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2022.01.19 11:45 ToniaKidwell KuCoin Referral Code QBSSSM9T for 30% Discount on all your trading fees for life - new users can also claim a $500 USDT bonus

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You also can claim a $500 USDT welcome bonus at sign up too + $5 extra when you make1st FIAT deposit for $10 or more.
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2022.01.19 11:45 SickMotherLover Cat in a hat

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2022.01.19 11:45 Suspicious-College61 sos

I keep getting low scores on my uworld blocks, any advice? This is my second pass and I thought I would be doing better by now. I am mostly getting path questions wrong and I feel like I study a lot. Right now I’m doing index cards of HY facts and rereading certain sections in first aid together with uworld explanations. I already watched b&b and pathoma, not sure if I should spend time watching it again. Any advice is welcome!
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2022.01.19 11:45 Which-Rock-3088 Good project!

This project includes number of best things great team, great product great idea, great start, we need product and ideas I am sure the company will occupy in a leading place. https://t.me/blockxnetwork https://www.blockxnet.com/
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2022.01.19 11:45 mental_foundry Skull I drew

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2022.01.19 11:45 MyDogIsaGargoyle Contractors, Know Your Rights

In the US, if you're an independence contractor (and get a 1099 instead of a W4), you do not have to follow any employer rules about how, where, and when to work. If you have an employer who is trying to enforce those things, they are acting illegally and costing you money. Contractors pay higher taxes than employees. This is from the IRS.

"If you are an independent contractor, then you are self-employed. The earnings of a person who is working as an independent contractor are subject to self-employment tax. To find out what your tax obligations are, visit the Self-Employed Individuals Tax Center.
You are not an independent contractor if you perform services that can be controlled by an employer (what will be done and how it will be done). This applies even if you are given freedom of action. What matters is that the employer has the legal right to control the details of how the services are performed.
If an employer-employee relationship exists (regardless of what the relationship is called), then you are not an independent contractor and your earnings are generally not subject to self-employment tax. However, your earnings as an employee may be subject to FICA (social security tax and Medicare) and income tax withholding.
Refer to the page, Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) or Employee?, for more information.
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2022.01.19 11:45 Ok_Regret_671 21F Let's skip the small talk and see if we hate each other?

Just posting this on here, seeking new friends! Gender and age doesn't matter (just don't be a minor please). I like talking to random strangers around the world. If we hit it off and connect, let's pursue to a friendship?
Some little facts around me: I love music, always listening to it 25/8. I listen to anything, ranging from Rap to Baroque. You can catch me vibing with Australian Indie Music, or anything depressing and British. Just got into Radiohead and I'm loving 'In Rainbows' album.
I enjoy traveling, exploring new cities and states, watching the night sky, watch movies, and hang out with my friends. If there's anything that you're already interested in, hit me up! Just don't message me with one word, I want an actual convo lmao
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2022.01.19 11:45 iccaecumsa 💥 🐶Atom Floki | Launched 1 hour ago | 💎 DEVS KYC | ✅ Major Marketing Incoming | x1000 Gem 🚀| Join the most ATOM community 💥

⚡️Welcome to the Atom Crypto World where you can earn $FLOKI just by holding the ATOM FLOKI. The Atom Legacy doesn’t end here as it is only the beginning; ATOM PROJECT will launch Atom Wallet, Atom-Swap, Atom Exchange and Atom Cryptos Debit Card for instant Fiat and Cryptocurrency swaps

🚀 Telegram : https://t.me/AtomFloki

💥 Contract : 0xa7c4a5dc619e16e05b8f0d5d30c8e5dc6a3a0f3c

🌐 Buy here : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xa7c4a5dc619e16e05b8f0d5d30c8e5dc6a3a0f3c

🔒 Liquidity Locked : https://mudra.website/?certificate=yes&type=0&lp=0x0ed7a7113d4ba13ce5ded6d1601faaf1aff72a68


Total Supply: 100,000,000,000

💵 0% tax buy - 12% tax sell

🐶5% Floki Rewards

📰 2.5 % to Marketing

🔥 3% to Liquidity

👥 1.5% to Team

👑 Hold , earn FLOKI

Atom Floki Ecosystem

The token is going to be the first step of building a community and creating a bond between all other members as the future Atom Projects needs the community that can vouch for the team. Holders will be rewarded with Floki with each transaction as it would be a delightful way of expressing gratitude for your support.

The Atom Floki token itself is just the part of the project, but the team will be building an ecosystem of blockchain around this token and utilize every possible way to make it better than other projects i.e. Atom Swap, Atom Wallet, Atom Exchange and Atom Debit card.

Atom Swap

Though the most important step is to launch the token successfully, the team will also be keeping up the pace to follow the roadmap and launch the Atom Swap for the community.

Atom Wallet

The team will be launching a state of the art wallet for its holders and the community will benefit more than any other person out there.

Atom Exchange

As we believe, radioactively lethal to outperform all competitor projects, the Atom Team will launch Atom Exchange where the community will be able to swap or exchange all known cryptocurrency.

Atom Debit Card

What’s better than owning a debit card in which you can keep your crypto and fiat currency safe and use it instantly like any other debit card? We are Atom, and we believe in the future!
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2022.01.19 11:45 TheVideoGaymer Activision has been bought. Let the rumors begin.

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2022.01.19 11:45 FoxCongo American Football

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2022.01.19 11:45 BroMandi [Amazon] Amazon - Quaker Steel Cut Oats, USDA Organic, Non GMO Project Verified, 20oz Resealable Bags (Pack of 4) - $11.04 w/5 items S&S and 20% off coupon [Deal: $11.04, Actual: $16.99]

[Amazon] Amazon - Quaker Steel Cut Oats, USDA Organic, Non GMO Project Verified, 20oz Resealable Bags (Pack of 4) - $11.04 w/5 items S&S and 20% off coupon [Deal: $11.04, Actual: $16.99] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 11:45 Yairmessi10 WTF

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2022.01.19 11:45 txm_o4 The lighting looks kinda off but I tried out many things and couldn't improve it

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2022.01.19 11:45 Whole-Day-7468 Would beating the reaper early on and getting lvl99 on my first playthrough ruin it? Would I one shot most enemies and just kinda mess up everything or does it only effect hp/sp and personas are for ur damage? Just curious to see if it would completely ruin the playthrough

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2022.01.19 11:45 KiraL0923 2 photos explaining life with a crested gecko.

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2022.01.19 11:45 tc182 Something Blue Part 1

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2022.01.19 11:45 SpiritRealmResearch Are ghosts, spirits and paranormal activity real?

My question is inspired by the gospels of Matthew and Luke. Concretely, by Matthew 14:26-27 and Luke 24:36-39:

26 When the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were terrified, and said, “It is a ghost!” And they cried out in fear. 27 But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.”
[Matthew 14:26-27 NASB]
36 Now while they were telling these things, Jesus Himself suddenly stood in their midst and said to them, “Peace be to you.” 37 But they were startled and frightened, and thought that they were looking at a spirit. 38 And He said to them, “Why are you frightened, and why are doubts arising in your hearts? 39 See My hands and My feet, that it is I Myself; touch Me and see, because a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you plainly see that I have.”
[Luke 24:36-39 NASB]
These passages tell us about the worldview of Jesus' disciples. They believed that apparitions of ghosts/spirits were a real phenomenon, to the point that in at least two instances they mistook their own Master for apparitions of this kind. This makes me wonder: why did the disciples have such a worldview in the first place? Was it rooted in actual experience?
Do ghosts exist?
Do disembodied spirits exist?
Are stories of paranormal activity real?
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2022.01.19 11:45 Roxas3698 Found on Facebook, ROFL

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2022.01.19 11:45 Hefty_Scale6697 Can someone help me to choose the right major and career? A friend looked at my birth chart and told me that i should be a writer/reporter/broadcaster/psychologist/... . It confuses me so much. I’m going to go to the university soon. Please help!

Can someone help me to choose the right major and career? A friend looked at my birth chart and told me that i should be a writereportebroadcastepsychologist/... . It confuses me so much. I’m going to go to the university soon. Please help! submitted by Hefty_Scale6697 to AskAstrologers [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 11:45 GeekMcNerdFace 41[M4F]Work Goal Today: Do As Little Work As Possible; Find Some New Campy Horror

You know you’ve watched too many horror movies when you can’t even find a low budget campy movie that looks worth watching.
It’s a true struggle! The strugglebus! The difficultywagon! The…hardcanoe?
If I can’t find a movie I’ll throw on some music and sing my way through the workday! I work from home so I can be as loud as I want!
Message me and let’s get to know each other!
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2022.01.19 11:45 silvershield WE ARE GOING TO NEED A LOT OF ROCK AND WEED

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2022.01.19 11:45 agigante02 its such a big hole

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2022.01.19 11:45 Throwawayacchelllo How long can I hold off on getting treated for an ear infection *again*.

Female, 23, 5'2, About 100lbs. I had a cold about 2-3 months ago, and afterwords had a bit of fullness in my left ear. I ignored it until the end of December when 2 of my lymph nodes became swollen. The doctor gave me some antibiotics, and sent me on my way. The antibiotics helped a bit with the lymph nodes (they're much smaller now but still there), but I still have some fullness. My only symptoms are that my ear feels a bit full, and I can not "pop" my lefy ear by swallowing. I do not have any pain, discharge, difficulty opening my mouth, or ringing. It has been about 2-3 weeks after I finished my antibiotics.
A different issue I have is that I can not see an ENT under my insurance without a referal, and I can not afford an out of pocket visit (america). I got treated at an ER not my PCP, and the ER won't give me a referal only my PCP. The issue is I can not see my PCP until March, since that's their only next appointment. Every urgent care is basically just a Covid center near me, so I've been turned down multiple times.
I was wondering if it is better to wait until March, or if I should go to the ER again because that's my only option.
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2022.01.19 11:45 Foad087 Shiba Wolf

🔹️Airdrop Shiba Wolf Reward Per Participate(if you complete all the tasks)=150k SHIBW(15$) ✏️ Mandatory Tasks: 🔹️Join our Telegram Channel & Group 🔹️ Follow our Twitter Page 🔹️ Retweet Our Twitter Pin Post By Tagging Your 3 Friends https://t.me/ShibaWolfAirdrop_bot?start=r0444142450 Contract bsc: 0xc086EFe1E59095D2B0D31af8ddcF6598FA2c5513 Airdrop will be End 20th January 2022 Distribution will be Start from 1st February 2022
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2022.01.19 11:45 lsilvius96 Sign up waitlist - Won’t let me dash

Does anyone know of areas currently accepting new dashers? I’ve been on a waitlist for days and would like to get going
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