dd4it f59t8 syn77 z9f27 s587a zhe6n a9t4h a9aas 9sbkn 89nez h2net n55y2 eyz2k 73i83 57f6h y5f88 6fyfn bzf7f 6a5s3 dknri bfeib The liberals at The View put on their tinfoil hats to pre-emptively condemn the 2022 elections as illegitimate. The Most Fair Elections ever are now the Most Unfair Elections ever! 😜 |

The liberals at The View put on their tinfoil hats to pre-emptively condemn the 2022 elections as illegitimate. The Most Fair Elections ever are now the Most Unfair Elections ever! 😜

2022.01.21 21:41 IronWolve The liberals at The View put on their tinfoil hats to pre-emptively condemn the 2022 elections as illegitimate. The Most Fair Elections ever are now the Most Unfair Elections ever! 😜

The liberals at The View put on their tinfoil hats to pre-emptively condemn the 2022 elections as illegitimate. The Most Fair Elections ever are now the Most Unfair Elections ever! 😜 submitted by IronWolve to AskThe_Donald [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 21:41 Ok-Personality-5187 😍

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2022.01.21 21:41 theincognito66 Uhhh how? I almost didn’t care also 🤣

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2022.01.21 21:41 stellarEVH "How do hedge funds maximize returns -mentorship session with Gabe Plotkin,Founder&CIO of Melvin Capital". This Bank of America sponsored event was held 1month before their bailout by Citadel and Point72. Best part "Melvin Capital formed with seed capital from Plotkin’s former employer, Steve Cohen"

Buy, Hodl, DRS, be kind
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2022.01.21 21:41 The_Lord_of_Fangorn A fantastic AI generated antimeme

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2022.01.21 21:41 realDabMaster2 Hoshinova Moona 🌙

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2022.01.21 21:41 SomewhereFirm8690 Mega trade hmu

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2022.01.21 21:41 Electeum Conceptually, can someone's appearance be both fearsome and beautiful at the same time?

This is only about the "appearance" in the visual sense, not considering the factors of identity and personality influences.
Although people have different standards for beauty and ugliness, but every normal person with a normal brain will agree that beautiful and ugly can not coexist by definition as they are antonyms that contradicts to each other just like good and evil. However, is it also true that an appearance that demonstrates power, strength, and dominance is usually fearsome and disturbing to the others, while a beautiful appearance usually shows a soft, fragile, and gentle impression to the others? Can a person have a both fearsome and beautiful face at the same time? Or this is just as paradoxical as being both beautiful and ugly at the same time in the same aspect?
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2022.01.21 21:41 iamcalifw 🐕 Meta Shinji Just stealth launched 🚀 | Elon Tweeted about us | CG and CMC listing soon | A new member in Meta token family💥 | 🚀GEM x1000 moonshot | FairLaunch 💰| Just Launched

Tg : https://t.me/metashinji_bnb
💥 CONTRACT : 0x5ee46B5A83291349f00c0c474A6c08D406AEaFB7
🚀 Buy On Pancakeswap - https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x5ee46B5A83291349f00c0c474A6c08D406AEaFB7
🔥Chart : https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0x5ee46b5a83291349f00c0c474a6c08d406aeafb7
🔥Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/address/0x5ee46b5a83291349f00c0c474a6c08d406aeafb7#readContract
Slippage : 0%
Meta Shinji THE NEXT 1000X GEM? The Next ShibaInu
0% Buy/Sell taxes :
Experimented team of professionals (development, marketing, etc.) 📡
The Shinji Inu token is our foundational currency that allows investors to hold millions, billions, or even trillions, of it in their community.
Incoming marketing :

And more to come in
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2022.01.21 21:41 KKKLLLNNN What kind of alcohol should I be getting as a first time drinker?

I’m turning 21 on Monday and I like wine but I’m also told to get liquor and idk what I’m supposed to be looking for. How do I get the most out of my shopping trip while not wasting money getting something I may not like in the end?
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2022.01.21 21:41 5566gsmes [UK] [SELLING] all of samurai 8 + vol 1 blue exorcist

all in good condition price- £30 or $40 delivery charge outside of uk is £3 i’ve never sold here before so give me tips
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2022.01.21 21:41 guccinightlight [FT] coco [LF] someone to water flowers

Mostly just dont want her to go to the void!
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2022.01.21 21:41 MacieWind 1% battery

Goodbye everyone! I'll see you on the other side
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2022.01.21 21:41 kingfortheday772 Just got my first blister. How should I treat it and should I run?

I just started running about a month ago and I run 10-15 miles a week at 10 min pace. Usually run about 2 miles and if I’m feeling ambitious 4. I just got my first blister and i wanted to know if I should take a break for a couple of days or run through the pain. Also any advice on how to prevent getting blisters would be greatly appreciated. Thank u!
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2022.01.21 21:41 TsBEASTY 500 FOLLOWER STREAM? LEMME FIND OUT! | Come Vibe Wit Da Gang! | THE KREATIVEZ | BSO Gang | !SUB | !Discord | !Gang

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2022.01.21 21:41 ladef123 How do you feel about celebrating birthdays?

I recently had a conversation with my friend about why I feel like celebrating a birthday is so important. Growing up as a twin our birthdays were always some shared grand event. We were rich, so the thought of two different themed parties or cakes wasn’t an option. Now as an adult (26) we still wish each other happy birthday, but haven’t had a shared part in years. I wouldn’t mind having a shared party, but the freedom of having a day all about only me is exciting! I feel like a birthday is a day about you, you only get that once a year.
How do you all feel? Could you imagine a birthday without your twin?
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2022.01.21 21:41 yowhodidthislmao this may be a dumb question but im wondering

Can you wave dash on top of rains wave dash move? i cant wave dash for shit so i wouldn’t know
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2022.01.21 21:41 Numerous_Tomatillo92 👙 Bikini Booty 🍑| Just Launched 🚀 | ✅ Major Marketing Already Started | x1000 Gem 🚀| BUSD Rewards 💵 | Elon Tweeted About Us |The SEXIEST BSC Token 💋

Welcome to Bikini Booty, the world's next king meme token.
🚀 Telegram: https://t.me/BikiniBooty
💥 Contract: 0x7f5ff221062a344967d987c79ff80c96b52de041
🌐 Buy here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x7f5ff221062a344967d987c79ff80c96b52de041
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
💵 0% tax buy - 12% tax sell
🐶5% Floki Rewards
📰 2.5 % to Marketing
🔥 3% to Liquidity
👥 1.5% to Team
💻 Website Coming Very Soon
👑 Hold and earn BUSD
Bikini Booty is revolutionizing the metaverse. Soon, we will have full metaverse integration along with Play-2-Earn gaming. Early holders will reap the most rewards, so get in now!
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2022.01.21 21:41 allo3D [CAN-QC][H] Goxlr [W] goxlr mini + paypal, Paypal

dusty but no scratch, getting tired of it taking that much space
400+shipping alone, with some conditionswell see the condition on your mini for a trade
got some trade on mechmarket to back me up
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2022.01.21 21:41 MightyRivers been feeling under the weather these past few months but today I was able to feel cute 😊

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2022.01.21 21:41 KadiDuzIt [FREE] Juicy J x Metro Boomin x Memphis Type Beat "PALMS"

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2022.01.21 21:41 CasualDNDPlayer I'm just tired.

My job has been really crappy to me. Underpaying me without benefits and not giving me a raise with the new year and me having worked there for over a year. Be ause of this I've applied to over 60 jobs since January 4th and have had about a dozen interviews. Of those I had a couple that had a second interview. Despite this none of the jobs I have had interviews for have declined or accepted me. They just ghosted me. I really liked a couple of those positions and its exhausting having hope and then never hearing back.
Btw if anybody is hiring an engineer in Arizona I'm your man.
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2022.01.21 21:41 MALPHY-420 Told my crush from middle school that I was attracted to him

So for reference I’m a 21 year old male and the man in question is a 20 year old male
A few hours before the transition into 2022 I was a bit drunk and sad about Betty White and I texted him to tell him how I felt and I discovered that he felt the same way
I feel like a god
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2022.01.21 21:41 Kaz858 Telegram: Share Web Page

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2022.01.21 21:41 Alternative-Brain285 hi newbie here:)does anybody have an idea when tier 3 tickets will sell out?

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