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💸💵💲VirgoCX $30 CAD Referral Program. Use my referral link & code Ds37WPgG.💲💵💸

2022.01.21 21:04 majorlix 💸💵💲VirgoCX $30 CAD Referral Program. Use my referral link & code Ds37WPgG.💲💵💸

💸💵💲VirgoCX $30 CAD Referral Program. Use my referral link & code Ds37WPgG.💲💵💸
Step 1: Open an account and receive $10 CAD. No deposit required!
Step 2: When you sign up and make your first fiat deposit of $100 CAD or more, get an extra $20 CAD.
Program Details: https://virgocx.ca/en-referral-program/
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2022.01.21 21:04 whydoiexistbruh Got another unusual sadly i need to sell to afford at least for a pan and wait for april fools update

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2022.01.21 21:04 Lelandhoup00 🙃tried failed

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2022.01.21 21:04 CaptainMegaShark Translation of Genesis 16:9

I found this interesting article on TheTorah.com about the sacrifice of Isaac and why God might have referred to Isaac as Abraham's only son.
This got me interested to go read the story of Hagar and Ishmael again. I'd either forgotten, or possibly have never even noticed that the story of Hagar alone in the wilderness is a doublet. She flees once while pregnant to escape Sarah's mistreatment (Gen 16), and then the more familiar story later when upon Sarah's insistence Abraham sends her away with Ishmael (Gen 21).
I have a question about the translation or source text of Genesis 16:9. I was originally reading it from the book, "The Bible with Sources Revealed" that has Richard Friedman's own translation. Here it is translated as "Go back to your mistress, and suffer the degradation under her hands." To my very unlearned ear that sounds like he is saying she should go and tolerate the mistreatment Sarah dishes out. When I checked the NRSV though it simply says, "Return to your mistress, and submit to her". One last source I checked was the Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton translation of the Septuagint for this passage which reads "Return to thy mistress, and submit thyself under her hands" which kind of bridges the two.
So my question: is "suffer the degradation" simply a Hebrew idiom for "submit to" and Friedman's is translating it quite literary? Or does the Hebrew phrase have two possible meanings and these are the two results? Or is it possible Friedman and the NRSV are using different source texts for this sentence?
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2022.01.21 21:04 -_Farry_- Trying to get to 90 OVR any tips? Fastest way?

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2022.01.21 21:04 Arnadus Cardano Price Up And Down Amidst SundaeSwap Launch

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2022.01.21 21:04 Mxloco Stocks app can’t keep up.

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2022.01.21 21:04 JeanLawliet Dreamt about someone I haven't talk for a long time but in the dream he was a ghost

So I got this weird dream that one day I was at my parent's house and had the ability to talk with ghost living along with us in our house. So the some ghost introduces themselves to me while we were sitting in the living room. They all look like normal people in my dreams. Then, one of the ghost ask me if I have ever been in love. I look at him in confusion. Then, he look at the guy sitting next to me and I also turn to that guy and I see him crying but his face is a bit blurry but I know he was crying while looking at me. In my dreams I automatically called him 'Calvin' but before I was able to confirm, I woke up.
Can someone help me interpret this dream for me?
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2022.01.21 21:04 Admirable-District-9 Does anybody else feels like life's about trying to avoid killing yourself every single day?

I understand the saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" more clearly now. Yeah, everyday I just try to distract myself from killing myself given my anguish and desperation to change my life and Achieve my goals.
I hate my current situation. There's so much sorrow, pain, pressure, inferiority, I hate my country and I feel so limited and I desperately want out. But I don't know how to find a path that will take me there and all the efforts and sacrifices will be in vain cause they will only make my depression worse and I will be more prone to end it all before even achieving my goal. I decided to become a better person a few years ago but turns out I can't escape my mind and my context. Everyday I'm just fighting my mind and that hinders me from achieving anything, and I can't function without a long term plan... cause I hate my present situation that much. The future is everything I can hold onto to keep myself alive. Suicide seems like the only option. And please dont tell me "go to therapy" "take medication" "do more exercise" "check your diet" "meditation" or something alike, I've tried all of that but I can't be patient and consistent and it's easier to surrender to my mind. I cant keep myself healthy anymore. I have a hard time even taking a shower. Even oral health is a mess for me rn and I cant organize my room. I might have a flesh-eating infection or maybe that's my mind creating more worries. I hate this constant pressure my mind puts on myself to have a perfect body, to have good looks, im sick and tired of trying to fit in in order ro be successful or be somebody in this thing we call life. Life seems too complex for me, death seems more simple and gives me relief. But I'm also a coward and I don't know what to do... so I'm just writing this on here because I have no one. Literally no one. Nobody cares.
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2022.01.21 21:04 SchemeCurious9764 Beware of some made up fud drama this weekend?

Really that’s the gist of it , had a fantastic day today , Everyone’s feeling good , Market correcting / Crashing , Crypto getting cut hard . All these were spoken about many moons ago , DD writers correctly pointed out some of the above. So where does that leave Shorts? Fuk’d but with nothing to lose by stirring the pot? So get ready or be aware of some made up drama . Better yet all take the weekend off and shills would have to play with them selves ( I’m sure they pad the pud while Downdooting all anyway) .
Monday it is no long three day weekend!
Cheers 🥂
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2022.01.21 21:04 xzkandykane Is it worth to slowly transition to keto as opposed to going all in?

I have some non keto food left.. like potatoes and some desserts that were gifts. I don't want to just throw it all out. Is it worth to replace 1 or 2 meals a day with low carb/keto meals and slowly transition? Will that help with keto flu?
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2022.01.21 21:04 Le_D_drawer “November 20, 2019”, me, graphite, 2022.

“November 20, 2019”, me, graphite, 2022. submitted by Le_D_drawer to Art [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 21:04 Wootdashoot Big Girl turned 1 today!

Big Girl turned 1 today! submitted by Wootdashoot to aww [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 21:04 210plz late night supermarket trips was have the goods

late night supermarket trips was have the goods submitted by 210plz to funkopop [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 21:04 InfiniteRest5594 Kinduo v1.0.0 [NSZ]

Kinduo v1.0.0 [NSZ] Seek, and you shall find.
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2022.01.21 21:04 Due-Waltz4458 Does anyone know when FTRP might get LEAPs? What's your options approach here?

I'm not sure who decides when a stock gets leaps. I have some July 2.5 and 5 calls, hoping for something a year out. I missed my chance for January puts, also thinking of monthly 2.50 puts if I can get a good price, hoping it won't dip below maybe 1.70.
Is anyone else using options for this, and what's your approach? It's obviously extremely high risk and I'm mostly shares.
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2022.01.21 21:04 despeckle Feeling reversal of PSSD in a sleep state, but not anytime else

Lately I've been experiencing random erections hard enough to hut accompanied with feelings similar to how I felt when I wanted to fuck, but only when I'm briefly waking up from sleep. Not necessarily horny, but like engaged? I notice it, get a little happy, and drift back off to sleep. Then I wake up and feel the anhedonia again. What does this mean?
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2022.01.21 21:04 poopheadfred What makes a good firewall great?

The title basically asks the question. I’m using the built in firewall on my home router and I’m looking at possibly upgrading to improve the security of my whole network. I really can’t tell what makes one firewall better than another. Please help me learn if you know.
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2022.01.21 21:04 inyeezy Who do I reach out to find out as to why I wasn't selected?

First of all, congratulations to those who got selected today. As you can see by the title of this post, unfortunately I was not. Who can I reach out to ask as to why I was not selected so I can learn what my weaknesses are so I can improve and work on it? Thank you in advance and congrats once again.
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2022.01.21 21:04 Arnadus New Crypto Wallet Launched By Robinhood For 1,000 Users To Test

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2022.01.21 21:03 amgttt 2021 cx-5 kuro at night

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2022.01.21 21:03 musashisatoshi TIL You can deploy WebGL Unity games on OpenSea.io as a NFT

TIL You can deploy WebGL Unity games on OpenSea.io as a NFT submitted by musashisatoshi to MetaverseInvesting [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 21:03 gloriessmp Glories SMP [SMP] {1.18.1} {Events} {Java}

Hello! My name is Ellie, and I am the owner of Glories SMP! Glories SMP is a family-friendly SMP for you and all of your friends to play on. We are in Season 6!
The SMP has the new world generation of 1.18, meaning bigger caves, new mineshafts, and more space to dig. The server, even though it has this new generation, is also pretty much lag free, keeping the TPS at a constant 20.
**Glories SMP also has several features that separates it from other servers:

**Glories SMP also has a few plugins to enhance the player experience while still keeping it vanilla:
**If you have read through this description and you are interested in joining, here is how you can join! There are no applications, just join the discord!
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2022.01.21 21:03 DildoFaggins69-420 What info can people get from my binance api key

Like can they see my name etc?
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2022.01.21 21:03 whoelsehateshotdogs wala realizations q lang sa life

so diba may PBB na naman mamaya ng alas cinco and may presidential interview sa GMA (6:15 pm) so balak ko sanang manuod para makilatis ko pa ung candidates tapos balak ko sanang ayain ung parents ko kaso nga syempre pagkakatipon na naman. narealize ko lang na most of the time ganto ung nangyayari, they're too focused sa mga pagkakatipon and sa religion nila to see yung mga katotohanan sa mundo. like, andami nilang namimiss na mga bagay na pwedeng makapagpamulat sa mata nila dahil lang sa kain-oras na mga pagkakatipon. tapos after naman non wala na silang energy to even search kasi mamaya maya lang pagkakatipon na naman hahahah. idk man, i feel like mas madami pa yung time na nilalaan ng MCGI sa pagkakatipon kesa sa actually going out sa world to actually isabuhay ung mga natutunan nila sa pagkakatipon HAHAHHAHA. 2ru nga pala na mas matagal ang pagkakatipon para makapagbrainwash lol.
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