Friendships with Narcissists and other people with Cluster B Personality Disorders

2022.01.19 10:09 VisualExtra Friendships with Narcissists and other people with Cluster B Personality Disorders

I just wanted to share some tips with you. It's a well known fact that people who represent the characteristics of Cluster B PDs (i.e. Narcissistic, Histrionic, Anti-Social a.k.a. Psychopathy, Borderline) attract each other.
The attraction is caused by numerous phenomena such as

And this results in... Instant bonding, besties!
Personally, I'm 25, male. Self-diagnosed, but I know shit about psychology. I've had two female "best-friends" who were diagnosed with BPD. They were the best conversation partners I've ever had. There was no romantic interest involved. Those girls were smart and amiable, but their boyfriends were going through hell on earth.
My previous best friend was your typical psychopath. Very intelligent, charming and social. He was not diagnosed, probably because he kept a few facts hidden. Like starting to steal at the age of 11. He's still continuing to do it so that he can support his favorite prostitute. I know what the fuck I'm talking about because I was snorting lots of drugs with him.
And I've had dozens. Only like, 15-30% of the people that I become closer with are "normal", neuro-typical and stable, real people (and not fake lol).
My tips for being friends with Cluster Bs Do not view them or define them in terms of their labels. Things like NPD are not yet clearly defined, too broad and not well understood. Two narcissists can be completely different from each other, polar opposites across all of their traits or ideologies. So, forget the label bullshit.
Think 5 times before you do something. I'm telling you to actually walk on eggshells. Especially if you too have an empathy dysfunction. It's not only them who can explode, it can also be you who explodes, so take all the preventive measures necessary.
Ask yourself why do you want to spend (or waste) time with this person. What are the reasons you are friends? Is it because that person idealized and complimented, admired you a little, after which you'd lost your mind? Are you addicted to narcissistic supply to the point of befriending strange people? Drug addicts do the same shit, you know?
Accept that it's not forever. Although lifelong relationships like that are possible, one would be foolish to be optimistic here. Cluster B is described as erratic, unpredictable, dramatic, emotionally unstable and how the fuck do you think it's gonna play out?
Watch out for projection. The thing is, if you are one of them, you've been kinda projecting all your life, and after gaining some self-awareness and knowledge about psychology, nobody understands projection better than you. Being primed to look out for projection or projective identification, you notice that those people do it fucking all the time.
They might talk about you, but in reality they are talking about them. It's the "treating everyone as an extension of yourself" thing. You are them. They are you!
Don't criticize them. Be respectful when giving advice.
Don't ask difficult questions.
Idealize them hard. Admire.
Make them feel accepted, desired, special. Be non-judgmental. Treat them in a way that will make them feel special and boost their self-esteem, but don't force it or do strange shit. Those people are likely to spot fake intentions, simply because they are hyper-vigilant and preoccupied with thinking about "what you think about them", just like teenagers.
Make it look like you're not hiding anything. In fact, you shouldn't hide anything. Constructing a false facade to manipulate lunatics is a very weird fetish and you should find better hobbies.
And have some fun! It certainly is fun! Because those people have their good sides! If you start thinking of them as devils beyond redemption, you should check yourself because I think you're splitting, you bastard.
Those people are intense motherfuckers, and let's be honest - so are you. There's no shame in having a little bit of fun. Killing some time, enjoying yourself, entertaining or being entertained.
High extraversion, yo.
However, I'm not telling you to snort drugs with a psychopath or beat a BPD girl's boyfriend. Please refrain from doing impulsive or dangerous behaviors. Social pressure was a good excuse when you were a teenager. As an adult, the problem is not with your environment - the problem is with you.
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2022.01.19 10:09 CecliusPlaysHD GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Walkthrough Gameplay Part 24 - INTO THE FIRE (PS5)

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2022.01.19 10:09 VienSpark how to disable the "script executed " message on krita 5?

I'm trying to mess around with a script and every time i run it, it gives me the message that it executed.
its distracting. How do i disable it?
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2022.01.19 10:09 kloti38 Question about the 'Bullshit' task

Hello so I play solo and am wondering how to approach this task. Youtube guide says it can be done in multiple raids so lets say if I get a close dorm spawn I plan to rush there and stash the sv98 and rolex and next raid I would try the flash drive that I need to pick up first.
But if I kill a scav on that second raid and I have to restart the task do I need to again stash also the other two items?
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2022.01.19 10:09 McDrop888 can someone explain tax shield to me?

I want to maximize this concept of tax shield and suggest it to my employer. What are the usual allowable deductions and their limitations?
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2022.01.19 10:09 jphy0329 Why does the total number of likes go down?

I remember when I checked yesterday there was 2550+ and today it dropped to 2400. Do those likes expire or bumble reset them if you don't swipe or something?
Not the matches but the number of likes you have on your profile.
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2022.01.19 10:09 Aggravating_Neck_869 Il copywriter che rende efficace la comunicazione delle PMI -Luca Bartoli

Nel mondo aziendale sono in molti gli imprenditori che si chiedono a cosa può giovare avere a disposizione la figura di un copywriter per rendere più efficace il campo delle comunicazioni e quale sia la differenza tra un testo scritto da quest’ultimo o uno redatto dallo stesso imprenditore.
A tal proposito è bene quindi cercare di fare una distinzione in cosa consiste realmente tale figura professionale e o vantaggi che può portare all’azienda.

Luca Bartoli - The SEO Copywriter
Cosa è e cosa fa il copywriter
Nel settore aziendale delle PMI quando si parla di copywriter si intende una specifica figura professionale con la facoltà di saper aiutare sia liberi professionisti che aziende a migliorare e ottimizzare la comunicazione con gli altri enti, mediante l’utilizzo delle parole.
Il suo lavoro viene svolto sia sul web che su carta stampata e ha come obiettivo finale quello di riuscire a vendere grazie ad un miglioramento nell’esposizione del messaggio da comunicare.
Il copywriter si distingue a sua volta dal professionista freelance copywriter che a differenza del primo ha il compito di redigere testi di vario genere senza avere essere legato a nessun datore di lavoro, che può una società pubblicitaria, un’azienda legale o altri soggetti facenti parte del settore.
Cosa fa il copywriter e come può rendere efficace la comunicazione delle PMI
Detto ciò, è facile chiedersi quanto sia fondamentale il ruolo che ricopre un copywriter nel mondo lavorativo e soprattutto nel web.
Di sicuro un posto molto importante, poiché e la figura professionale per una eccellente comunicazione e il web necessita di contenuti efficaci.
È a questo fine che il copywriter riveste un ruolo importante, attraverso di lui le PMI possono trasmettere dei messaggi efficaci, presentare sul mercato un determinato prodotto in maniera da attirare l’attenzione e coinvolgere i potenziali acquirenti.
Tutto questo costituisce una prerogativa che nella società attuale non può non essere presente per essere certi di avere un piano aziendale di comunicazione strutturato nel miglior modo possibile.
Tale argomento non è valido solo solo per le PMI, artigiani, commercianti e professionisti, ma anche per le grandi aziende, che hanno deciso di fare i loro investimenti nel web per accrescere i propri profitti, crescere a livello professionale ed espandere la propria attività anche in altri Paesi.
Detto ciò, è importante sottolineare che il copywriter è anche una figura professionale che può rivelarsi per le aziende una importante risorsa anche in termini di consulenza. Ecco in che modo:
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Quali aziende hanno bisogno di un copywriter?
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PMI: ecco perché è necessario disporre di un copywriter
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Il lavoro di questa specifica figura professionale è più impegnativo di quanto si possa immaginare, in quanto richiede non solo di essere di possedere capacità linguistiche al di sopra della media, ma anche conoscenze di marketing e capacità di vendita in grado di raggiungere gli obiettivi aziendali.
Il copywriter si occuperà, infatti, di redigere i contenuti testuali per i supporti cartacei come ad esempio spot brochure oltre ai contenuti web destinati a campagne digitali, presentazioni aziendali, sequenze mail, articoli, testi per siti e landing page, una specifica pagina web usata nel marketing on line strutturata in modo che il visitatore può raggiungerla dopo aver cliccato una pubblicità o un link,
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Detto ciò, quindi grazie al copywriter le PMI possono rendere la comunicazione molto più efficace grazie ad una elaborazione dei contenuti elaborati con una precisa finalità: ovvero riuscire ad attirare l’interesse del soggetto di riferimento fino a portarlo da A a B, dove B equivale a una specifica azione decisa già a priori.
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2022.01.19 10:09 Calota_ Eita bixo kkkk sekso

De onde vem essa necessidade de por sexo? Temos uma caralhada de musicas, filmes etc... que falam sobre, funk ta ai de exemplo, se tu balançar uma arvore cai uns 10 nego de pau duro, vocês acham que essa necessidade por sexo é uma construção social pelo fatos de desde sempre termos muitas obras de arte envolvendo ou é algo intrínseco ás pessoas? Ou os dois, é algo intrinseco e potencializado com a arte?
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2022.01.19 10:09 Several_Sun_1214 Is it bad to eat fried foods every day?

If I eat in moderation but almost every day, will it have any long term consequences?
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2022.01.19 10:09 Major_von_strohiem Okay but people that say "blood for the blood god" is a technoblade thing shouldn't live

Im sorry but how fucking dare you take away khornes phrase for some shitty youtuber, i will personally nuke your house
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2022.01.19 10:09 socialmenteansioso Se eu não tivesse perguntado.... nunca teria recebido o retorno de uma entrevista de emprego que eu fiz no mês passado, mandei mensagem e já responderam que não consegui, que o perfil que eles estavam procurando não estava alinhado ao meu perfil e qualificações profissionais.
Não estou chateado nem nada, faz parte do processo de recolocação profissional, é importante continuar tentado, e fica uma lição importante: se precisar saber algo, pergunte.
Isso vale para tudo na vida: relacionamentos, cursos, interações, se você precisa mesmo saber de algo, se tem aquela pergunta coçando na sua cabeça, se você quer chamar aquela pessoa para sair, se você quer saber como fazer determinadas coisas, vá e pergunte, as vezes pode não ter respostas, as vezes a resposta não é a que você quer ouvir, mas é melhor do que ficar no vácuo do não saber.
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2022.01.19 10:09 jdjdanon We Know the Real Cause of the Crisis in Our Hospitals. It’s Greed.

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2022.01.19 10:09 T0P-Asparagus Loopin

I just feel very lost for words. I have wasted the last two years of this pandemic, first excuses and then the second half was defeat and hopeful my college would go back in person so I didn't get a job to save, didn't excel more in school. Everyday was just blended together, no color, limited connections. Smoking weed along with this, my recall is absolutely garbage. You say something and I can't even come up with a reply before I forget. I am now at a greater disadvantage just because I let go or myself during covid. I'm too depressed to make clear decisions, because I don't know what I want anymore. Everything I thought I wanted I resent. I want to be better. I just can't see a way out. I've started cutting back on weed but again, it is just unbearable sitting at home doing the same thing everyday.
I just wanna get better at communicating and gain my confidence back. I don't know who I am
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