If 2042 goes free to play like the rumors. Dice needs to give everyone who paid for it a discount on the next game.

2022.01.21 20:49 dismygyans If 2042 goes free to play like the rumors. Dice needs to give everyone who paid for it a discount on the next game.

It's not even 2 months since release and people paid $70-$120 for it. Making a move like this will stop people from buying future battlefield games if they can just get them for free 2 months after release.
It's very unlikely dice will refu nd it, so asking for a discount on the next game is a fair compromise that helps dice keep a player base on the next game too.
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2022.01.21 20:49 johnnorth122 Tsw2 Exploration and Outward Bound Trophies

Does anybody know how to get the journey chapter trophies? I have no clue what i must do in order to obtain them. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks:)
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2022.01.21 20:49 Patrik_Again Carnage Tour III - Night 3 - Rebooking the first year of the NXT North American Championship: Part II

Tell me he doesn't look good with that title. You just can't. Recap time: We’ve left this booking after NXT Wargames 2018, Ricochet has been our two time NXT North American champion for 8 months now, having lost the title briefly to Johnny Gargano during a NXT taping. The future seems bright for the one and only, but will his reign survive an undisputed challenge?
Chapter 4: The Last Shot!
The NXT episode after Wargames is opened by Ricochet, who cuts a promo around his title reign: At the start of this year, I've been tasked with the challenge of carrying the NXT North American championship, to elevate it in ways that no one else could. Countless times I've almost lost this title, but none of them came as close as Takeover New Orleans, with the odds stacked against everyone in that ring, and I prevailed, the one and only! So as I stand here, knowing damn well I’ll probably be the North American champion with the longest reign, I have to ask, who in the back wants a shot at me? - And as the champ finishes his words, ‘SHOCK THE SYSTEM’ blares in the arena, out comes Adam Cole, followed closely by Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, they quietly walk to the ring, Cole doing his whole ‘BOOM’ and ‘BAY BAY’ stuff as per usual. Cole picks up a mic and starts to talk: Ricochet, I don’t even know where to start, I can start talking about how scared you are of the Undisputed Era, only fighting against us when you know the title isn’t on the line, I don’t know if I begin to talk about how you don’t have the courage to answer my challenges, I’ll give something to you though, EC3 was quicker than me to make the challenge for that title after the ladder match, I’m giving to you that you got lucky I didn’t called you out first. On other hand, maybe I know where to begin, I’ll begin to talk about how you think you are the only one here capable of making the North American title seem important when the future of NXT is literally standing in front of you! I don’t need the NXT World Title or 15 years of experience like you had just to make an impact, because the moment I set foot here in NXT, all the eyes were on Adam Cole, baybay and if there’s someone who can elevate anything in here, it’s me, and that is undisputed! - After taking in all the cheers from the crowd, he continues: Now going down to business, I had a talk with Hunter himself, and he issued a contract signing for next week for a title match at the next Takeover, I guess you won’t back down from it, right?- Ricochet slowly looks around, seeing he’s outnumbered by UE and simply says: I’ll see you next week then - And the segment ends, the show goes on normally.**The Road to Takeover Phoenix:**The day of the signing of the contract, everything was going ok, until Ricochet got blindsided by O’Reilly and Fish, they target the right leg of Ricochet for their assault, but the War Raiders made the save when they were going to attempt to break the champions leg using the steel steps. It’s made official that at Takeover Phoenix, it would be the War Raiders Vs. Undisputed Era for the NXT tag team titles.Segments, backstage brawls and multi-man matches were held in the weeks that followed the contract signing, with a bunch of different combinations of War Raiders + Ricochet and the UE, with Cole and Ricochet involvement being always minimum. After all those battler, UE has been banned from ringside for the NA title match, but they made a strong statement saying that it wouldn’t stop them
NXT Takeover Phoenix: Earlier in the show, the War Raiders won the NXT tag titles after Ricochet interfered against the UE by attacking Cole on the outside, the distraction was enough for the War Raiders to hit their finisher and win the match.
Cole is first to the ring being accompanied by the whole Undisputed Era, Cole and Fish looking specially pissed. Ricochet is next, getting all the cheers he can have, but his entrance is stopped midway through, when he’s going down the ramp, Roderick Strong, Kyle and Fish all rush towards him, with Roddy going first, he attempts a double leg takedown but Ricochet front flips over him, O’Reilly attempts a lariat but he misses, all is looking good for the one and only, but then, he gets caught into a TOTAL ELIMINATION by Fish and O’Reilly, the later who purposely missed the lariat to set up their tag move. Ricochet is then dragged towards the ring while being attacked by the stable. They started to set Ricochet up for another big move, but then, the help came in the form of the War Raiders, being backed up by none other than Matt Riddle? Why would Riddle help Ricochet?. The trio fights off the rest of the UE while Ricochet is recovering in the corner after sliding inside the ring. After UE, Matt and the War Raiders brawled towards the exit, the ref checked in on Ricochet to see if he thinks he can continue with the match. Ricochet nods positively and the match officially begins!
The match starts in a similar way as it did IRL when they fought for the same title, with some quick chain grappling transitions, leading into a rope break, but instead of the “you aren’t special” stuff with Cole dominating the first few minutes of the match, Ricochet is the one pushing Cole against the ropes. The ref is doing the count for the break, when Ricochet finally takes his hand off of Adam, the latter violently chops the chest of the champion, with the sound echoing through the arena. Ricochet moves away from Adam and they go back to the tie up, Cole pushes Ricochet towards the ropes and they do the usual routine of drop down, leapfrog, shoulder tackle and all that. Cole drops first, then he leaps and tackles Ricochet, who goes for the drops and leaps, but after doing a front flip over Cole, Adam hits the ropes, stops mid run when Ricochet is in the air doing his leap and superkicks him in the air and Ricochet rolls out of the ring to recover after the sudden impact. (3 minutes has passed)
Adam goes out of the ring to chase Ricochet, he goes for a waist lock but gets elbowed in the face in response. They start to trade blows, but Ricochet puts a stop to it by slamming Cole’s head against the apron. Cole stumbles a bit backwards but he comes back, tries for a high boot to Ricochet, who ducks under and pushes Adam into the steel steps, the loud noise of the metal hypes up the crowd a little more. Ricochet goes under the ropes and back outside to reset the 10 count. Adam is using the barricade to lift himself up, Ricochet picks him up and starts to run towards the steel steps on the other side of the ring, but Cole reverses it mid run and throws Ricochet into the steps, the champion, as he usually does, flips over the steps, leaving the crowd in awe, when he turns around, he meets the boot of Adam Cole, who ran after him and used the steps to jump into the air and hit Ricochet with the big kick. It is enough to drop Ricochet and Adam rolls him back into the ring and climbs in after. Cole grabs the already damaged leg of Ricochet and locks a single leg crab, but he quickly loses the hold when his opponent is able to turn around and kick him to create some distance. Ricochet gets up from the mat while stomping to feel his leg a little, you can clearly see that it is bringing some pain by looking at his face.(2 minutes has passed)
Adam Cole, seeing that he has now a very clear target, goes for a drop toe hold, but Ricochet dodges it and transitions into a mount position, but Cole quickly crawls towards the bottom rope and Ricochet is forced to do the break. They get into each other's face talking shit to each other when Adam gets pushed by Ricochet, he looks at his opponent and presents his face, challenging Ricochet for another strike contest. Ricochet hits an elbow and presents himself too for Adam to strike, which he does by punching Ricochet. They got into this trade until, when it was Ricochet’s “turn” to strike, Adam superkicked the bad leg of his opponent and mounted him punching furiously until the ref got in the middle, separating Cole from Ricochet. Adam grabs Ricochet by the head and whips him into the corner, following him with a lariat, but Ricochet wiggles out through the ropes to the apron and hits Adam with an enzuigiri. Ricochet jumps to the top rope while twisting his body midair to face backwards (Kota Ibushi style), jumps from it and hits Adam with a beautiful moonsault press and he goes for the pin, only getting the 1 count. Cole gets up from the mat and, as he’s turning around to face Ricochet, he gets shotgun drop kicked into the corner, from which he bounces violently. While Adam is in the ground gasping for air, Ricochet runs to the top rope, he goes for a moonsault but Adam rolls out of the way, Ricochet, having landed on his feet, run to Cole and gives him a standing shooting star press, and not wasting any time, he runs back up the turnbuckles into the second rope and he hits Adam Cole with a Phoenix Splash from the second rope. He goes for the pin but only gets the 2 count. Ricochet, with the adrenaline seemingly going away and starting to feel tired, walks towards the corner holding his injured leg while eeying Cole, wondering what he has to do to put Adam away. (5 minutes has passed)
Ricochet, looks at the crowd, looks at Cole, pushes down his knee pad and points at Adam with finger guns, the crowd starts to go up with this motion. When Adam has his back turned and is on one feet while getting up, Ricochet runs towards him with the intention of using the Last Shot into Cole, but he ducks under the leg! Now both men are on their feet, Ricochet wastes no time and nails Adam with a roundhouse kick to the side of the head, but Cole, instead of dropping to the ground he answers with an Enzuigiri that wobbles Ricochet to one knee. Both men now kneeling on the mat, they start to trade forearms, punches, elbows and everything, but instead of going lower with each move, they start to rise together while still beating the shit out of each other. Cole made some space between him and Ricochet by stepping back, he goes for a Superkick but Ricochet ducks under it, goes for the ropes to do a moonsault but COLE GETS RICOCHET IN THE AIR WITH A SUPERKICK! BUT RICOCHET LANDED ON HIS FEET? He’s staring blankly at Cole, when he tries to take a step forward Ricochet DROPS TO THE GROUND! The delay of the superkick impact also delayed Cole’s reaction, who rushed to hoist Ricochet up to give him a Patela Drop Brainbuster(just like IRL). Cole tries to lift Ricochet, instigate a movement or something, but it is like he’s dead, laying still on the mat. He goes for the pin but Ricochet somehow kicks out at 2.99999999…(as Simon from WhatCulture would say). (5 minutes has passed)
Cole now, before thinking twice, has a look of realization on his face, he knows what he has to do to put Ricochet away. He goes out of the ring, towards the time keepers are and grabs a steel chair, Cole knows that he can’t hit Ricochet with the chair, but no rule says he can’t hit the chair with Ricochet. He unfolds the chair in the middle of the ring to protests of the ref, which he ignores, he takes Ricochet’s head and puts it on top of the chair, he takes some steps to the side, removes his knee pad and goes full speed ahead, he jumps for the Last Shot but RICOCHET DUCKED FROM IT AND COLE GOES CRASHING INTO THE CHAIR! Ricochet runs at Cole hitting him with a european uppercut with Adam on the ropes, he rolls him to the middle of the ring, goes to the apron, waits for his opponent to get up and goes for the rolling neckbreaker. Ricochet jumps to grab Cole's head but Adam CATCHES HIM IN THE AIR AND GIVES A USHIGOROSHI TO RICOCHET! With his opponent sitting dazed in the ring, Cole wastes no time and goes for the Last Shot! He hits it, folding Ricochet in half and he pins him for the 3 count!!! (1 minutes has passed)
Adam Cole is your new NXT North American Champion!!!!
NXT after Takeover: Cole opens the show coming down to the ring followed closely by the UE, brandishing his new NXT NA title with a lot of pride in his eyes. He gets the mic and starts to talk: You know, this should be a time of celebration, I should be walking around, this title high above my head, getting cheers, going to have some fun with my friends but i can’t. Not without pouring out our frustration because Kyle and Bobby’s title got stolen last, so that obviously makes me pissed, but there is other stuff in our hands right now, the tag titles will be back on their hands soon - Cole walks around the ring a little and gives the mic to O’Reily - MATT RIDDLE! Who do you think you are to go putting your comically large head into our business HUH? What did we do to you? WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH US? - And as soon as Kyle was going to shout another angry line, Matt Riddle music hits and out he comes, in his very laid back mannerism, he casually walks to the ring, kicks his slippers out as he usually does, takes a mic and starts to talk : Bro, Adam, Kyle, Bobby, Roderick… Bros, I’ve been hearing for a while that the Undisputed Era was the strongest group of people in NXT y’know, so i had to go and see for myself, i was planning on going alone against the 4 of you at Phoenix but the War Bros were in the way there already, so I just hoped in for the opportunity. What I want with you bros, is to fight you. If you guys really are that strong then i want to see for myself, and after Phoenix, the stack just got more against me and i love it, because now it’s not just to fight you guys, the prize at the end of the line looking good.- Cole, looking like he just heard the most disrespect lines being said to him, motions the mic towards his mouth, but before he says anything, Riddle cuts him again and says: Yeah Adam, i’m talking about the NXT North American Championship, bro, I want to challenge you for it.- And the look of disgust and surprise on Cole’s face just got bigger. Instead of saying anything, we, with the rest of UE, rushed to Riddle as a pack of wild dogs, but he saw it coming and managed to slip through the ropes even if he got hit a little here and there. This segment settles the start of the feud between Riddle and the Undisputed Era
The build towards NXT Takeover New York: In the weeks between Takeover Phoenix and NY, we see Riddle fighting each member of the Undisputed Era once, in each match showing a different prowess, looking like the complete package. Against Bobby Fish, he shows great striking abilities, being able to stand his ground against the infamous one, finishing the match with the Bro To Sleep. In his match against O'Reilly, no amount of technical prowess from Kyle was enough to win against Riddle, the two of them giving a technical masterclass for the avid member of the NXT crowd, the match came to an ending when Riddle locked in the Bro-Mission, Kyle tried to flip backways from it and to pin Matt, since he got both of his opponents shoulders in the mat, but Riddle smartly flipped with Kyle, keeping the submission in and making O’Reilly tap. His match against Strong showed to be the hardest until then, with the overwhelming strength and power moves from Roddy seemingly being enough to keep Riddle down, but Matt also has an uncanny strength in his 6 ft 2 inches frame, being able to get back on top of the match by overpowering Strong, the match came to an end when Riddle hit Roderick Strong with the BroDerek in the apron and rolling Roddy inside the ring for the win.
In the last NXT before his match against Cole, Riddle got in a brawl with him and he hit every finisher move he has to Adam, with the limp body of the champion being locked in the BroMission.
NXT Takeover New York: So, i could easily write a great match between those two, but because of health concerns i’ll be unable to do it(and because i procrastinated like a fucking bitch the whole week). So i’ll only say they had a similar match as their IRL encounter for the NXT world title on October 2, 2019 in a random NXT episode. To change the ending of the match, I’ll say:
When Cole goes for the second Panama Sunrise on Riddle, he gets caught in the air on the shoulders of Matt, who gives the Bro To Sleep to Cole, but instead of going to the pin, he releases it and locks in the Bro-Mission, Cole tries to roll backwards to get Riddle’s shoulders down for the pin but Matt follows the movement as he did against Kyle and Adam, seeing there’s no escape he taps.
Matt Riddle is your new NXT North American Champion!
Author's note: So, u/ShadowRealm65 said it better in the first part of this booking, there isn't one single thing we would actually change of the first year of the NA title that isn't Velveteen Dream. To book the title this way is to give a different road to it without changing the whole landscape of NXT, which, and I am completely biased, at the time was perfect.
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2022.01.21 20:49 great_view Does the Tesla roof require a continuous internet connection? What if there is no internet at all, will it work properly?

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2022.01.21 20:49 Extension-Dog-9221 Larry🕊️ (099 PSC 🔱 - III) Died on May 26 2011, He was 16 years old.

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2022.01.21 20:49 Superb-Conflict-1738 I painted the walls in my home 💕

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2022.01.21 20:49 marleezy123 Actual footage of Gino and his Ex-wife

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2022.01.21 20:49 mllsfkr Sedef Kabaş "Öküz saraya çıkınca kral olmaz. Ama saray ahır olur." tweet'i yüzünden tutuklandı

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2022.01.21 20:49 vhs90s Just taking John in to collect his pension

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2022.01.21 20:49 girafefucker69 British "people" 🤢🤢

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2022.01.21 20:49 basura911 Sending impartial car info through mail

Not sure if this fits here in the sub, my apologies if it doesn't. I asked in cars and was told it didn't fit. Not sure where else to go.
Recently got a car alarm installed and I was told to send it these two postcard like cards in the mail to get two limited warranties.
Cards ask to fill in my name, address, etc... and also ask for the 4 ending digits of my vehicle's VIN and last 4 digits of my car insurance policy number.
So since they are postcard-like, no envelope. Backside of card has my info and car's impartial info for all to see. Is there a risk of fraud or someone getting my full insurance or car information?
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2022.01.21 20:49 EndersGame_Reviewer "The trick now to be described has without doubt surprised and puzzled more people..."

This is a quote about a card trick from a classic book on card magic.

"There are some tricks which stand head and shoulder above others. The trick now to be described has without doubt surprised and puzzled more people than any other trick conceived in the past two decades. It has everything a good trick should have— a good plot, ease of execution, and a terrific impact on those who see it. We have mentioned that the wise magician never reveals his methods to the curious, and in describing this trick we reiterate this counsel, for, once you have told how simple the trick is, you have lost the use of a superb feat of card magic."
That's an extremely positive recommendation. Without looking it up or searching for the answer, could you guess what card trick this is talking about?
Correct answer: "DO AS I DO". The quote is from the chapter about "The Key Card" in Hugard & Braue's The Royal Road to Card Magic (1951).
The answer may be a surprise to some. I think there are some good lessons we can learn from this - what are the takeaways here?
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2022.01.21 20:49 MistakeShake Optimizing Rise?

I have a bit of a rougher laptop (above average but nothing insane). I have the priority set super high, graphics at the bare minimum, battery on high performance. It currently runs fine, but it struggles when I try to open discord to call (I fear it may act up in multi-player as well). I want to know if I can do anything else to help it run better.
I've been playing MH for most of my life, and honestly don't mind graphics. I accept the crunchy textures. So if there's any extreme optimization options, I'm happy to take them. I know the obvious fix is to upgrade my laptop, but I don't have that privilege right now.
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2022.01.21 20:49 KSamB Different mushrooms, different experience?

So. I’m new to microdosing, I’ve done it once and it made me sleepy so I’m not sure I did it right.
I’m going to try again soon but I can’t decide what to order. I’m wondering if different shrooms provide different experiences or is it basically all the same bc it’s psilocybin. Currently, Trying to decide between Albinoa++, penis envy thrasher, PE hill Billy.
I’d love to hear about your favorite mushrooms and experiences. Thanksss
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2022.01.21 20:49 Smckilla 1st pickup of 2022

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2022.01.21 20:49 Extreme_Homework7936 Kiefer Sutherland talks a bit about 24 (no news) and its relation to his music career

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2022.01.21 20:49 ArsonTwittercide calliope's fanfic but caliborn left and get some milk

Jane and Roxy went up to each other, and they hug. After that, they married, the end
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2022.01.21 20:49 Other-Ad-6399 ShunEight Memphis Rapper

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2022.01.21 20:49 PrawnKingVII Trailer park boys Live movies

I was bored and put on the live in Dublin Movie, I was really surprised that they recorded a decent 20 mins worth of footage before the movie and make the live show fit into the story, they could have just easily just have been lazy and just put the live show on. I think it’s really cool!
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2022.01.21 20:49 abcde0123 Separation Anxiety from my Husband

This past Novembeearly December my husband was in the hospital. He was in serious condition with others in his situation surviving less than 22% of the time. He luckily pulled through and is now home (continuing treatment but he basically feels back to normal).
That was already a lot, then the holidays, and then a lie that he had been keeping for basically our entire marriage came to light. We have done a lot of soul searching and working though things the past couple of weeks.
He is going back to work full time (we own our own business, but do not work directly with each other during the day) on Monday.
I am a wreck. I have a history of anxiety and a slew of other issues, but I just feel like I am completely unable to cope with not being with him. I am terrified. I feel like I can’t breathe even thinking about it.
Any advice or coping ideas?
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2022.01.21 20:49 Commercial-Oil1056 Pregnancy and feeling “off”

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2022.01.21 20:49 bookishneeds My leachie girl! About 10 months, 30g and hates my guts 😂

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2022.01.21 20:49 Braydenbowls I cant believe it

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2022.01.21 20:49 Spirit_Difficult Sams?

Good to shop at Sams again? I had read at one point that payments from IC weren’t going through ?
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2022.01.21 20:49 BriefTadpole2420 Watch "BFLH 7 Reanimated! Fan-made MAP (Multi Animator Project)" on YouTube

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