nihi4 3nbzb fz8f8 h4tti k9rb2 77ne7 rye37 8nh99 kezhk tsdba rna6r 34kd7 fyrnh iizyi z8sfe 54285 3ke4e zr88t 5ebhy iy68e dyby5 Two Mogami class frigates [2048*1536] | Lekiu-class frigate - Wikipedia

Two Mogami class frigates [2048*1536]

The Lekiu-class frigates are a class of frigates of the Royal Malaysian Navy.They are the most modern surface combatants of the Royal Malaysian Navy, until the Maharaja Lela-class frigates are completed. The class comprises two vessels, KD Jebat and KD Lekiu.The class is named after the second ship of the class which was launched before Jebat.. The two ships of the class are named after Hang ... The River class was a class of 151 frigates launched between 1941 and 1944 for use as anti-submarine convoy escorts in the North Atlantic.The majority served with the Royal Navy (RN) and Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), with some serving in the other Allied navies: the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), the Free French Navy (FFN), the Royal Netherlands Navy and, post-war, the South African Navy (SAN). Saab has signed a contract for multi-role Sea Giraffe AMB naval radars antenna kits, for the upgrade of the Royal Canadian Navy’s Halifax Class frigates. The contract also includes associated equipment and spare parts with an order value over SEK 300 million (USD 32 million).

2022.01.21 20:41 Saturn_Ecplise Two Mogami class frigates [2048*1536]

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2022.01.21 20:41 MarriedWChildren256 Infographic: How To Spot A Libertarian

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2022.01.21 20:41 Sibby_yo Hey all! Episode 2 of the Project Gorgon Podcast is set to premier at 5 PM PST Tonight if anyone wants to join the watch party!

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2022.01.21 20:41 and_so_on_and_so_on_ More financially educated you are - less chance of you taking crypto seriously? Research

Hey, butters! I stumbled across this paper, where I saw a lot of interesting stuff, but this takes the cake:
"8 percent of those with low financial literacy reported they own cryptocurrencies compared with 4 percent of Canadians with high financial literacy"
Do we have scientific proof of crypto being "MLM for boys"?
Cash Alternative Survey Resuls
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2022.01.21 20:41 SPY0p What? CEOs need employees??

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2022.01.21 20:41 sgtfleet Old MJ Sports Illustrated

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2022.01.21 20:41 threegoblins Friday Casual Conversation (1/21/2022)

Friday Casual Conversation (1/21/2022)
Had a hard week? Had a Success? Post it here!
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2022.01.21 20:41 Millennial_CFP Signed prelim offer letter for permanent 21 position, just received interview offer for temp 27 position. How should I proceed?

Hi all, so this is my first time applying for a provincial job and also my first time applying for anything where unions are involved. I’ve tried to search for similar cases but can’t find something that seems to fit. So I applied to multiple open positions with the province last year and interviewed for a permanent 21 position. A few days ago I received and signed a “preliminary” offer letter and was told once the letter of rejections and feedback period pass I would receive a final offer letter.
Today I received an offer for interview with written assignment for a temporary 27 position with a different ministry and I’m not sure how to proceed. Am I locked in in any way based on this preliminary offer letter? I don’t really want to burn any bridges by going back on my word, but the 27s bottom pay scale level is already more than the max level for the 21 so it’s a significant difference. The temporary vs permanent makes me want to lean towards the permanent but I also read that the temporary positions can just be renewed or are easy to move from. Should I notify the person offering the interview that I’ve signed an offer letter? Should I say anything to the manager that made me the offer for the 21?
I appreciate any insights and thanks for reading!
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2022.01.21 20:41 MoleMole12 best size 13 travis scott mocha low reps and best size 13 purple lobsters reps

if anyone knows a good place to buy either lmk. have never bought reps before…
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2022.01.21 20:41 bobbobbobby88 Heroic escalation randoms…

Anyone else play with randoms more? As someone who plays whenever I get free time I typically play alone and don’t team up with anyone. When it comes to heroic escalations it’s been a complete nightmare. I won’t say I’m an expert player but I’m decent. These players I’m paired with sometimes have other heroic crowns, legendary weapons, etc. I’m not saying these make a player but it tells me they know the game at least.
But….9 out of 10 times they are complete garbage. Like I question how they have other crowns at all. We almost never make it past the first fight. Are people carrying them through? Anyone else run into this??
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2022.01.21 20:41 IronWolve Lets make getting a ballot to vote like getting a gun

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2022.01.21 20:41 Plane-Ad-2478 New guy in crypto

Genuine question try not to hang me,... are we going into a bear market?
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2022.01.21 20:41 genevalles Bitcoin plunges 9%, Ethereum is down 12%

How low do you think they can go?
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2022.01.21 20:41 elyesisou Profile evaluation

Hello everybody,
I am applying for applied maths M.S in order to do research and continue towards a Phd. My path is quite particular since I graduated from a bachelor in Econs 2 years ago and an M.S in quantitative finance one month ago. I know it can seem foolish but my M.S really made reshaped what I wanted to do. I come from a top 5 ranked university in Switzerland.
-My GPA is about 3.4 (4.95 / 6 )for the master and 3.3 (4.7 /6 ) for the bachelor (I don’t know how Swiss grades are converted so it might be inaccurate)
-Only Received As and one B in my math classes and had some hardships in my first year of master(caught the flu during the first exam session and covid)
-Spent 8 months doing research for my academic thesis on a trending subject in the area of probability.
-One internship in a foreign country as quantitative analyst for 2 months

I know it’s late for applications but I considered few programs that still accept candidates :
Ambitious :
UPenn ,Northwestern
Moderate :
NYU Tandon , UNC Chapel-hill
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2022.01.21 20:41 leonbeast69 i hate secret lab

i got a 2022 evo titan xl or whatever the fuck its called and the seat is too small, the chair is so uncomfortable it blows my mind, secret lab has great marketing but the chairs suck shit. if you are considering getting a secret lab chair, dont waste your money, please. i had a 2020 titan xl, then when i complained to secret lab support they said the best option would be to upgrade to the new 2022 model, i asked them for a discount on the chair and they said $5 is the best they could do, so i then sold my 2020 titan xl for close to what I bought it for and then ordered the 2022 evo xl. its been 3 months now and honestly this chair sucks, its very hard to get comfortable in, reason being the seat is tiny. i dont fucking get who the fuck thought it was a good idea to make the seat so tiny and the back so much bigger than the seat, its so off balance, completely throws the chair off and just sucks, these chairs are better for little people, if you are 6'3 and 230 lbs 11% body fat and lean like me then do not get this chair, you will be dissappointed. fuck you secret lab
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2022.01.21 20:41 Captainthistleton Anyone recycling grey water to potable water?

Just wondering if it can be done and how.
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2022.01.21 20:41 Egg-di There’s nothing on my computer screen and it doesn’t stop even after I turn it off and on

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2022.01.21 20:41 Nicksplosion5150 [PRICE CHECK] how much should I sell this for?

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2022.01.21 20:41 NicktheDouglas Facts about Comoros

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2022.01.21 20:41 Zealousideal_Move680 Can't connect to my brother's account to family plan.

I've jump through all the f****** rings they told me to. And my brother's f****** account still isn't in the f****** family plan that I paid 35 bucks for. This s*** is over convoluted as f*** He's in my family group and I don't know what to do next because the piece of s*** didn't automatically connect him to the family plan. Please help I f****** hate this
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2022.01.21 20:41 Artistic_Dentist_622 Anyone afraid of writing fanfiction of anime due to cultural differences?

There are some slice-of-life-esque anime that I'd like to write fanfiction about but I'm too afraid to because I'm not very knowledgeable of Japan's culture. I get afraid about the accuracy of Japan's lifestyle that I'd end up writing. If I tried to write fanfiction about an anime, sometimes I get afraid that I could get too Americanized in the dialogue, mannerisms, scenarios, etc. Yes, I know that people will say that I should just do research about Japan but there are tiny little personal details that could only be included from anime for Japanese creators that grew up there, e.g. worldbuilding, personal relationships with other, parenting, education system, etc. I mean some of these were created or inspired by from someone's personal lives and it's really difficult to recreate or expand upon that.
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2022.01.21 20:41 Mystical_Cat Good Bye Yellow Brick Road

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2022.01.21 20:41 mr_brioche GM fanpage discussion #3: 2021 Draft review

Complete 2021 draft review including UDFAs!
**Penei Sewell (OT) #58**
- #7 in 2021 draft (Round 1)
- Played 100% offensive snaps
- Replaced Taylor Decker at LT for for first nine games despite playing RT in college
- 976 offensive snaps only allowing 5 sacks
- 6 total penalties (2 total penalties at RT)
- PFF grade: 78 (87.1 grade for run blocking)
- *2nd youngest player selected in 2021 draft at 20 years old*
Draft snapshot:
"He’s a good kid but he’s immature as a worker so he might need a veteran to take him under his wing and help him learn to be a pro. Very few men who walk the Earth have his size and athleticism so he’s worth any type of risk you think you are taking with (limited) tape." - NFC scout evaluation
Grade: A-
Despite early struggles and high expectations, Sewell quickly excelled playing out of position at LT and seamlessly transitioning back to his comfort zone at RT midseason. With Big V mentoring Sewell as a young stud albeit with a limited college career, he has solidified the right hand side of Detroits very promising O-line for years to come. Sewell will only continue to get better with maturity and will be an All-Pro in no time.
**Levi Onwuzurike (IDL) #75**
- #41 in 2021 draft (2nd round)
- 35% of defensive snaps, available in 14/16 games
- 2021 stats = 1 sack, 2 PD, 2 TFL, 35 tackles
- PFF grade: 43.1 (56.5 for pass rush)
- 2nd DT taken in 2021 draft
- *Opted out of 2020 college season, similar to Penei Sewell*
Draft snapshot:
"Among other things, Onwuzurike needs to improve his pass rush plan at the NFL level. He has a lot of the tools and moves in his arsenal, which is good, but he can do a better job employing them on a situational basis. Once he attains more consistency and adds more natural power to compliment his burst and length, Onwuzurike can stand out on the interior." - Pro Football Network
Grade: C+
With Detroit's young and athletic D-line built over the past 2 years, Onwuzurike has failed to provide the impact expected of a Round 2 prospect with an exciting upside. In his introductory press conference, Onwuzurike stated "I like fucking people up", however his play and impact in his rookie season has struggled to visualise this attitude. Coming in healthy ready for training camp, will be key for Onwuzurike to make a big leap in year 2.
**Alim McNeill (IDL) #54**
- #72nd in 2021 draft (3rd round)
- Played 17 games in 2021 with 6 starts
- 37% of defensive snaps
- 2021 stats: 2 sacks, 3 TFL, 39 tackles and 3 QBHits
- PFF grade: 60.3 (63.3 for pass rush)
- *2nd DT selected by DET in 2021 draft*
Draft snapshot:
"While he wasn’t often asked to shoot gaps, he also has positive flashes of gap-penetration skills during his time at NC State. There is room for McNeill to grow as a pass rusher, but as it stands, his variety of rush moves and rush plan is underdeveloped. For a team in need of a short-yardage and early-down run stuffer that has a ceiling to develop into a more effective pass rusher, McNeill is a terrific mid-round option." - The Draft Network
Grade: B
With Detroit doubling down on adding a second DT in the 2021 draft maintaining its approach to build up it's trenches, McNeill will naturally always be compared to Onwuzurike and what respective impacts they can make on their rookie contracts. Encouragingly for McNeill, his flashes and more consistent impact on the defensive line has been much more prominent highlighting the potential that Brad Holmes drafted him for. With a productive rookie season under his belt, McNeill's role in 2022 should increase.
**Ifeatu Melifonwu (CB) #26**
- #101st in 2021 draft (3rd round)
- Played 7 games in 2021, starting 4 in total playing 53% of defensive snaps available for
- 2021 stats: 3 PD, 2 FR, 15 tackles
- PFF grade: 60.3 (59 for pass coverage)
- Missed 9 games with a thigh injury
- *Projected 2nd round draft selection by The Athletic*
Draft snapshot:
"Tape can be a tale of two coverages. His length, strength and athleticism help him blanket and smother targets underneath when he's tighter to receivers off the snap. However, he allows excessive cushion from off-man and doesn't play with the instincts or recognition to stop quarterbacks and receivers from playing catch in front of his face...He needs to become more consistently curious and instinctive in coverage, but has the potential to become a good starting press corner." -
Grade: B-
Unfortunately injury and remaining available for a rookie in a young rebuilding team provides the best opportunity for young corners to develop, a dilemma Jeff Okudah has had to face. Melifonwu with a disrupted first season has not provided an encouraging outlook for his roster spot. On the upside, cornerbacks out of most positions do need more time to come into their own and with Aaron Glenn and Aubrey Pleasant already making headway with a young secondary, their is hope for Melifonwu as he demonstrated playing on Davante Adams in the Week 18 win over Green Bay.
**Amon Ra St Brown (WR) #14**
- #112th in 2021 draft (Round 4)
- Played 74% offensive snaps (9 starts)
- 2021 stats: 90 receptions, 973 scrimmage yards, 6 TDs
- PFF grade: 79.9 (80 in receiving)
- Only 2 drops
- Offensive Rookie of the Month in December
- 4th most receiving yards for rookie WRs
- *4.51 40 at 2021 draft combine and 17th WR selected in 2021 draft*
Draft snapshot:
Draft quote - "I was a fan of St. Brown earlier in the summer, but I think I underrated his ability at the catch point in my initial evaluation. St. Brown’s size isn’t dominant... Nevertheless, St. Brown has immaculate body control down the field, and he also brings excellent focus, toughness, and ball tracking ability." - Pro Football Network
Grade: A
Similar to Sewell, St Brown was slow to get going in the first two months of the regular season despite rave reviews of his work ethic and leadership in training camp. However this hard work quickly started to pay off and show up on Sundays. Since the start of December the Sun God has been everything Brad Holmes expected. Consistent, reliable, explosive and adaptable, maintaining his outstanding play with two different QBs.
**Derrick Barnes (LB) #55**
- 113th in 2021 draft (4th round)
- Played 15 games, starting 5 and playing 35% of defensive snaps
- 2021 stats: 62 tackles, 4 TFL, 1 sack, 2 PD
- PFF grade: 29.9 (52.6 run defense and 65.3 for pass rush)
- *PFF grade in coverage: 27.6*
Draft snapshot:
"He can improve his technique as a take-on linebacker, but he has the strength to handle the physical aspects of the inside linebacker role. There is a toughness in his mindset that works well for him in hand-to-hand combat, but he needs to play faster to flow cleanly to the ball. If he makes it, his role will likely be as an early-down backup with core special teams duties." -
Grade: B
As emphasised by MCDC’s comments following Week 17's loss, the coaching staff were encouraged with Barnes' overall improvement until his showing in Seattle. Unfortunately, these dramatic ups and downs will be commonplace for Barnes in his first couple of seasons. However I am encouraged by his self-confidence to push veteran linebackers in training camp for the starting job and make the decision easier for Holmes to let Jaime Collins walk knowing Barnes can step in, albeit with growing pains. With natural leadership, if Barnes wants the green dot in the future expect Year 2 to be big step forward.
**Jermar Jefferson (RB) #28**
- 257th in 2021 draft (Round 7)
- Played 7 games (Zero starts) playing in a high achieving running back room playing 8% of offensive snaps
- Only 7% (12 total) ST snaps played in 2021
- 2021 stats = 74 rushing yards, 2 TDs, 4.9 yards/carry
- PFF grade: 70.5 (69 in receiving and 70 in rushing)
- 19th running back selected in 2021 draft with the 3rd last pick
- *Zero drops and fumbles in 2021*
Draft snapshot:
"He has some of the best vision in the draft class, and it’s not like he was putting up those numbers behind a world-beater offensive line at Oregon State. That bodes well for his ability to operate in an NFL offence from Day 1. The worry is him going above and beyond that blocking. He’s very limited athletically and was never particularly elusive at Oregon State. That’s a late-round combo." - PFF
Grade: B-
7th round picks are always much more boom or bust prospects overall than high draft picks, with Jefferson being no exception displaying his raw ability in spurts this season. Jefferson has the potential to become a reliable RB backup in the long run however due to a crowded and talented running back room in Detroit he will need to improve his Special Teams value to stay on the team, let alone in the league.
**Notable Undrafted Free Agents**
Jerry Jacobs (CB) #39
- Played 61% of defensive snaps over 13 games (9 starts)
- PFF grade: 65.8 (66.7 coverage grade)
- 2021 stats: 27 solo tackles, 1 FF, 1 FR, 3 TFL
Brock Wright (TE) #89
- Played 48% of defensive snaps over 10 games (5 starts)
- PFF grade 53.5 (64.8 receiving grade)
- 2021 stats: 117 yards, 2 TDs, 1 drop, 9.8 yards/reception
AJ Parker (CB) #41
- Played 65% of defensive snaps over 13 games (7 starts)
- PFF grade: 48.3 (57.1 overage grade)
- 2021 stats: 39 solo tackles, 7 PDs, 1 INT
Tommy Kraemer (G) #78
- Played 43% of offensive snaps over 9 games (3 starts)
- PFF grade: 55 (66 pass blocking grade)
- 2 total penalties (only 2 holding penalties)
Overall grade for UDFAs: A
Needing to rely on UDFAs as genuine starters is always concerning on the face of it however diving into the fact that this is a team 'retooling', was devastated by injuries to veteran starters this impressive use young talent is a testament to Holmes savvy college scouting ability and the coaching staff assembled by Campbell.
**Comments, opinions, thoughts. For Holmes first draft as a fully fledged GM, I'm optimistic with how this draft class can develop over the next fews. Considering the increase in draft capital for 2022, expect more of the same and then some!**
One Pride!!
Instagram: detroitlionsgm
Previous posts:
[UFAs on offence](
[UFAs on defence and RFAs](
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2022.01.21 20:41 otamaglimmer I just bought this equalizer. Is it any good?

Hi there!
I just bought a Sansui SE-510 equalizer (actual picture) for 31€ (around $35).
I will be using it with a Technics SU-V500 amplifier for some of my components using a dummy switch box to select inputs; in case of it being relevant.
I was wondering, is it any good? I can't seem to find much information or reviews about it...
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2022.01.21 20:41 CitrusHarmonia Jerma watches Bionicles with Joe

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