Someone is trying to appear but cannot somehow...

2022.01.19 09:52 OdeousGolem Someone is trying to appear but cannot somehow...

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2022.01.19 09:52 Amazing_quiche Looking for someone who struggled to find accomodation moving to Newscastle for a written interview

Hi everyone! I'm looking for someone who moved to Newcastle recently (or who's trying to move), that struggled to get a hand on a flat (or house). It would be to do a written interview, as part of an assignment for uni.
The interview would be on the phone or zoom, or whatever you would be the most comfortable with, as will only be taking notes.
Thank you!
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2022.01.19 09:52 NikeTroel This never happened before?

so when i go to merge my tribes to create a merged tribe, during the holding down portion of the brief process all my other tribes disable besides the one i've held down, this is a problem because that means all my opponents are the same one tribe which, isn't great i find that will be boring. does anyone know a fix or?
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2022.01.19 09:52 Jared_Usbourne Beth Rigby on Twitter - This from senior Labour source when I asked if there could be more defectors from the Conservative benches: "Operation Domino underway"

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2022.01.19 09:52 Special_Initiative89 Got too drunk and blacked out - what if I cheated on my boyfriend

Really need some advice on whether I should talk to my boyfriend (long distance boyfriend of 2 years) or not about this.
For some quick context, most times when I get drunk I blackout. But I fully trust myself and friends so I know I’m always safe and okay, just having a great time! I trust that if anything bad were to happen, I’d remember.
However, recently I was working at a summer camp, all new people, and of course got drunk and as expected lost all memory of this one night.
The next morning I woke up feeling the same as every other time, shit I drank too much but nothing bad happened.
It wasn’t long before one of my coworkers ran up to me (important note: this girl is the drama queen of camp, loves to start drama and be the one stirring the pot) and starts laughing how I supposedly “kissed this guy”.
Long story short, the rumour is that I kissed someone else, whilst being in a long term relationship. I have no memory to prove this true OR false.
Do I tell my boyfriend? Would he want to hear about this? Or would I be making him worry and lose trust over something that is likely nothing!?
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2022.01.19 09:52 thegaycarebear blurry picture of a cat

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2022.01.19 09:52 AlastorDoesntFuck_1 "Lmao, your grades are fucked, and you're always on your phone, but there's nothing wrong with you"

Says my mom.
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2022.01.19 09:52 Nokain Miku must be an angel (evidence #11)

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2022.01.19 09:52 KCrider How Exxon Is Using an Unusual Law to Intimidate Critics Over its Climate Denial - DeSmog

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2022.01.19 09:52 Claudio_7 What do you think about my first few NFTs ? Would you buy one of these?

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2022.01.19 09:52 SuperPro149 🇪🇺🇪🇺

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2022.01.19 09:52 nessaea-blue Do you think one or multiple of these diets -- vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, paleo, keto -- are healthier for humans than the omnivore diet?

healthier for HUMANS. Not for the environment
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2022.01.19 09:52 HugoHancock This is Billy the snail

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2022.01.19 09:52 Zaki_workshop Making a Native American short bow

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2022.01.19 09:52 marquisdegeek 20 GOTO 10 - Retrocomputing gamebook, 89% crowdfunded

Hello all - you might remember me announcing this project last year, a book on the hidden numbers behind our favourite old computers and retro games. Well, the support has been immense and we're now in the "almost there" category. You too can support the community by pledging for a book, poster, or other such reward at:
And because we're almost there, we have a discount code: ALMOSTJAN22
As always, this book won't exist without your help, so if you know someone that runs a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel then please tell them about this book - even if it's not about computing, or games, or retro! (People have other interests, too, it seems!)
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2022.01.19 09:52 homeofscaresyt Watch "The Devil vs the Orphanage ( two really disturbing stories )" on YouTube

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2022.01.19 09:52 bestiptvman Best IPTV Service 2022 [H] +14 000 Channels & +32 000 VOD|USA,U.K, CAN, AUS EURO ASIAN AFRICAN & LATINO... |7/24 Channels, PPV and Catch-Up, EPG | NO EXTRA & FEES NO CANCELLATION FEES |VOD multi-languages (Netfllix, Prime...) | [W] Paypal and CC

Best IPTV Service 2022 [H] +14 000 Channels & +32 000 VOD|USA,U.K, CAN, AUS EURO ASIAN AFRICAN & LATINO... |7/24 Channels, PPV and Catch-Up, EPG | NO EXTRA & FEES NO CANCELLATION FEES |VOD multi-languages (Netfllix, Prime...) | [W] Paypal and CC submitted by bestiptvman to iptvresells [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 09:52 Shr1988 Do you ever watch wrestling and wonder which guy is hurting which guy?

Some of the moves man.. they look like they hurt both of them and yet one guy (usually the one who does the move) sits up like nothing ever happened..
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2022.01.19 09:52 Ok-Government9816 Amongus

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2022.01.19 09:52 rat-pizza HELP: Autistic spectrum extrovert hypersensitive struggling socially

Dear all,
I am concerned for my professional future and my integration in teams. I am only in my final year of uni but I am honestly scared for my future.
I am quite an empathetic person (autistic spectrum + sensitive + anxious) but I also value my opinions. Therefore I always make sure I get my point across in group discussions and hear people out. Unfortunately, sometimes people tell me I am condescending and when I only meant to give friendly advice. I crave bonding in teamwork but some people don’t seem to want to be friends with me.
I often take leading roles in group projects/ or help leaders a lot. I have also been told by a minority of people that I tend to micro-manage which I think will necessarily happen if you are a manager? Not everyone but some people seem to categorise me as a sort of Dwight from the Office or Russel Brand. I am really scared of getting a bad reputation in workplaces. I also work in journalism/marketing. Although I think of myself as having better social skills than average (like no problem being persistent and approaching people), I think the problems mentioned here could seriously impede my career.
My social anxiety goes up and down in the extreme and I get quite an overwhelming amount of intrusive thoughts about what people think of me. I am doing meditation exercises to let go and positive thinking to stop taking stuff personally, which helps. Does anyone relate?
On a slightly different note, I am also from South-Eastern France where we are quite direct. And I moved to the UK 3 years ago where people use much more understatement. I am still quite confused as to how to communicate. I found the British way of speaking incredibly confusing. I wonder if there are any stats on that btw? I find it even more confusing via text, as people assume a condescending tone where I am genuinely trying to help. Incredibly frustrating.
I am so scared about that part of British culture that I am planning to move to Brussels where I am hoping to find more Latin/straightforward people. My girlfriend counter-argues that London is so international that I will not see the difference in companies. My mentor counter-argues that my profile is needed in companies as diversity is key and that you need a straightforward person in a team where communication is not optimal/quick. I am currently starting a therapy for all that.
I am grateful for your intention :)
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2022.01.19 09:52 Lanky_College861 Who will win in a fight?

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2022.01.19 09:52 H_is_nb_rg How

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2022.01.19 09:52 adama-- Hello any one to talk her im loking for relationship men 24

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2022.01.19 09:52 -HumanoidX- Why does everybody hate neckbeards

A good, well-managed neckbeard really does make someone look hot, why do everybody hate them
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