Raze Blast Pack - Pro Fail

MJC - Children of the Commonwealth Faction Pack: MJC Conqueror Faction Pack - Pillars of the Community: MJC Conqueror Faction Pack - Zetan Invasion: MJC Sim Settlements Jail Cells for Conqueror: Murkwater Grove - Living up in the Trees - City Plan SS2 Contest Entry May 2021: Murkwater Observatory (Finalist sim settlement 2 City plan conquest ... Achievements are received by performing certain tasks during the game, or by the popularity of the player's creations. There are 100 achievements to earn throughout Spore gameplay (not including those which are no longer achievable), and the expansion pack Spore Galactic Adventures provides 50 more achievements. Using some cheats will disable earning achievements during the game. While most ... Find 1697 ways to say BREAK DOWN, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Shooting games are addictive. Get online with your weapons and get rid of some enemies. Shoot em up and play online on rohitb12.sg-host.com. Raze. Razahir "Raze" Khemse is a Lycan who is the right-hand man of the Lycan leader Lucian. He was born in Sudan in East Africa during the 14th century. Raze was the son of a powerful Sultan but his family's lands were taken during a period of wars that spread into Africa. -Hexen support exists, but is at a bare minimum at the moment. Many settings will cause map gen to fail due to missing prefabs. This will improve over time as Hexen-specific prefabs are constructed.-Minimap image will be cleared if the window is resized after generating a map. Yagorath ️ is a Front Line Champion in Paladins, added on February 3rd, 2021. Your joys and hopes. Your fears and doubts. All your petty conflicts. Utterly devoid of meaning. She is Yagorath, the Devourer. She is what it is to consume – absolutely. Everything that is not already her is assimilated, spreading her being across the universe in a never-ending hunger. Momentarily weakened by ... Find 106 ways to say SMASH, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. KAY/O has 377 quotes. A downloadable folder containing all the audio files on this page can be found here.. Agent Select and Abilities Pick agent Back to Civilization VI Go to List of city-states in Civ6 City-states make a comeback in Civilization VI, after their introduction in Civilization V. However, the mechanics of interactions with them have been changed considerably, and their importance is somewhat diminished, as Diplomatic Victories (available only in Gathering Storm) now stem from major civilizations voting for you instead ...

2022.01.19 11:17 najafce Raze Blast Pack - Pro Fail

I am a cypher main and I never play Raze but my small community asked me to try it. Here is an instant of me failing the blast packs and my reaction to it.
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2022.01.19 11:17 runetoonxx2 Love Ain't Changin By Ghost Dragons

This song hits different. Definitely one of my all time favorite songs. Please give it a shot! https://youtu.be/8yQek8ULAc4
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2022.01.19 11:17 aleclindle What's the difference with a gti that has plaid seats, not plaid seats and just plaid back seats??

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2022.01.19 11:17 espressoshots11 Trial versions of Quickbooks Desktop (2010, 2013, 2016, 2019)

Does anyone here know how I can get trial versions of Quickbooks Desktop for the following years:

There is a backup file from 2007 I need to bring to upgrade the versions on for migration to Quickbooks Online.
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2022.01.19 11:17 DoenerBoy123 Was letzte im Brettspiel 1

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2022.01.19 11:17 _ancienttrees_ Sunset Jekyll Island, Georgia

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2022.01.19 11:17 DeadpoolFan1854 Best thing to do to have fun in 12.11.7?

I downloaded and installed SPTarkov so that I could play on 12.11.7 again because I started playing late in the wipe and I'm wondering what I could do to have some fun again.
I am not part of the SPTarkov development team nor am I trying to advertise for them. I just genuinely want to see what people liked to do in 12.11.7 so I can try it myself.
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2022.01.19 11:17 Renoga Tales of Luminaria Show #4 Future Updates

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2022.01.19 11:17 iDontLoveBigBrother Scientists "surprised" as Europe's little ice age in late medieval era appears to have been "triggered by an unusually warm episode" and not by humans as some suggested.

Current "climate models do not capture these events reliably," there is now "an urgent need" for further research.
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2022.01.19 11:17 TheChocolateMiIk I Finally got Conquerer

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2022.01.19 11:17 Double_Fisherman182 Aby perlera

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2022.01.19 11:17 crytoloover Terra not just a moonshot! #terra #luna #tether #crypto

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2022.01.19 11:17 Dependent_Ad5083 Holding down the fort.

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2022.01.19 11:17 polishprince62 Mass Effect 2 Random Playthrough - Aftermath

Following the first game, I completed a randomized playthrough of Mass Effect 2. All dialogue choices, mission and squamate selections, even paragon/renegade interrupts were decided by chance. Going into the final mission I was surprised that everyone had been recruited and 7/12 characters were loyal.
During the story I was not able to complete Samara's loyalty mission as the random dialogue choices always caused Morinth to ditch Shepard. My Shepard was pretty even in terms of paragon vs renegade but not strong enough in either to have a shot at keeping Miranda loyal after Jack's argument.
Once at the Collector Base, I was surprised at how quickly things went South. Thane and Kasumi died due to two missing ship upgrades (flipped a coin for each upgrade decision). Legion died in the tunnels while Mordin led the second team.
We reached the Normandy crew in time to rescue all of them, but sadly Shepard declined to send an escort. Miranda's biotic field failed to protect Grunt.
The worst part was Tali being selected to lead the second team and hearing her cries over the radio.
And finally an unloyal Miranda did not survive the Human Reaper battle. Surprisingly, no one else perished holding the line.
All the good people we lost and you get left behind. Figures.
Maybe the most surprising part of the playthrough was how often I ended up interacting with Jacob. He was in my party more often than any of the others. Random chance almost made me romance him but was saved by a renegade dialogue selection that made him upset. I laughed and went 0/2 in random romances.
The only real issue I had was randomly selecting to complete the Arrival mission as soon as it was available. With limited character experience due to rushing the first part of the game, I was getting destroyed on Insanity difficulty. After several attempts and getting frustrated in the early parts of the level, I reloaded a previous save and shelved the DLC for later. I may or may not revisit the mission as the Legendary Edition is causing glitches with Advanced Training.
To conclude, the random style created some entertaining moments, some suspenseful, and mostly dread during the suicide mission. I'm looking forward to the havoc that will be caused in Mass Effect 3.
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2022.01.19 11:17 espressoshots11 Trial versions of Quickbooks Desktop (2010, 2013, 2016, 2019)

Does anyone here know how I can get trial versions of Quickbooks Desktop for the following years:

There is a backup file from 2007 I need to bring to upgrade the versions on for migration to Quickbooks Online.
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2022.01.19 11:17 tiaralyssa MOTIVATED.

Put 5k in this morning, hold the liiiine and let's all buy an ape island!!!! 🚀 🚀
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2022.01.19 11:17 aloisdg Open source developers, who work for free, are discovering they have power – TechCrunch

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2022.01.19 11:17 ExternalWerewolf7871 I saved 2 snails and 2 water louse from my dying ecosphere

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2022.01.19 11:17 GAFsBro [WTS] DENTAL SURGERY SALE - ZP Glock 19 Gen 4/5 ported slide/barrel + Vortex Venom (TX)

So I woke up 3 nights ago with the most pain I've ever had in my life (including my motorcycle accidents with multiple broken bones, car accident that tore completely my rotator cuff, and being jumped by 5 dudes in my early 20's). I was basically throwing up from pain/screaming from 10pm-4am until I passed out.
Dentist put me in for emergency surgery. Have an impacted wisdom tooth that CUT INTO MY REAR MOLAR and has formed a huge cavity between the two. They gotta pull both. $1600, because they refuse to do it without sedation, bc apparently my shit is that fucked up.
I'm headed in an hour, hopefully this is sold by the time my sedation wears off. And hopefully I say some really dumb shit before my sedation wears off so I can be on FailArmy and go viral.

Glock Slide:
This is a bold claim, but this might be one of the best Glock 19 slides available on GAFs right now. Wall of text below.

I put this together in the middle of COVID crisis for my "pièce de résistance" Glock. I paid full retail on everything because that's just what you had to do back then. Only selling bc I picked up my grail gun (Staccato XC).

Everything is polished, strikestriker hook, safety plunger, feed ramp, honed chamber, fitted barrel hood, etc. etc. Even the channel liner is polished.
Does the porting actually do anything? Yes, this thing runs VERY flat and cycles VERY fast. I have a short clip of it I can PM you (not posting here per rules).
Instead of the standard RMR options, I sent it off to get it cut for a Vortex Venom because the window is larger and almost zero tint or distortion (Zaffiri doesn't do venom cuts). The SRO might be a little faster, but def faster than RMHolosun for dot acquisition speed.
C&H also cut a rear sight dovetail in front of the optic, but I never installed one because the Venom has rough rear sight lines so you still have a backup system while maintaining maximum field of view. Front sight is red fiber optic so they co-witness quite well (see pictures).
Used a gen 4 to gen 3 recoil guide rod adapter so you can run different recoil springs with the appropriate guide rod (new OEM rod in it currently)
I also have an OEM gen 4 recoil spring + Vickers Gen 5 extended slide plate (https://tangodown.com/vickers-tactical-slide-racker-gen5-glock-gsr-04/) that will allow you to put this on a Gen 5 19 frame, add $20 if you need these items.
Right around 800rds of 124gr NATO + some holster wear (see pics). 100% reliable.

PICTURE ALBUM Glock 19 Gen 4/5 Build:
- Zaffiri Precision Ported Slide + armor black cerakote - $299
- Vortex Venom 6moa - $249
- C&H Precision Optic Mill + rear sight dovetail cut forward of optic - $185
- Zaffiri Precision TiN coated Ported flush crown barrel - $169
- Glock OEM upper parts kit - $99
- Rainer Arms Fiber optic tall front sight w/fresh red fiber rod - $25
- Vickers Tactical Slide Racker Gen 5 - $21
- Glock OEM Gen 4 Recoil assembly - $20
- Lantac Gen 4 to Gen 3 Guide rod adapter - $15
- Dream Plastics Rubber Optics cover - $15.95
- Zev Safety plunger spring - $3.99

Again, this thing is FAST. Dot acquisition speed + flat shooting + fast cycling. I can regularly hit 0.75 sec draw to first shot on target, fastest was 0.66 sec (again, I can PM proof).

So right around $1,200 into it, but I understand everything has gotten less expensive/easier to find in stock since COVID pricing. So I'm willing to go $765 shipped $725 shipped $700 shipped on the whole setup. + $20 for Gen 5 conversion parts

Venmo/cashapp only
Post here then CLICK HERE TO PM ME

Also drastic price drop on this setup:
Upper Assembly: Faxon 12.5" Suppressor Optimized bbl + Q Cherry Bomb + Roscoe BCG/GB/GT + Aero M4E1 + Radian FA + Milspec CH submitted by GAFsBro to GunAccessoriesForSale [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 11:17 Coolafisken Okay so I dont have any problems or something but I cut my self, any advice on how to cover it?

And now my trainer thinks that I have like self harming problems. So I need to cover it up and I train like diving so I cant have a shirt on me. Any advice on how to cover it?
Yes im fine, I was just like bored
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2022.01.19 11:17 Euro_African The ANC is dead and its candidates prove it

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2022.01.19 11:17 Warm_Ice_6737 Should I get a new instructor (U.K.)

So I’ve had this instructor since May 2021, so we’ve done around 30 lessons give or take. I’m an okay driver I still make mistakes sure, and I do need to freshen up before I do my test. However I’ve spoken to family/friends about his teaching and they all think he’s a poor instructor?
After all this time he has only just taught me (begun to teach me) how to parallel park, he’s cancelled several lessons on me with little notice. We had a big break because of COVID and in that time I passed my theory, bought my first car and booked my practical test. When I got in the car today with him he didn’t congratulate me or even sound happy I passed my theory, infact when I told him I had booked my test for February he sounded annoyed and told me ‘not to bother’ since it wasn’t in my regular area. I’ve asked him to teach me manoeuvres multiple times but he just ‘forgets’ and then we do another lesson of driving around the same routes (which I know is normal).
I understand that some instructors are strict because it can be a dangerous job, but I told him I’m only taking the test earlier just so I can experience a test I don’t much mind if I don’t pass since it’s so soon! But he seemed annoyed I’d made steps to help myself pass quicker and I bought my new car JUST so I can practice more - He also told me he’s raising his prices to £32 a lesson? Is that a lot for a lesson?
TLDR; Do I need a new instructor or am I just too eager to pass?
Any insight would be useful :)
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2022.01.19 11:17 Powderguru Best cities in the states for skiing?

Hello- am looking to move back to the states for skiing- I lived in Salt Lake City utah last year and loved the accessibility to mountains and skiing.
What other cities are like that in the us with the freedom to go skiing that close?
As much as I love Colorado- it’s exploded with people and the big cities are still an hour to an hour and a half away.
I am interested in utah, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington.
Thank you!
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2022.01.19 11:17 nicolaszwier Utroba Cave, in the Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria. Carved by hand more than 3000 years ago

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2022.01.19 11:17 Disastrous_Can_5466 Make assumptions about me looking at my profile

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