, bcuz we all know Ross would be willing to pay him more money than any other franchise. Everyone knows S. Ross went after Harbaugh once before and it didn't work out. And so I believe if J.H does come back to the NFL and its not with the Dolphins, then its safe to say he simply does not want to coach the Miami Dolphins, period. But there are other legit reasons why Ross would not pursue J.H considering how much backlash he got years ago and it makes sense why he wouldn't want to go through that again. Most likely Chris Grier would have to step down or at last give up control of the 53 man roster etc. and maybe thats not something they want to do right now considering the fragile state of the franchise. Ross made a mistake before by being desperate to get him at all costs and everything backfired. Also it would put tremendous pressure on everyone else and it may not be smart "putting all of our eggs in one basket." esp if there is a HC available that they already want or decided on. Who knows whats gonna happen but considering we did a "total rebuild" 3 years ago, hiring Jim Harbaugh may not be the best option at this point for the Miami Dolphins.
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2022.01.21 20:29 Cop-To-Be Conspiracy theory: birds are robots built by the government to spy on us, and they charge by sitting in power lines. Conspiracy theory 2: birds are actually afraid of heights, and they aren't chirping, they're screaming because they're scared.

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2022.01.21 20:29 CouponingLady_ Kohl’s Cares Disney Plushes $9.99

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2022.01.21 20:29 BifocaledBeast Hit 140k this morning on my way to work! (Trip is for my oil change intervals, every 5k)

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2022.01.21 20:29 Jermerm69 Cybooger

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